Updated: November 21, 2016

By Eric D.Graham

(BASN)-North Carolina-In the new & dark age of the Kardashians,  reality television, police terrorism, Black Lives Matter, and Kolin Kapernick refusing to stand for the National Anthem, the political upset of Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump, who is the alleged “NEW” cult leader of White Nationalism, shook up the world and left many people in tears.

The political upset, however, was simply a “Reject to Elect”

Which means, that most people rejected the alleged “corruption”
surrounding the political machine ran by the Clintons in order to elect an
Washington outsider and New York City con-man named Donald J. Trump-instead.

It was, in fact, a process in which the people voted for the
“Devil, they didn’t know instead of voting for the Devil, they already knew..”

Point Blank.

Ironically, this time, this bankrupt
political ideology, of voting for the Lesser of the Two Evils backfired and left the world stunned in disbelief.

With that said, it’s disheartening to see and hear Black
people –weeping and whining-about the presidential election result. Why? Because, it’s
equivalent, in my opinion, to seeing and hearing “slaves” on a plantation
debating which slave master is going treat them better.ragea

I mean, really….

Donald Trump simply tapped into the minds of the unheard voices of “white bread” Americans, whom Hillary Clinton arrogantly and stupidly called a “basket of Deplorable,” without having to tap dance to the drums of Blacks, Hollywood Insiders, Mexicans, Feminists, or even Gays and Lesbians.  As a result, they used his celebrity status  as a so-called  “middle-finger to the establishment and a Molotov cocktail to the political system, which they felt was rigged, according to filmmaker Michael Moore.

With that said, Trump is really not a Republican, Democrat, Liberal,
or Conservative. He is a nationalist by theory and a white version of Don King
by practice, who exploited the blind patriotism, sexism, racism, xenophobia of
a large section of American that hated to see a Black man in the White House
for the last eight years. So, maybe CNN political commentator Van Jones was
correct with his “white lash” teary-eyed analogy.

But, this stuff is getting hilarious now. Because, now Black
people are on Facebook saying that Trump maybe President-but Jesus is King.

Unfortunately, their desire for a Theocracy is not a part of
the American Democratic process. Why? Because, even though the pollsters lied,
Hillary lied, but the numbers didn’t.

In other words, Donald J. Trump, in 71 more days, will be
the President of these United States by “hook or crook.”

So, get over it.
He won.
Now, we will have to deal with it- just like those who sat
back angrily and watched Barack Obama, whom they claimed was the Anti-Christ
when he occupied the Oval Office.
Unfortunately, however within hours of his presidential announcement, protesters began protesting the protesters. Why? Because, the
people’s need to see a Hollywood fairytale ending of having a first female
president was shattered in minutes. In other words, that glass ceiling will not
be broken- this year or next year or the next four years.

Sorry, Hillary. Because, despite all your political qualifications, the Saturday Night skits, your husband’s sexual escapades, Alex
Jones’ conspiracy theories, Sean Hannity’s hate-filled newscast, Rush Limbaugh’s Limbaugh Letters, Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Concert, Russian Hackers or Wikileaks, the people decided not to vote for you.

And even though, more people voted for HER than Trump.

She still lost.

So, I guess, the Trump was right.

The system is broken and the election rigged.

But, it’s your party.

You can cry if you want to…

Eric D.Graham is  a graduate of Winston-Salem State University, where he received a BA in Mass Communication with a concentration in Radio & Television, with a minor in History with an emphasis on African-American Studies. Currently, he is a Sports Reporter/Columnist and Cartoonist for the Black Athlete Sports Network in Harlem, NY, where his thought-provoking articles appear on a weekly basis.

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