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By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor – in – Chief




PHILADELPHIA (BASN)  When Philadelphia Eagles rookie tailback Wendell Smallwood scored his first NFL touchdown at home versus the Pittsburgh Steelers in a Week 3 showdown, he did a ‘victory roll’ into the end zone in a spontaneous moment of celebration. The official observing the score immediately penalized him 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. The ‘victory roll’ didn’t affect the outcome of the game, but the desire to punish the player was without hesitation…



At Lambeau Field in 1993, Green Bay Packers’ safety Leroy Butler recovers a fumble and hauls ass into the end zone, where he then vaults himself into a cheering bunch of elated fans in the end zone; the first and last time the now famous ‘Lambeau Leap’ was a moment of spontaneity…



Since then, the issue of flagging players for celebratory moments has fluctuated from the ridiculous to the sublime; as the X-factor of the official has led to some intriguing moments already this season, as the efforts to control the workforce has now extended itself beyond referee discretion…








In Week Two, Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver Terrelle Pryor, catches a pass deep in Baltimore Ravens territory as the Browns are driving for a potentially game winning touchdown. After making the catch, he tosses the ball to the official, only to have the ball inadvertently hit an opposing player’s helmet. The official flags Pryor for ‘taunting’ and kills Cleveland’s moment as the Browns are screwed. You have to wonder what the folks in Vegas are thinking as the course of a game turns on the whim of an official making a stupid fucking call like this – how much $$$ switched pockets after this screw job?



Meanwhile, back in Green Bay, not one time since 1993 (at least not in my recollection) have the Packers ever been penalized for excessive celebration or unsportsmanlike conduct after a Packer leaps into the crowd after touchdown; and there’s no fuckin’ way anyone can say this act is ‘spontaneous’ after 23 fuckin’ years!




Now when this subject was last broached, the NFL dismissed it and called the Lambeau Leap ‘tradition.’ Tradition? Get the FUCK outta here! So if anyone else does it at their home field, it’s a penalty?


How is any fan supposed to believe that the game is above board when there are two sets of rules re conduct? This harkens back to the book, “They Call It A Game” by former NFL defensive back Bernard Parrish, who goes into great detail as to how the NFL operates on a WWE premise in scripting many outcomes of games. At any time any penalty can be called for any reason; and this new spike of penalties only buttresses the notion that the game – has now turned into a giant bowlful of bullshit.




But let’s get back to touchdowns. This release of energy expended for the express purpose of fulfilling an immediate team goal is another control issue the NFL wants to stifle as the world’s largest sweat shop. On top of paying fines for the shoes you wear or how high your socks are raised, this sharecropper’s mentality is maintained by reminding you to conform by ‘taxing’ you for everything you do!



‘Walk into the end zone like you’ve been there’ – yep, heard that…but don’t say such tripe and say it’s ok that Packer players can rub it in the noses of their opposition by delaying the game so they can inflict more mental anguish – and handcuff the opposition’s ability to respond in kind. This is another reason why the product is, to many, not worth watching. The recent Atlanta Falcons/New Orleans Saints Monday Night Match Up drew a pathetic 4.6 (roughly eight million viewers) against the Clinton/Trump debate (almost 90 million) and every Thursday Night Football game for the last two years has also been generating poor ratings. As the blowback from the Colin Kaepernick anthem issues continues, it appears the League has outsmarted itself in terms of its marketing strategy…



Even going against such events such as presidential debates, World Series games and whatever else has come down the ratings pike, the NFL has always drawn well; but this desire to sanitize while destroying the defensive skill factor has turned this garbage into a hi-gloss version of rough touch, where most White QBs get treated like spun glass – and all Black ones get knocked on their AZZ – with impunity.



The interference of the officials can also lead to vendettas toward players they may have long-standing grudges with. Remember when Cam Newton once complained about not getting a call and was allegedly admonished by referee Ed Hochuli with, ‘you’re not old enough’ to get consideration on a roughing the passer penalty. Hochuli would go on to insist that he said Newton was running out of the pocket, so he was technically a running back; but fart on Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers or the new kid (Eagles’ QB Carson Wentz) and the hankies will fly!



While nothing will stop the gambling, the quality of the product should be first and foremost; but making sure some teams are more equal than others by the wardens in stripes will not help to solve the problem.


always outnumbered…never outgunned.


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