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OAKLAND, CA.- The Elders and Ancestors have spoken and the Cleveland Indians still don’t understand. The Cleveland Indians are fighting powers unseen. This baseball organization continues to use Chief Wahoo as a Mascot thinking nobody would notice during this year’s World Series. They lost. This organization also thinks there are no consequences for displaying this awful logo. They lost. They did not wear the traditional Cleveland home white uniforms at Progressive Field. They lost.

The United States of America also tries to defy Mother Nature and Native Americans by building an oil pipeline through disputed Native American land and through a major water source. The divine signs were everywhere. Buffalo that haD not been seen in this area for years showed up, and marched straight toward the pipeline. An American Golden Eagle soared over the construction site, landing on material that was supposed to be placed at the pipeline that day. The Eagle would not let the workers near the material. Two weeks ago a massive fire erupted at the top of the hill; the fire went out without coming near the protesters.


HEX Marks The Spot!

It’s not the name…it’s the Hubris which comes with knowing ownership doesn’t give a Rat’s Ass about who it adversely affects. Which is why a hex was created to deter this franchise from succeeding. Oh they win a few games; but if this Series and the parallel incidents in North Dakota tell us anything, it’s that things intercede (‘The Force’ if you will, just ask Yoda) whether people adhere to a linear or instinctual path of thinking.
Karma may be late sometimes but she always keeps an appointment; and until that stupid logo is changed to something respectful of Native Americans, the HEX shall remain!




The Cleveland Indians also felt that unseen force when they had a three game lead. THEY LOST. They felt it in game seven when they were on the verge of winning the World Series with a two run lead in the 8th inning. Cleveland had just tattooed the best relievers in baseball; Aroldis Chapman gave up a two run homer to Rajai Davis that tied the game. THEY LOST THE GAME.

Mother Nature had other plans and sent rain to Progressive Field creating a 17 min. game delay.  The Chicago Cubs went into the club house and gathered themselves with a speech by Jason Heward. They came out and took the lead in the 10th inning ending that 108 drought. The Billy Goat Curse is over but the Chief Wahoo Curse remains.



Tensions continue to rise over the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline-DAP (also known also as the Bakken Pipeline), a proposed 1,172-mile project currently under construction. Demonstrations over the pipeline have traveled from North Dakota’s northwest Bakken region to Southern Illinois. 60 Tribes have joined the protest which has grown steadily over the last few months. As many as 7,000 plus people have reportedly joined the Standing Rock Sioux in protesting the pipeline, which is slated to travel beneath sacred Native lands and cross under the Missouri River, the region’s main source of drinking water. The protesters have gathered along the border of the Standing Rock Sioux’s reservation in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, blocking the construction site.

This land is also under dispute because of another broken treaty. Native American protesters now occupy privately owned land in North Dakota in the path of the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline. They claim that they are the land’s rightful owners under the Fort Laramie treaty of 1851.

The 1851 treaty established Sioux territories from the Heart River just south of Mandan, well into Montana, Wyoming, and Nebraska. In fact, the treaty included almost all of South Dakota west of the Missouri River.

Protesters have used that as justification for setting up camp and roadblocks leading to this confrontation.

“That 1851 Treaty was never canceled. Nobody ever said it was no good anymore and so in that respect, since it’s been ratified, it was established as the lands the United States took under the Indian Claims Commission,” The ICC said in 1974 the United States took more than $17 million worth of Sioux land. Tom Disselhort, a former Indian law professor says even though Congress appropriated for it, the tribes never accepted the money. Another treaty broken by the United States.

Did the Cleveland Indians get the message ? Or will they continue to disrespect our Native American forefathers and mothers, by wearing Chief Wahoo on their shoulders and caps. The Curse still lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

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