Hue Jackson’s Men Never Quit On Him, What That Screams. . . .

Updated: December 26, 2016

It’s so quiet . . . yes, that’s right – you can hear a rat piss on cotton.

Give credit where credit is due. Hue Jackson’s men never quit on him, What that screams. . . . Well before the season began few picked Hue’s inglorious bastards to win more than 1 or 2 games, and as the grim gridiron reappear went about his dastardly deeds and men dropped like flies . . . and sports fans began  to ponder “hell if he wins 1 game it’ll be a flippin’ miracle”   Cleveland hung in there, against all odds, they kept on keepin’ on and that determined mindset should be applauded. It was much, much easier to bend-over, lay-down and give-in – quit, but they didn’t and that accomplishment ought to be, in great part attributed to Hue Jackson. These men stayed the course, kept the faith and avoided eternal gridiron humility. Hue . . . you da’ man.

Next year will be a better year.

Next year these men, the ones who remain will be a tighter, stronger bunch, as we see in Oaktown with the pride n’ pose boys. They’ll have endured this year, and they’ve had their backbones forged in titanium. As Frederick Douglass said; Character cannot be given to you, you must earn it.” Cleveland . . . you just earned a little character this year gentlemen.

I can’t wait.

And least I acknowledge there were millions of haters across the land who wanted the Cleveland Blacks to lose all 16 games, fire the arrogant uppity Black head coach who been denied an earned opportunity so-many times before and the front office who’s kept him on. They wanted to “Trump” the Cleveland franchise, “Make it White again  . . . , ”  you know I ain’t lying. The ranks of the good ol’ boy sports fans were irate because Hue gave Robert Griffin a 2nd chance – they wanted the kid to fail, in part because he pointed out the obvious – Shanahan is a closet racist and publically declared Trump backer – same thing my friend. And because Griffin made such an extravaganza production out of his wedding to his now ex . . . the little red-haired white girl. That sent so many red-necked sportsfans over the top. They were too pissed that Hue gave Terrelle Pryor another chance – after Pryor soiled the Ohio State program and cost one of the more noted good ol” boys a job.

If Hue could get through this year . . . he can get through anything, we’re both from the 213, South Central and I can tell you what that means . . . we’re the kind of blanks built to last, you blank with us, and we’ll put a foot in your ass. Hue didn’t squint nor quit, he kept bailing, and bailing . . .  kept the boat afloat. Hue, put this year in the attic, and use it for fuel to show the SOBs what you’re made of.

Hue’s bought himself another year I believe, and hopefully a shot at, I don’t know, let’s be meth-pipe high here and say . . . 8-8. It’s possible gentlemen – i believe  – so should you.



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