2016 Hopefully Will Serve As A 2:37 AM Wake Your Ass Up Call For Cam . . .

Updated: December 26, 2016

I don’t know who I’m more disgusted-as-hell with here – Cam Newton . . . or his daddy.

Newton’s more symbolic of a spoiled brat or “only” child than he is what I like to believe are young men raised with/or by old Black men. Sorry, but I primitively adhere to the notion “steel sharpens steel” and with that said, Russell Wilson comes to mind or Calvin Hill and his son, Grant.  I think RGIII, raised an army brat by two Sergeants may be this type of “Officer n’ Gentleman” as time goes on. Mentally and intellectually “sharp”  people produce sharp people, yes? I don’t know, might Cecil Newton be nothing more than an ol dumb jock who’s raised another, extremely talented but nonetheless dumb jock. Who can’t see the writing on the field for all the green grass?

No, not always.

Look, I love this cat’s game, he’s got all the tools n’ skills to redefine the “Signal Caller” position, but he’s a “me-me, me, see me” mannly prom queen.  Cam’s got elements of Wilt “the stilt” Chamberlain and the 1970’s Flag Brother’s attire – colorful and occasionally clownish – but what alarms me even more . . .  the big blue n’ black cat is delusional when it comes to his role on the gridiron stage. He’s obsessed with his “brand.”  Cam’s trying to, as President Obama has done for 5 of his 8 years in the Black House, to pacify, propitiate and placate millions and millions upon millions of White folks. He mistakenly believes taking the “high-road” and pretending skin color plays no significant role in how most White folks see the world and the little people who populate it.

Cam was delusional long before  being smacked silly this season.

It seems this boy’s daddy never sat him down and explained to him the totality and complexity of his destiny;  “who” he was – an Afro-American man, and “what” – being an NFL Quarterback,  one of the highest perches in popular US culture,  honestly entailed. To achieve his goals the  young Cam would, in all reality have to bitch-slap White men to knock them off their mythical throne, thus dismissing their claim to being the only man on the planet  equipped with the brains, athletic skills and internal guts to truly “man” one of American society’s most luminous alpha-male positions – “Field general.”  Newton didn’t understand the blind-hatred and absolute resentment he’d encounter along the way.

This designation, as a high school/college/NFL Quarterback guarantees the holder “prestige,”  high-ranking status  “perks” and female attention, something we neanderthals of all colors crave – girls, women ladies . . . head cheerleaders, alpha females and in today’s slightly integrated` and diversified America  yes, aghast . . . White girls. White women. This type “audacious” power scares and makes mad-cow mad most White men – they work hard and overtime to derail such  assaults on their power and privilege.

The elder Newton , apparently didn’t tell his son what an position like  “Quarterback” was in US culture.

I’d suggest that’s why his dumb- ass got caught cheatin’ on college test and with a red-hot laptop, back when they cost $3000 – because he wasn’t aware that there’s an ongoing, never-ending effort to halt, stop, deter and turn-’round Black alpha males and females in every industry and walk of life in America.

I hope this season serves as an 2:37 in the AM wake your Black ass up call and Cameron Newton  has an eye-opening and realizes  what a disportionate  role race plays in how he’s perceived n’ depicted, and he stops trying to allude-to the silly notion “race” is irrelevant in the eyes of  most White people . . . we all know that’s a lie. The fear, contempt, anger n’ envy held for the Black gladiator is well noted, historical  and obvious to most sportsfans who understand sports in America, but seemingly Cam and his daddy. Forgive me, but I’ve little patience for my peers, other Black folks roughly say 45 to 65 years old who didn’t sit down with their kids and tell them the role of race in this nation.

These are the scores of Black folks walking around today stunned that an racist, sexist, elitist xenophobe aligned-with and supported by international White racist – from the Klan to Putin and his Neo-Nazis . . . is about to take-over the highest office in the land, if not the world. Yes, negroes with Bachelors and Masters degrees, who were the only Black person on the swim/golf/tennis team or in their branch or on their block – who just knew that none of the White folks in their circle were going to back Trump . . . well these simple-minded, small minded naive  folks are still reeling from the harsh-ass reality America’s full-of well-educated, well dressed Rednecks, hillbillies and good ol’ boys who have job titles like “doctor, teacher, loan officer, police officer, nurse, architect and engineer and these people could give a damn about racial equality and diversity. Truthfully they’re opposed to it and yearn deeply yearn to return , dig this “their” country back to yesteryear, to the White man’s glory days  when he told your momma to get-up women and giv that seat to me!”

“Boy, don’t you look me in the eye . .  .!”

“Gal, I like what I’m looking at, why don’t you bring your pretty round ass over here, now!”

I know, I know. . .   I know, don’t put a “face” on it, give it a voice and words, don’t give it life, keep White racism  abstract and disconnected from modern reality.

It seems, as I grow older I realize how grateful I’m to my parents and grandparents who told me the truth about being a Black person in a hostile, cold land.  As Obama found out and showed our generation; you can do all which was asked of our era, stay in school, go to college, stay married, raise a family, carve out a professional career, ascend to the upper echelons of civil service . . . and still be merely, simply. . . only  a nigger in the eyes of most of White America.

Cam, you can rise to the upper tiers of America’s national pastime, the accolades can rain down upon you, but yet, still be merely, simply. . . only  a nigger in the eyes of most of White America.

Have a good off-season baby bra . . . come back rested and enlightened.

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