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The BASN All – Time Greatest QBs

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor – in – Chief




PHILADELPHIA (BASN) In cyberspace, no one can see you scream…




But they can see when you’re perpetrating a lot easier; and we at BASN were treated to such a spectacle via another website which provided a pitifully weak piece re who they thought were the top ten Black quarterbacks of all time…


While we know lists like this are subjective, for a subject with this broad a scope, it should never be minimized to a fluff piece because someone wants to drive traffic to it…



This was their list of the Top 10 Black QBs (in order):

1. Warren Moon

2. Donovan McNabb

3. Randall Cunningham

4. Steve McNair

5. Michael Vick

6. Doug Williams

7. Daunte Culpepper

8. Kordell Stewart

9. Russell Wilson

10. Cam Newton


How We Do It


Football runs deep – as does its history; many Black men who were more than capable to play here in the National Football League didn’t or couldn’t because the racist, asshole owners would not allow them to play the position they were best suited for.


So since they did say the ‘Top 10 Pro QBs of all time’, we shall do just that (of course, in our humble opinion)


1. Gen. Warren Moon


Member of two Pro Football Halls of Fame, Moon won five consecutive Grey Cups while in Canada as an undrafted free agent; something no American, Canadian or Martian signal caller has ever done; and don’t give me that horseshit about the Canadian game being inferior; ask former Super Bowl MVP Vince Ferragamo how ‘inferior’ the Canadian Football League was – he got his ass handed to him up there!






2. Gen. Damon Allen


If you don’t know, ya betta recognize; the brother of Marcus Allen is great in his own right. A four time Grey Cup winner, Allen retired as the all-time offensive leader in the CFL’s history before being passed by the wondrous Anthony Calvillo. In a poll of the League’s 50 Greatest Players ever (conducted by TSN) Allen defeated the league’s number one poll pick, Doug Flutie, head up in every Grey Cup match up – and ran for more yards than every running back save George Reed and Mike Pringle. He is one of three CFL QBS to run for over 1000 yards in a season (the other two will be revealed here) and his overall career total rushing of 11.920 yards is only 323 less than Marcus!






A former star college pitcher who won a national title at Fullerton State, Allen was also drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Currently living in suburban Toronto, Mr. Allen runs a Quarterback Academy where he continues to teach his craft.







3. Gen. Donovan McNabb




One of two QBs drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles who has a winning lifetime record in their entire history and has won a playoff game (Randall Cunningham is the other.)






McNabb was treated like a red – headed stepchild from the time his name was announced on Draft Day in 1999 and subsequently booed by the draftniks in NYC. All he’s done since is win five straight division titles and garnered a Super Bowl appearance with less than stellar talent at the so – called skill positions (save WR Terrell Owens and RB Bryan Westbrook) and yes Donovan McNabb does belong in the Pro Football Hall of Fame; but those same assholes who dropped the politics on Owens not going in as the first time selection he should have been will cock – block Donovan and call him ‘borderline’ while overrated QBs like Dan Fouts (who never reached a Super Bowl despite far superior offensive help) are in the Hall…






4. Gen. Randall Cunningham







Drafted in the second round out of UNLV, Cunningham, a consensus All-America first team ranked punter, used his amazing skills in his prime to elevate a Philadelphia Eagle offensive line he should have sued for non – support!





After years of no offensive line help, Cunningham, called “The Ultimate Weapon” by Sports Illustrated, resurfaced in Minnesota with a rookie receiver (Randy Moss) and three All – Pro offensive linemen. He then led the Vikings to a division title and a conference final while leading the League in offense; denied by a missed field goal – indoors to a placekicker who hadn’t missed that entire season. Cunningham’s dual threat ability should have earned him a bust in Canton by this time as well.












5. Gen. Tracy Ham







images (2)



As Leader of a small college champion at Georgia Southern, Ham was Russell Wilson before Russell was! Skilled, smart and calculating, Ham was on a roll in winning two Grey Cup Championships – one as QB of the Baltimore Stallions in 1995 – the only American team to win Canada’s football championship. Ham has also topped the 1000 yard mark on the ground at least once in addition to passing stats which made him a worthy member of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.



















6. Gen. Steve “Air” McNair







Out of tiny Alcorn State in Mississippi, McNair, a co-League MVP, flourished in spite on the stifling style of his less than mediocre head coach Jeff Fisher, who never got McNair the kind of talent which would allow him to properly utilize the ‘Air’ part of his name. At 6’2” and 235, McNair was a punishing runner who (as was revealed by several St. Louis Rams on defense after the Super Bowl) would’ve carved them up if his idiot coach had altered the game plan! Fisher (who would later co – opt the career of Vince Young) is still less than mediocre – while McNair should be recognized for his greatness in performing in spite of a coach who shunned a significant part of his game. Sadly, Canton and their noxious neophytes will screw him too!









7. Gen. Charles ‘Chuck’ Ealey








Ealey is the only undefeated untied (35 – 0) pivot in collegiate history; a first team ranked All – American designation (by the now defunct Football News in 1971) still wasn’t enough for the star from The University of Toledo to get noticed as a QB by the assholes in the NFL, so he took his talents north of the border and won a Grey Cup his first year with the CFL Hamilton Tiger – Cats.






