Why Don’t The Washington Redskins Have The Backs of Sioux Indians?

Updated: November 25, 2016

It’s no shock most Americans of color find the hallowed words of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights to be mighty, mighty beautiful and all-so powerful words, but we find them to be on most occasions, just that words, shallow, hollow words, which when strung together don’t  honestly apply to anyone but White people,  to be honest. Thanksgiving actually officially launches the forked-tongue broken treaty pattern which exist still today as federal officials ask for more time to make a final decision on the Dakota Access Pipeline, police and protesters continue their standoff on government-owned property near the tribal lands of the Sioux nation in Standing Rock, North Dakota. Activists are concerned that the pipeline, which would run underneath the tribe’s main source of water, could potentially contaminate the water. Earlier this week, police used tear gas, rubber bullets, and water hoses on protestors in freezing temperatures—potentially life-threatening actions that tribe members are calling an “act of war.”

So as this never-ending battle continues in 2016 it isn’t terribly shocking that the words of a 150 year-old Indian treaty were being shredded, spit and stomped-upon today, here in the 21st century in the “name-of” black gold, Texas Tea. And who’s doing the dirt –  Uncle Sam and the heartless, greedy oil barons – aristocrats who don’t have hearts, they’ve cash registers or “value meters” instead. Tragically America’s Investor Class is riddled with like-minded small, simple-minded money luvers. “All which  glitters is titanium”  in their eyes and they turn a blind-eye, and deaf-ear to the realities of what their greed places “at-risk,”  in harm’s way.

Now what I do find interesting and telling; the NFL’s Washington Redskins and Kansas City Chiefs have not, at this point, Thanksgiving weekend 2016, reached out to their alleged  “brethren” with financial resources to battle the Great White Fatcats on Wall Street and what is now, post November 8th . . . Washington DT.   International multinational globalist who could give a damn about the everyday Fred n’ Wilma and the American Dream. They’re “elitist’ who’re trying to ram this pipeline down the throats of a proud and noble people who’ve fought European genocide efforts for half a millennium.
A transparent cloud of hypocrisy blankets the land.

I’ve spoken to Robert Cordova, the Executive Director of the Standing Rock Tribal Center confirmed in a phone conversation and he assured me  they’ve received no contact, let-along  support from any team in the NFL, MLB or the NCAA. I’ve tied to elicit a answer from both NFL franchises and the league office itself, David Gordon  – I’ve gotten no response yet.

My question is why?   Where’s the cavalry?

I’d assumed on the behalf of these teams there’d be some “relationship” some empathy, sympathy or even unasked-for pity regarding the plight of the American Indian, since these sports franchises proudly proclaim some connection, some claim to harbor some allegiance to the Red man who they attest embodied all the elements of “nobility” one could assemble for a gallant warrior? The NFL has hooked up with a couple of Native American groups in an attempt to display their “conscience.”  But what about stepping up now, in this particular battle? When it matters?

Perhaps the old White men who own these professional sports organizations are businessmen in the same cashmere cloth of Lord Trump and they don’t honestly, when the penthouse doors are closed, give a damn about some injunes.

Forgive me, but with the prevailing winds of good ol’ fashion “Manifest Destiny” coming out of the heartland, and I think it’s safe and fair to assume Washington’s owner Dan Snyder backed Trump – both of which means the President-elect is fundamentally comfortable with attacking Americans of color, and American Indians are the very definition of the term American of color . . . So yeah I think Dan could give a damn about the stand being made in South Dakota.
I’d like to believe somehow, someway the Kansas City Chiefs family ownership,  the Hunts, who opened the AFL to the Black football player in the early 1960’s would too be sensitive to the plight of their logo.

The Sioux tribe has filed a lawsuit contesting the pipeline, but they’re up against energy companies with deep pockets and powerful investors, like Donald Trump. These two teams, the league itself and the players union could be and certainly should be underwriting the tribe’s legal bills, as well as donating money to their legal defense fund via Fundrazr. As well as, with  temperatures continue to drop, these  protectors of Mother Nature need snow gear and camping supplies, in addition to items like body cameras and pepper spray decontamination wipes.  . . int that a  . . . ! And they could donate to the  Contributions to Sacred Stone Camp’s GoFundMe campaign which goes towards water, food, blankets and other essentials necessary for the campers to live on the land while they’re protesting the raping of their land,.

Yes, yet again, in the name of unbridled, unchecked cutthroat capitalism.

The Oceti Sakowin Camp is a historic gathering of tribes, allies and people from all walks of life standing in solidarity to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline.The Washington Redskins and Kansas City Chiefs should back them,  plain and simple.

Lest I mention Lord Trump  (who holds stock in the companies involved)  stands waiting to ascend to his throne, and,  he’ll allow the oil barons to do as they damn well please; ”Treaties! We don’t care about no goddamn  treaties!”  All gods people and all of Mother Nature’s work will be in peril.

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