Christian McCaffrey, Like Trump Can Do Whatever He Wants . . . He’s A Great White Hope.

Updated: December 21, 2016

Christian McCaffrey, Like Trump Can Do Whatever He Wants . . .  “The man” is a White man.

Let me borrow from America’s former official “national pastime” baseball, where the barbershop or sportsbar  conversation always includes “maintaining the integrity of the game . .  .” perhaps that term is as antiquated as baseballs dominance within American popular culture – it’s a mindset from yesteryear, now today, in the 21st century, in an  America where unchecked, cutthroat capitalism isn’t “practiced” anymore, because we’ve “perfected” the concept of God is money, money is God.

Or, perhaps it’s not that deep.

Bowl skippers Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey and LSU’s  Les Fournette are merely being logical and practical by not risking life, if not family linage-altering salaries in the NFL . . . in-order to have one last run with his boys . . . and instead laying the foundation for his children, and his children’s children to obtain a college education own property and assets and have both academic and economic assets in their portfolio.

I get it.

I’ve always advocated allowing “hardship” cases into the NFL or NBA – if they’ve got grown man skills, and they need to pay the family bills . . . who are we to tell them what to do with their phenomenal ability.

Christian and Les aren’t citing any hardships . . . they just don’t want to take the risk . . . it doesn’t make sense to risk millions for  . . . what?  Fournette is banged-up, but still able to play, but knows better.  While McCaffery is giving it to us straight, no chaser – he’s got a career to get ready for.

I’m just happy the White guy, the Great White Hope is skipping his bowl . . . if not, in Trump’s America this type action, taken by say just Les would be seen as lacking, class, teamsmanship . . . , alas integrity

Wait, let me interject another vivid example of the duplicity and hypocrisy we see in America – the concept of morals, ethic, high standards – “the rules” only applying to certain folks . .  . and being twisted and reshaped in-order to rationalize, minimize and justify just about any damn thing on earth.

Bill Belichick has signed tragic alcoholic wide-receiver Michael Floyd to the Patriot’s squad.  He’ll play this weekend.

Call me cra-cra . . . but I simply can’t phantom a Black NFL coach, the Hobbit’s handful that there is, inking this cat to a million dollar contract . . . and not catching hell for it. Instead of being crafty he’d be cold, callous disconnected from mainstream society’s abhorrence to drinking and driving.

The US court of public opinion would lynch a Black man for doing either: not strappin’ it on for the last collegiate brawl, i.e., not being a team player or putting winning and money in front of Eagle Scout type character.

McCartney and Belichick benefit from the “Trump-factor” . . . they’re White men.

Trump’s a racist, sexist, elitist, xenophobic, two-faced lying homophobic heartless aristocrat . . . and we all know it, nonetheless he champions the angry white man’s agenda, and thus he’s a great guy. It’s that simple. He’s a sonofabitch, but he’s White sonofabitch . . . so it’s okay.  He could make a deal with the devil, or vladimir Putin . .  and everyone from  the good ol boys, Rednecks, Hillbilly’s, country club and college frat boys, the police, the KKK, the Nazis, the US army and AARP could n’ would explain it all away.

McCaffery represents something the NFL hasn’t seen in decades – a White guy who honestly appears-to-be legitimately qualified and equipped to play, if not excel at the “tailback” position in the NFL – he’s akin to a White Unicorn – an endangered, almost extinct my guesstimation, if he can stay healthy, not go to a perennial loser like Barry Sanders, Billy Sims or OJ – I think he could create a HOF career, seriously. –  Alas the historical tag Great White Hope.  And please note what I estimate is the most critical element of this event; it’s not because White guys are discriminated against in the ball-handling positions, as it is when it comes to Black Quarterbacks – who’ve obviously been discriminated against and excluded by any dubious means required. White guys can’t play the “featured-back” position because they can’t compete, let-alone dominate at the position. The tailback slot is akin to the NBA – White guys ain’t got the skills nor heart to play the position. Noone or nothing is holding them back  . . . but their talent, or lack of. It’s like Soul Train . . . they just couldn’t find hardly any (if any) White guys who could “get down with the get down” to be put on the dance floor.

End of story.

But let’s recognize this form of deviation from tradition, from ol’ school JohnnyU black hi-tops unwritten law and folklore is only acceptable to the White sportsfan establishment because McCaffery is doing it – otherwise the conversation would be about how greedy and shallow Les is.

Different strokes for different (White) folks.

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