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By:- Gary Norris Gray-BASN-Staff Reporter

The World Series with the Cleveland Indians and the Dakota Access Pipeline controversy are currently in the news. This story about telling the truth or continuing a lie is in the eye of the beholder, this story is also about the so called curse of Chief Wahoo. The Cleveland Indians baseball team entered the World Series playing with this disgusting and degrading Chief Wahoo logo on their shoulders and their caps. They were to have replaced the logo on their road caps with the block “C” as they reduce their use of the accursed red-faced caricature, but the logo has reappeared in all of their post-season games.

Meanwhile Native American Tribes are fighting this year to keep their water free of oil in the Dakotas, as The Dakota Access Pipeline continues to build this steel and plastic monster right through Native American lands.This is the battle to gain respect in the United States of America.This is a battle for Civil Rights.

At the beginning of the year The Cleveland Indians executives made a half-hearted promise that their team would not wear Chief Wahoo on their road caps.


LIE NUMBER ONE, As soon as the Tribe secured first place in the Central Division Chief Wahoo reappeared on their road blue caps. The question should be asked WHY?


LIE NUMBER TWO, Basketball All Star LeBron James broke solidarity with our Native Brothers and Sisters. Years ago James came to playoff games wearing a New York Yankees Cap as a silent protest to Chief Wahoo. When The Tribe won the American League Pennant this year, James was seen in the stands in a full Cleveland Indian Jersey. WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT SOLIDARITY?

Pipeline and Native American

LIE NUMBER THREE:- Native American Tribes are fighting this year to keep their water free of oil in the Dakotas. The Dakota Access Pipeline continues to build this monster right through Native American lands. The United States government states that there will never be a major spill. The U.S. Marshalls were sent in after company goon squads could not stop the protest. These Marshalls were sent to protect the company security guards and protesters. It did not work.  The Marshalls have arrested over 350 Native American men, women, and children who continue to protest peacefully. Not a single DAP security guard has been arrested. Just another American broken promise to preserve this land.

This is a human rights issue and the media is complacent and silent.



Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
Martin Luther King, Jr. 

mlk jr justice

The Chief Wahoo logo is said to contain the “Curse of Chief Wahoo,” in that no Cleveland team had won a title until the Cavaliers won the National Basketball Association Championship in 2016.

Three young men attended a Cleveland playoff game in 2013 wearing red painted faces and wearing broad white painted smiles with small head-dresses a replica of the Cleveland Indian mascot, Chief Wahoo. Again the question should be asked WHY?

The Complicity of the Networks showing these three gentlemen on National Television are continuing the First Nation/Native American Indian stereotypes and will continue the Bad SPORTS Karma on The City of Cleveland.

These three gentlemen thought it was cool, and neat, to look like Chief Wahoo. They assume that they were not offending anybody with this buffoonery.

These young individuals wanted to be on television for their 15 seconds of national glory and fame in spite of their foolhardiness.

Fox Sports Network and the (TBS) Turner Broadcasting System are part of this recent display of complicity, ignorance, and stupidity for showing these three misguided souls at Progressive Field. The National Networks have a standing policy that if a fan runs on the field they are not shown on Television. The same should apply to offensive material, signs, slogans, and the event that happened at the American League Wild Card Baseball Game in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Fox Sports Network must have wised up because in 2016 the network did not show anybody in the stands with Native American face paint during the AL Wild Card, ALDS, or the World Series (yet). The team must not have gotten the message because they wore the Chief Wahoo cap


Char_TetersLR (1)

Charlene Teters makes it clear. Cleveland is the home of the most offensive racial icon in the country,” Charlene Teters, an artist and founding board member of the National Coalition on Racism in Sports and the Media, said during a demonstration outside Progressive Field on Opening Day 2010. “Don’t insult my intelligence telling me this honors me . . . It is ‘Little Red Sambo.’”


Cleveland Indian All star pitcher Louis Tiant had problems with the logo and made it known before leaving to pitch for the Minnesota Twins 1970 and then the Boston Red Sox in 1971. Tiant understood racism because he experienced it every day in the minor leagues in North Carolina.

Baseball fans in Cleveland state that their logo has improved from 70 years ago. REALLY?

With this kind of progress we are living in the Stone Age with Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble.


1) Face paint is a spiritual and religious art and is sacred to the tribe It is also an act of social distinction and cultural heritage, but is a significant aspect in cultural and spiritual ceremonies and rituals. Last paint can be used to intimidate opponents in battle.

2) The head dress denotes the honor of the chief and leader of the tribe. It also can signal the young males passage to adulthood and lastly the accomplishments and victories in battle.

resized Amanda-Blackhorse (1)

My Sister Amanda Blackhorse explains that exploitation really means our Native American Brothers and Sisters are fighting the same battles as our African American Brothers and Sisters.


