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By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor – in – Chief



PHILADELPHIA (BASN) Colin Rand Kaepernick did not grow up desiring to be Malcolm, Marcus, Medgar or Martin…


All he wanted to be was good at whatever he put his mind to. Given where he was born in Wisconsin; and where he was raised in northern California, the odds of Kaepernick raging against the machine were from ‘slim’ to ‘fuck all’ (as some of my Canadian fam’ly would say).


Which is why his recent stand scares the fuck out of the establishment; because it came out of nowhere. A straight ‘A’ student and multi – sport star in high school, the only boat Kaepernick ever wanted to rock – was on a football field.


From his selection in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft to his ascension as a Super Bowl quarterback, Kaepernick never let his success go to his head; because he was too busy paying attention to things around him.


He saw Eric Garner strangled to death live in living color; he saw Tamir Rice blown away without so much as a ‘drop the gun!’ warning when a cop blasted him in two seconds; he saw Sandra Bland’s car incident in Texas; and other incidents in South Carolina, Minnesota, Louisiana – Black men and women dying in the most gruesome of manners…


He also saw a creep named Dylann Roof murder Black people in a church in South Carolina – and receive a hamburger meal for his reward!


He heard of the theater incident in Colorado – where a white punk shot up the theater yet plays crazy as he is apprehended unharmed. A White male bites off someone’s face, yet is also apprehended unharmed – as well as several other interactions where police reactions were markedly different between Black and white…


If you have eyes – you saw it too.


So Colin sees these things, and is genuinely angry behind all of this, and decides to be proactive in his approach. Understand that now Colin has to think this through because he knows the mainstream media – is full of shit.


Colin’s eyes also saw the media disrespect NBA player Chris Bosh, who politely told the punk ass castigator interviewing him to stop disrespecting his name because his family didn’t appreciate it; only to continue as he continued to spill his venom. They also saw the hack jobs on athletes like Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson – only to spare Ben Roethlispervert, Matt Jones, Jarrett Stoll and Josh Brown…


So he saw how the scumbag press operated, and knew he had to be locked in and strong with his resolve, knowing he would have to run a gamut of garrulous guttersnipes looking to push buttons and agendas – instead of listen with any true  intent to understand.


The Shield took offense to this, going so far as to put out bogus and weak articles attacking Kaepernick. Call me Old School if you wish, but throwin’ down a piece with the ‘sources say’ bullshit instead of saying who the fuck said what, knowing the writer feared losing his/her place at the NFL propaganda table – ain’t journalism. So the Shield looked to jack Kaep by nullifying his message with trickeration, using their media arm with the hope to affect a public beat down.


The game plan was to paint Kaepernick as anti-American, anti – cop and disrespectful to veterans; but something happened on the way to the disemboweling…


Many veterans spoke up in support of Kaepernick’s gesture and subsequent actions as being in the proper spirit of why they served!


At no time did Kaepernick speak on hating cops. How are you gonna criticize him when he sees cops getting paid for killing people when that actually was the result? Many saw the same thing – the same way. They also saw some of the ‘decisions’ – as Colin did.


When that ruse proved ineffective, The Shield and The Mouse joined forces, pushing players and ex-players front and center to the issue. Jerry Rice could outrun defenses, but couldn’t outrun stupid; and I can never look at him the same way ever in (respect – exit Stage Right!)  NFL Sunday Night Football analyst and former player Rodney Harrison pulls the ultimate asshole move in questioning and pathetically attempting to define Kaepernick’s “blackness” – making ridiculous analogies about “walking in a sneaker store and being followed like he was going to steal something.”  Now it has been awhile, but the last time I ventured into a sneaker store, there’s only one sneaker on display (laffin’ my Black AZZ off) – this ignorant fuck should lose his job on ‘G.P.’ alone for saying that nonsense!


In the midst of this, League MVP Cam Newton proclaims to the world at large that there was no racism in the NFL. No word on whether or not crack vials were found at the scene…


Then came the most ridiculous ploy – bringing up how much money he makes. As if to say, ‘why are you complaining? you’re a rich Nigger – be grateful you don’t have to endure what those people have to deal with.’ Money never guarantees silence – but ignorance surely does.


But the money never sleeps. Folks who were in simpatico with what Kaepernick’s seeing through those eyes, started buying his #7 jersey in support of his stance. In less than two weeks, Kaepernick’s jersey became the #1 seller in the League, much to the chagrin of Commissioner Roger Goodell. Even after the numbers didn’t lie regarding Kaepernick’s support, Goodell and the League did – after my colleague Tony McClean went on the NFL’s web site and when the trending section was prompted, five player jerseys were highlighted – but not Kaepernick’s; which has now surpassed every 49er player past or present with the exception of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. Having offered all proceeds from jersey sales to groups of his choosing, over a million dollars has been spent by Kaepernick for causes he sees fit. You know that kind of ‘KAEPONOMICS’ – flies in the face of the hypocrisy of Goodell and The Shield!


Given how this has all backfired on the League, the current head coach of the San Francisco 49ers must have his ass in one huge knot, knowing he already has a reputation for having issues with Black men possessing minds of their own in Chip Kelly. Kaepernick survived the last cuts and a possible trade to Minnesota after an injury to Vikings starter Teddy Bridgewater.


As the positive response to Colin’s gesture grows, we should never ignore the reality that Colin Kaepernick was not the ghetto kid template with a single parent which the mainstream muthafuckas love to exploit. In supposedly the whitest of upbringings and societal exposure, Kaepernick’s clarity in responding to the inequities placed in plain sight leave him making those in control very nervous; because it wasn’t supposed to come from him!


That kind of awareness of self reaches from faR beyond any ghetto, and the response to this on the weekend of 9/11 will be more denouement rather than climax.


Leaving Colin Kaepernick with but two options…


Stay Black…or die.


always outnumbered…never outgunned.




Copyright (c) 2016 Michael – Louis Ingram






















































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