Michael Clark Proves That (20/10 Vision) Does Exist In The Basketball World

Updated: September 9, 2017

If you don’t know Michael Clark then it’s about time you get familiar. Michael Clark has changed the Arizona basketball culture and also changed the way that scouts look at prospects trying to make a name for themselves with exposure. Michael tapped into a market that was really struggling after the mid-2000’s. When you wanted to know the next best player coming up or the next LeBron James type of player you had to wait for ABCD Camps and AAU. Michael Clark created AZ Finest Mixtape in 2013 to bring all the prospects to you through Youtube. When Michael graduated from Arizona State University at the age of 22 years old in Business Communications he wanted to stand out from his competition. Mixing Business with Communications he has been able to flourish in the basketball world by being in the right place at the right time in Arizona. With AZ Finest Mixtape now all the prospects get the exposure that they deserve right away and get to watch their explosive highlights instantly through Clark’s vision.




Michael set out to make a name for himself in the Arizona basketball community through word of mouth. Different players in the city would talk to their friends about Michael’s vision and editing skills for highlight videos. Michael is a true testament that hard work pays when you apply yourself and stay focused. Michael started out recording videos for his brother back in high school and has grown AZ Finest Mixtape into the basketball player dream machine. Using his business mindset Michael capitalized on a passion for basketball and exposure to create a platform for young players to get their opportunity to shine. Michael produced videos of some of the best prospects in Arizona with a format that enhanced his vision. Clark single handily brought the excitement back to the Arizona basketball scene that was looking for an outlet for basketball besides the Phoenix Suns. Now people were actually looking at young prospects on the rise in Arizona on a daily because of AZ Finest Mixtape. Michael’s vision has now become a power house in the Arizona community and players go to him for exclusive highlight content.


Michael Clark has played a huge part in the Arizona basketball culture and showed that basketball is just as good from behind the lens. Usually, when people look for basketball prospects New York, California, DMV or Seattle are the places coaches used to go to for elite talent. Michael Clark’s impact on the state of basketball in the Arizona community was already cemented but needed that national buzz. That moment came through Marvin Bagley aka “The Newest Blue Devil” as he produced a lot of highlight videos that went viral right away. Once the videos with Marvin Bagley popped off that opened the eyes of a lot of Americans on AZ Finest Mixtape.




Clark was able to draw attention to his brand but it also was an opportunity to showcase his skills. People were recognizing Arizona as an undercover market for basketball that wasn’t gaining traction. Michael Clark’s vision opened the eyes of America on the Arizona basketball scene as people now are looking at the same talent he’s covered for years now.


Michael Clark has expressed the love/passion he has for the game of basketball and has become the go to man in Arizona for highlight tapes in the community. In a recent interview, Clark said: “With video, you can make every player look like they played well, even when they don’t”. Clark wanted to get the recognition that Ball Is Life gets and put Arizona on the map and he’s achieved both of them over the last couple of years. Whether people want to admit it or not Clark has put Arizona basketball on the scout/coach radar now. Using his producing/editing skills he has created an empire that has grown into a legacy.




Basketball players at every level reach out to Michael to create something special and this all started from recording his little brother. Clark’s grind and effort have gained the trust and respect from the Arizona basketball community. Basketball players in Arizona know that Michael gives them the exposure and the chance for millions to see the talent that we haven’t been exposed to in the past.


Nowadays, AZ Finest Mixtape has taken the social media platform by storm amassing thousands of followers. Clark has used his website (http://www.azfinestmixtapes.com), Youtube, Twitter, and different social platforms to get these players the exposure. Clark has done a lot of amazing things for these Arizona players and even if they don’t make the NBA. Michael Clark has created videos for these players but also experiences that they can cherish for life. AZ Finest Mixtape has a huge platform and Michael wants to use it to also get into sports management in the near future. When you’re around a lot of elite talent like Michael Clark you gain friendships and partnerships that will pay off in the long run. Clark has paved the way for Arizona basketball and will continue to grow into the visionary that he’s working on continuing to be.


AZ Finest Mixtape will be in the building for the 19th Annual Arizona Preps Fall Showcase on October 21st. Look out for that event and much more from Michael Clark as he’s shown that anything is possible if you put your mind to a goal.



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