Injuries shortened Ealey’s career, but never did they shorten the memory of what a prolific winner he was; and how he, like others who wanted to play the position they were meant to play, never settled for less than making their dream come true.






8. Gen. Douglas Williams



Selected in the first round by the fledgling Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Williams took the Bucs from Worst to First – and won three division championships before the cheap essohbees in management would kick him to the curb because he dare ask for more money (then lowest paid QB in the League).






Saved by the upstart United States Football League, Williams maintained and came to Washington as a backup after the USFL formerly ceased operations after the NFL lawsuit.



Named MVP of Super Bowl XXI after stomping on John Elway and the Denver Broncos, Williams would go on to later coach at his alma mater, Grambling State University.
















9. Gen. Russell Wilson








He has already won more games in his first four – plus seasons than any pro quarterback in the NFL – ever. A superior tactician, Wilson out thinks his opponents more often than so – called experts care to admit; and his ability to free lance while staying eyes focused downfield is better than anyone else currently playing; superior arm strength and throws on the run to either side with great accuracy. Like Ham and Jeff Blake, his overhand motion results in few blocked passes despite his size because quarterbacks throw in lanes – something the analysts should explain to those that don’t know…







Back – to – back Super Bowl appearances and playoff appearances every year he’s been in the League make Gen. Wilson – number nine – with a bullet.




10. Gen. Condredge Holloway









For a League which never questioned Eddie LeBaron’s height (5’6” on a good day) Holloway, a natural leader, should never have had to go to Canada – but we know why. Holloway’s tenacity coming out of the SEC as the first Black QB served in good stead in persuading the CFL Toronto Argonauts to ride his leadership to a Grey Cup title.



Notice Who’s Missing?



So you don’t get it twisted we have 10 more…





11. Gen. Cam Newton (2015 NFL MVP just getting started)









12. Gen. Mike Vick (four -time Pro Bowler and Comeback Player of the year; only NFL QB to rush for 1000 yards in college and the pros)







13. Gen. James “Shack” Harris (took L.A. Rams to conference final; led league in passing efficiency before stats obfuscated quality of play)


















082712 Vince Young Topper



14. Gen. Vince Young (won over 60% of his games; former Offensive Rookie of the Year screwed by a head coach with an ‘offensive’ career record LL Cool J inflection intended)






15. Gen. Kerry Joseph (wasted in the NFL at safety because they won’t allow him to play QB – rushes for over 1000 yards and leads the Saskatchewan Roughriders to the Grey Cup Championship)







16. Gen. Kordell Stewart (he wasn’t the first ‘Slash’ – that was supposed to be Oakland’s Eldridge Dickey – but Kordell made it work)



17. Gen. Joe Gilliam (sat down in spite of leading the Steelers to a 4-1-1 record as starter; fucked his head up big time because Oakland’s Al Davis told then head coach Chuck Noll to start a frustrated Terry Bradshaw, who Gilliam beat in the head up competition to start)














18. Gen. Roy Dewalt (laser – armed field general who won a Grey Cup with the CFL British Columbia Lions in 1985)











19. Gen. Rodney Peete (slugged thru a gritty career – holds the Philadelphia Eagles team record for most points scored in a playoff game)

















20. (tie) Gen. Darian Durant (after losing one of the most crushing Grey Cup losses ever, comes back the next year and wins one for the CFL Saskatchewan Roughriders) and Gen. Tyrod Taylor (photographic memory read defenses well from the first time he entered the League; so good that the Baltimore Ravens carried only two QBs during his time there; has a SB Ring and has shown well in his time as the current Buffalo Bills starting QB – definitely on the rise).











Other Distinguished Members of the Joint Chiefs of Pass



Gen. Danny Barrett (distinguished career in the Canadian Football League; his 601 yards passing in a game was second only to Matt Dunigan’s 713 yards as the greatest performance in CFL history)



Gen. Charlie Batch – the player we at BASN lovingly refer to as ‘Dr. Sinister’ was an excellent relief man who earned two Super Bowl rings after leaving a starter’s position in Detroit…


Gen. David Garrard – nine seasons in Jacksonville; once part of a troika of brothers at the pivot with Byron Leftwich and Quinn Gray…


Gen. Anthony Banks – started the season for Baltimore on the way to their first Super Bowl win.


Gen. Tarvaris Jackson – backed up Gen.Wilson to a Super Bowl Ring; earned playoff spot for Minnesota Vikings before being cast off.


Gen. Jeff Blake (coach’s son and former Pro Bowler who caught a break in Cincinnati of all places; one of the greatest and most accurate deep ball throwers of his era)


No hate on Brother Daunte, but do you see him here?


We have Mr. Culpepper at #26 (after Colin Kaepernick,Teddy Bridgewater, Marlin Briscoe, Casey Printers, and Marcus Crandall).


The 2016 CFL Grey Cup Most Outstanding Player Henry Burris, Khari Jones, Shedrick Bonner and Robert Griffin III round out numbers 21 – 30; and Dak Prescott and Jameis Winston will earn their Field General titles once Dallas and Tampa Bay makes this years’ playoffs)







Next time do some fucking research!


Always outnumbered…never outgunned.


Copyright © 2016 Michael – Louis Ingram all rights reserved



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