Black Sports-fans Wake Up! America’s Being Governed By The KKK, Seriously!

Updated: November 22, 2016

Knock, knock . . . , knock!

Don’t worry,  it’s just me Desi Cortez, I’m a long haired, overfeed leaping gnome, a starving wordsmith, pounding-out my sharp n’ blunt thoughts. “Have mind, will speak it,” (and write it)  I’m only trying to take your little mind beyond the gridiron and hardwood floor. For, if I can . . . your ass will follow.

I well understand my Oak-Town R-A-I-D-E-R-S are  back, and the Rams are back in my hometown, the 213,  and Lebron is king . . . but dig this sportsfans; apparently America has another King,  emperor or lord and it’s Donald Trump. He is the Big Apple jungle king who’s been elevated by the nation’s rank n’ file Rednecks to the highest office in the land. No he’s not taking Roger Goodell’s gig,  he ‘s taking Barack Obama’s job.

No, Obama isn’t  a point-guard for the Toronto Raptors bra’ he’s been the US president for years.

But that’s not important now, what is,  that you recognize the incoming  threat. Perhaps many of you may have heard of him. Trump’s been a mainstay in the White trash adored WWW  traveling freak shows and he’s been big pimpin’ in the beauty pageant hustle . . . “grappin’ pussy” by the handfuls . . .  he’s functioned in your “jockular” world for decades. ( a decades 10 years) Trump was an OG owner in the USFL,  that’s why Herschel Walker is one of his personal “pet” negroes, just as Don King, Mike “Airhead” Tyson and that useful idiot ,  Dennis Rodman, but let’s not get sidetracked talking about Uncle Tom’s who need to have their Black Man cards pulled . .

Trumps now the HWMIC (Head white man in charge) in charge of a world you’re not too familiar with, the real world, the politics of the real world,  and I don’t have the time nor space to break it all down for you, but dig this;  He’s populated his cabinet, his personal “Redneck Roundtable” more than a few old angry White men who have a beginning,  have “roots” which are founded and based-on this document you see here –  Jeff Sessions, and Steve Bannon . . . don’t worry, I know you don’t know who they are. They don’t play a sport, Rap or act on Empire . . . . However they’ve the diverse and wide ranging  backing of the Ku Klux Klan  and the nation’s major police organizations, as well as the army,  the American Nazi Party , even  AARP, the CIA, FBI, NIA  and the owners of the NFl, NBA and MLB . .  . you know I ain’t lying.

So I’m asking, begging, pleading with you dumbass jocks, most of whom didn’t vote to pull your heads out of your Black asses and pay attention to the conversation at the “big table” this Thanksgiving, and don’t try to steer the conversation from Trump to the Tennessee Titans or the Chi-raq Cubs, nows not the time Dumbo. It’s ok to let the Black “nerds and geeks” discuss the deeper reasons which motivated Colin Kaepernick to not stand,  you don’t have to impress your cute-ass in laws with your stories about going to the Big Easy for the Super bowl . . . not today bra’ to much is at stake.

 Read that circa (around/about) 1953 poster above, or get someone to read it for you, to you,  whatever, and then try to grasp the complexity of what is really a simple-ass situation – most of White America doesn’t want to merely go back to the good ol days of the 1950’s . . . turn back the hands of time and progress, no,  instead  they want to rip the damn clock of the flippin’ wall. You’ve got to “get this,”  and then  go to the sports bar and the barbershop and tell your boys to read it, email it to your fantasy league dum-dums and post it on facebook, that’s a start, then go watch MSNBC and CNN instead of ESPN or FOX sports, and become apart of the solution, not the goddamn problem.

Right on baby bra’ , welcome to the struggle. Power to the people


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