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A Very American Coup

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor-in-Chief




(Editor’s Note: This column was first posted on the evening of January 19th – it was removed from Facebook, and our website. We are re-posting in the knowledge that REAL facts will always trump ‘alternative’ ones – no matter what the mainstream media or hackers – attempt to do!)



PHILADELPHIA (BASN) No one in the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media has said it…



A few citizens may see it and feel it – because we know he or she who feels it…knows it; but in a year where more deaths had severely undermined Black culture and consciousness than in decades past, there is a moral imperative to retrace the steps laid out from the time the first Black president since Dwight David Eisenhower placed his hand on the Bible…



– And Barack Hussein Obama became the 44th Head of State for this country.



At any point in time from the beginning of the Obama administration, someone so empowered to have a voice could’ve said STOP – and this bullshit would never have escalated…



First it was the birther nonsense – eight years later it still continues…it could’ve been nipped in the bud, but there was a deliberate intent to continue it – ratings – buzz – whatever as long as those fuckin’ facts didn’t get in the way…and not one media concern to the left right or center attempted to stop the buzz with nary a bit of truth.



Then it was the monkey jokes about the First Lady being related to an ape and a South Carolina politician’s aside (a scumbag muthafucka named Henry McMaster – state attorney general and his piece o’shit comrade Rusty dePass) that a gorilla that escaped from a zoo was ‘one of Michelle’s relatives.’



But no one said shit…



It didn’t matter that you had shifted the Supreme Court in your direction with the Samuel Alito and John Roberts appointments so far down the road that it would never matter who sat in the big chair at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for at least a generation; it wasn’t enough that you would severely compromise the Voting Rights Act so that 50 years after its initial passage it would have no teeth to protect American citizens…



You didn’t give a fuck that two or your charges – Rick Santorum and Ted Cruz would call the president a NIGGER – and no one (save BASN and The Young Turks, who danced around it) spoke on it!





The owner of the Atlanta Jewish Times called for Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu to dispatch a Mossad hit team to assassinate Obama – and it was played off as if it were a joke…


And still not a peep from any of the Alphabet Soup muthafuckas comprising mainstream media…left or right.



The New York Times – Washington Post – Air America…you didn’t say a fuckin’ thing…



The media facilitated the filter to disappear into the ozone and allowed all that shit permeating underneath to become cultural toxic waste; and everyone was forced to inhale…



Now after a second coup is in effect, all of sudden there are calls for ‘reconciliation’










The Republicans don’t play nice – they play to win; but regardless as to how you felt about the current president, you allowed the integrity and stature of the office to go downhill…by not putting this shit in check.



No matter how fucked up their message or agenda is, the Repugnicans stay on it even if some of them don’t believe half the shit that’s been said or done!



Former Attorney General Eric Holder said the members of body politic were “cowards” when it came to race…and he was dead on.



So a candidate who lied over 90 percent of the time when he spoke (and efforts to validate accuracy even more futile), refused to disclose his tax returns and apparently grabbed more than a few willing pussies on the way to winning a possibly compromised election…and you wonder why Native brothers and sisters don’t trust anything the government says!



Death threats, confederate flags, the ascension of white supremacist groups to actively push for a presidential candidate while ostracizing other groups seeking to gain equal justice under the law – all of it becoming a noxious stew that was fed to anyone wanting to keep a hard on to justify their morbid existence in following this Lied Piper…



Mitt Romney – aka “Mittens” – had his 47% moment in the last election; and now everyone else has had theirs! Apparently 46.9% of Americans did not vote – and likely they will be the ones with the biggest mouths complaining when the ramifications of this result – if it stands – hits full force…



But if you think for one muthafuckin’ minute that everything’s gonna be tickety-boo after millions of taxpayer dollars were wasted on attempts (over 60 @ approximately $1.5 milly a pop) to repeal medical assistance for many via a watered down Affordable Care Act; at least 16 efforts to pass legislature on bills which would helped veterans, jobs (via rebuilding and maintaining infrastructure) assistance for families and the elderly (among other things) SQUASHED…because the man at the center couldn’t be allowed to succeed…



Your republican officials (and some fucked- up Democrats) told you so – is that what you hired them to do, you dumb shits?



That was right – wing money…left-wing money…libertarian money my money…YOUR MONEY.



The fact our former president – agree with him or not – became a world statesman in spite the resistance against him is testament to his fortitude but doesn’t do much in the light of day because of the out-and-out treason done against him…



And after all this…you wanna say, ‘oh, that was soooooo long ago?






There will be No Sleep ‘Til Harlem, muthafuckas; I will remind you of what you did EVERY FUCKING DAY…



I will continue to boycott and ask everyone reading this to think about how and where you spend your money, continue to Black Friday a red one with extending a boycott; and if you must spend, spend where you and your wallet – are respected…



If the Democrats PUSSY up on going back at this new administration with so much as a scintilla less than the expected energy to reinforce the checks-and-balance system I will put my size 12s as far up as the ideology will allow…



Perhaps the blood spilled seems insufficient to most (because most of it was Black), but make no mistake; this is a coup d’etat…



Bienvenue…Toujours en infériorité numérique, jamais en infériorité de calibres.


Always outnumbered…never outgunned.




Copyright© 2016 Michael – Louis Ingram all rights reserved.







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