Raptors Fall Short to Rockets

Updated: January 9, 2017

By:Clinton Hosannah

TORONTO, CA (BASN) –The high numbers in tonight’s Raptor loss to the Houston Rockets shows and proves that defense was not the strongest for either team.  Whether it was the effects of holiday sluggishness or the OT loss to Chicago the night before; the Raptors looked tired and so did the fans.  With a final score of 129 to 122 it almost seemed like a relief when it was over.


Despite a very subdued crowd the first quarter was strong with a 37-27 score for the Raptors.  Most importantly a strong showing from Patterson putting up 2 threes on 2 attempts and a strong presence at the boards from Nogueira.  All cylinders had to be primed and firing tonight.  Lowry leadership, DeRozan points, Ross and JV playing with intensity and aggressiveness from the rest of the bench.  If only!  The promise of a win seemed in hand until the second quarter.  Sure at the half the raps were up 63-61 but the Rockets outscored them by 8 points!  This after a first quarter seeing the Raptors with a 60.9% field goal average a full 20% more than the Rocket’s 40.9% field goal average.  In the third the Raptors maintained a small lead but the wear and tear was starting to show.


With less than 2 minutes to play Rockets lead the Raptors 122 to 114 and the likelihood of a tired-looking Raptor team to win was not promising.  This was when fair-weather fans started to leave – it was cold outside but even colder in the Air Canada Centre tonight.


Voting for All Star spots in the Big Easy are currently on going, Kyle Lowry needs to step his game up.  Next, the Celtics, another opportunity for the Raptors to throw down and live up to the hype of a legitimate second place Eastern conference team.


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