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Gary Norris Gray-BASN-Staff Reporter

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OAKLAND, CA.-As we come to the end of the 2016 Presidential Elections it seems like the wheels have come off of the Donald J. Trump train. How much more do we have to take, how much more do we have to have hear before we wake up and smell the coffee. Reporter Billy Bush of the Today Show gets suspended for releasing a audio tape 11 years ago of Donald J. Trump talking about how he really feels about females. America is finally seeing who this man really is and America should be ashamed of ourselves for supporting such a person. Now think if Donald J. Trump were African American what the American media would be saying about Mr. Trump. Think if this were President Barack Obama doing these things.

What is the American definition of the word, THUG?

A violent person, especially a criminal.

synonyms: ruffianhooliganvandalhoodlumgangstervillain, criminal

If Donald J. Trump were Black they would be calling him this word but the American press refuses to challenge this man.


Remember what America did to World Champion Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman a Stanford educated athlete. America lost its collective minds when Mr. Sherman bragged after a playoff game. America labeled him a THUG for spiking a ball and a shouting victory discussion. Then what is Donald J. Trump?

Sherman called San Francisco 49er receiver Crabtree mediocre. “I’m the best corner in the NFL and we knew they were going to use the fade rout to the corner.”

Double standard AGAIN!!!!

You will never hear the media called Mr. Trump a THUG because it’s a racial charged word reserved for young Black men. Under the definition

Let’s be real: Donald J. Trump is 70 years old (60 at the time of the tape) and he is calling this locker room banter, boys talk, really, he has not been in any locker room in 30 years. So what are you talking about?

Mr. Trump should be arrested for confessing to a sex crime (many sex crimes). This man has admitted that he has groped and kissed women without consent. That my friends are the definition of a sexual assault and it is a crime.

BILL COSBYcover170x170

Yet the media is harping on Bill Cosby and his alleged rape case in Los Angeles deflecting the message from Donald J. Trump. Cosby is a criminal but Trump is not. How does that work? This is very simple Black guys are bad guys while white guys are angels, forget that they use drugs at the same amount, forget about three white males who were found guilty for alleged rapes all over this nation and were given less than two years for their sentence.

We are sitting here discussing the language used in the tape and the lewd speech, NOT THE CRIME, like we have never heard these words before,… no, its the act and this man has repeatedly gotten away time and time again because he pulls out his privilege card. He is a sexual predator but nobody will call him that. They would never do that because he is a pillar of society.

sigma alpha epsilon

When an African American male displays behavior like this it is classified as a criminal act and they are imminently sent to jail but when a Caucasian male does likewise its frat boy mentality, its boys will be boys like in the case of Sigma Alpha two years ago. REALLY?


Mr. Trump has five kids from three different ladies and that’s o.k. If this man were Black the media would be preaching about the broken family, the wayward kids and would be talking about family violence in the household. You hear none of that from the media pertaining to Mr. Billionaire. Mr. Trump can do and say anything to any woman he wishes without consequences.

He is in love with his 21 year old daughter which is another story and again the media hides from this too.

White male sexual violence is hiding in plain sight. This goes back to slavery and the power of the slave master who picked and choose which African American female he wanted each night for three centuries. NOBODY SAID A WORD!!!  Mr. Trump has continued this horrible tradition in 2016.

Mr. Trump went after five African Americans in the Central Park jogger rape case years ago stating that these five young Black men should be executed for a crime they did not commit. Mr. Trump has yet to apologize to these young men. This man created so much hate towards Black people in New York City those young men had to be protected in jail. Let’s not forget years later the DNA exonerated these young men. Everybody forgets that,EXCUSE US WE DID NOT MEAN THAT!!!!

If Mr. Trump had been the judge in this trial these men would be dead RIGHT NOW for a SEX CRIME. That’s calling the kettle black and the media once again dropped the ball.

America is still scared of the black boogie man in the bushes and the real threat is staring them in the face with a suit and tie.

Let’s be real here, Mr. Trump is dangerous to women, he is dangerous to minorities, he is dangerous to the disabled and gay communities. The problems are his deeds, and conduct, and he is the law and order candidate, REALLY? Just like Richard Milhous Nixon. We all know how that ended.

Now don’t get me started about the term Super predator another racial term, Mr. Trump embodies this term Super Predator. He has the means, he has the power, the will and the money to force the issue on anybody but again nobody wants to talk about it.

No Black man in America could do what Donald J. Trump has done because America would be on him like white on rice and would stick to him until he was dead, in jail, or in a mental hospital

Now think, if that were President Barack Obama It would be a very different story. America would be calling him everything but the SON OF SATAN, Mr. Trump gets off free AGAIN.

This man needs to apologize to American women, for his conduct

This man needs to apologize to the Central Park Five, because they are innocent

He needs to apologize to President Obama for claiming he was not born in the United States. Last time I checked Hawaii was part of America.

What Mr. Trump has done is open the door for young men in college to disrespect women.

What Mr. Trump has done is allowed middle school and high school kids that don’t look like them to be bullied and taught how to be a bully.

And last Mr. Trump has opened the door for the total disregard for the law if you have power and money

If you are a female, minority, disabled, gay, and vote for Donald Trump. You should ask, what have you been watching the past eight months.

Leadership starts from the top and the GOP-Republican Party knows this


Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network, Disabled Community Activist. Email at

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