So The Green Bay Packers Bestowed A Jersey Upon A Racist, Sexist, Xenophobe – Donald Trump

Updated: December 16, 2016

New England Patriot’s Bill Belichick isn’t merely a convicted gridiron liar and cheat, apparently he’s also a racist, sexist, islamophobic, misogynistic bigoted deplorable little elitist man. Forgive me, but my ol’ man use to say “tell the truth son,” he didn’t say a damn thing about “be polite” while doing it.  Nevertheless can anyone please tell me, how does a Black, Latino,  Asian or Jewish gridiron gladiator desire to play-for and enrich a morally and ethically conflicted man . . . who supports Donald Trump?

But wait, let’s go a tad-deeper here sportsfans; The Green Bay Packer’s apparently anointed and embraced the king-apparent of all racist, sexist, islamophobic, misogynistic bigoted deplorable little people, Lord Donald Trump. They provided him with an official jersey with his name on the back . . . .

Aint this a bitch, really . . . seriously?

You don’t have to be a bigot to support Trump, but obviously most bigots do support Trump . . . no?

Talk about an absolute, total, complete disregard and disrespect for the Black players on the team, to any players of color, to perhaps many of the women working with the organization. And, as it is within our society this “endorsement”  may well be an insult to everyone who’s not White or a dumbass, sellout Black jock, those who can be  be bought, purchased, lot, stock n’ barrel, whatever-in-the-hell that means . ..

You know, on the behalf of what I’m sure are dozens of Afro-American Packers, I’d like to say “F you” to the Packer front offices for either “okaying” this PR stunt or turning a blind eye n’ deaf ear to the endorsement and thus normalization of a half man/part orange-haired orangutan

Gee, one’s must ponder – how many  deplorable racist, sexist bigoted coaches, players, fans and front office personnel there really are within the NFL world. . . Millions?   These are the gatekeepers who guard the head coach and coordinator positions so that Blacks can’t qualify and then attain them.These are the keymasters who work overtime in ensuring the Black Quarterback be turned round, detoured and derailed at every junction . . . kinda like what we see with Jerry Jones and his burnin’ yearnin’ to anoint the European Spaniard field General, Romo . . . seemingly  as to slow the obvious flow of another young black gunslinger in the NFL.

Twice as good.

Yeah that what Black parents told their children for about 100 years now, because we’ve always understood we were dealing with  . . . racist, sexist, elitist xenophobic WASP culture, minus a conscience.

So here’s what I’m gathering, White America clearly understand the word “Trump” is now globally synonymous with  terms like fascism, Nazism, totalitarianism,  dictatorships and white nationalism, synonymous with “unbridled, unchecked cutthroat capitalism” and now “treason” – this man-luv/bromance between Vladdy and Donny is alarming – it smells of klansmen-ship,  international Nazis/intercontinental Confederates . . . same damn thang.    “White supremacy” on a global level spreading out to the four-corners of the globe . . .. so, if Trump is the trojan jackass for all these deplorable elements of the world  . . . why would the Packers align themselves with Bozo the Bigot?

Here’s my humble thought . . . . they don’t give a damn how offensive, insulting and unsettling Trump is to non White people, i.e., this is an vivid display of White arrogance and the notion they’ve the “right” and “authority” to bitch slap whomever they please, here in their exclusive, personal nation . .  the Land of White People.,

In a more perfect world; Black players, and hopefully  handful of White guys would protest, refuse to strap on the green n’ gold for an business organization which so blatantly  disregards their Black players and customers.

Tragically I won’t hold my breath waiting for these lost, privileged negroes to pull their heads outta their asses and stand up to White intolerance and indifference. But these cats ain’t Arthur Ashe, Ali, Tommy Smith or John Carlos – we all saw the mild, meek,  weak-ass support Colin Kaepernick got from these slightly informed and barely educated neanderthalic gladiators when he refused to kiss the master’s ring . . . only a handful, an elf’s handful had the balls to not stand-up.

It’s now so quiet on NFL sidelines . . . you can hear a rat piss on cotton . . .

Players aren’t going to complain, but as a lifelong NFL fan  . .  and a Black American by birth – I suer as hell am going to complain and call BS when I see it. – and the Packers backing Trump is an act of betrayal to American sportsfans of color.


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