  1. The land grabbing of Indigenous lands
  2. The raping, violence, and hatred directed at Indigenous women and children
  3. The poisoning of our water
  4. The desecration of our ancestor’s bones and graves
  5. Each “redskin” (hair, scalp, nose, ears, genitals, and skin) taken off of an Indigenous person
  6. Each child taken from the arms of their parents and grandparents for the sake of “killing the Indian and saving the man”
  7. Each treaty that was not honored
  8. Every acre of land stolen from Indigenous people
  9. Every law passed since the Doctrine of Discovery for the sake of Manifest Destiny
  10. Every religion stuffed down the throats of Indigenous men and women for the sake of colonization
  11. Each smallpox blanket
  12. Every head of hair chopped off in boarding schools and residential schools
  13. The forced mining, fracking and desecration of Indigenous lands yesterday and today
  14. The sterilization of Indigenous women by Indian Health Service
  15. Each tribe which no longer exists due to the attempted extermination of Indigenous people
  16. Each tribal person who was exiled and relocated to urban communities
  17. Each person who has been subjected to alcoholism in the name of poor business or poor treaty deals
  18. Each Native person who has been experimented on and exploited for their blood, bodies, and DNA.

CARMA (The C in Karma is for the City of Cleveland)

Let’s investigate the recent history of the City of Cleveland’s Professional Sports Teams with the Cleveland Indians Baseball Club losing to the Tampa Bay Rays 4-0 in a Wild Card American League Divisional Game.

The Indians should have won; Cleveland had all of the advantages, a three day rest period, playing on their home field and their best starting pitcher on the mound., The Indians had multiple chances to score but did not , they lost 4 -0.

If you don’t believe in CARMA this should convince you.
First basemen Nick Swisher missed a soft liner that would have been the third out; instead it became the 4th Tampa Bay Run in the top of the 9th inning sealing a victory for the Rays and a trip to Boston’s Fenway Park.

The Cleveland Indians will try once again to shake the CURSE in 2016 against the Chicago Cubs who have not been in the World Series since 1945.


The agony for the Cleveland Sports fan, who longs for a championship, continues. The Cleveland Browns were the last team to win a national professional title in 1962 with the greatest running back in (NFL) National Football League history, Jim Brown. The Browns started the losing trend in the AFC 1980′s playoffs. It continued with the losses to Michael Jordan’s Super Bulls of the 1990′s. The image of Cleveland guard Craig Ehlo falling to the floor after a Jordan jump shot ending game five and a trip to the next round burns in Cavalier fans brains.


The Indians had a brief playoff run in their new stadium. CARMA because the Indians removed their logo on their caps upon entering (Then) Jacobs Field and started winning. The last Cleveland baseball championship was in 1948 against the Boston Braves. The last time Cleveland visited the World Series was against the Atlanta Braves the organization that gave them their last baseball championship in 1995. The Braves organization gave up all of their Native American logos on their uniform expect for the Tomahawk

The last three years the Cleveland Indians left Chief Wahoo home as the team wore either a red or blue caps on road trips with the block “C” on the front. The Indians started winning again. CARMA.

The Cleveland Indian organization might be bending to the mounting pressure of the Native American protests outside the ballparks of Cleveland road games.



Then, The LeBron James Cavalier Era 2002-2010. Everybody thought this would bring happiness and a championship to the City by the Lake. It did not happen and The King Exited to South Beach with back to back NBA Titles.

LeBron James went to a playoff game in 2007 wearing a New York Yankee cap, instead of a Cleveland Indian cap. This was the unspoken support to our First Nation/ Native American Indian Brothers and Sisters. The last time the Cavaliers were in the NBA Finals they were swept by the San Antonio Spurs in 2007.

The Basketball streak has ended in 2015 but the baseball and football streak continues “CARMA”
In Hockey the (NHL) National Hockey League Cleveland Barons made a brief appearance in 1976-1978 never making the playoffs.


The Washington Football Club with their name and the Cleveland Indians with their logo has offended many Native American Indian/ First Nation Citizen’s.

This racist attitude has continued because First Nation/Native American do not have the political or economic power to change it. This has continued because Americans do not care or identify with this issue. These Americans do not support or defend our Native American/First Nation citizens.

It is time to change the Washington Football Clubs name and the Cleveland Indian logo. The attitude of the administrators must change in Washington and Cleveland in order for these logos and mascots to be retired. The Cleveland Indians can keep their baseball history but retire Chief Wahoo forever.


This attitude permits these three young men in Cleveland to think that they have not done anything wrong. It allows them to discard the rituals and ceremonies of Native Americans and to disregard what is sacred to Native Americans. But then ask about San Francisco 49er  Colin Kaepernick protest. Some intelligent Americans are beginning to see the difference.


These three young men just remind America that CARMA lives large in the city of Cleveland, Ohio.  Another championship may bypass the City by the Lake. These three misguided young men just continue the legacy of not knowing or caring about the current struggles of our First Nation/Native American Indian Brothers and Sisters.


Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove on Disabled Community Activist. Email at

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