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by Gary Norris Gray-BASN-Staff Reporter

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OAKLAND, CA.-Colin Kaepernick turned the United States of America upside down. He did this by not standing for the National Anthem at a pre-season game. He did it by explaining how things are not equal in the USA for people of color. He did this by citing numerous events in his impromptu locker-room press conference. He was not just popping or sounding off, He was not just ranting. He had specific points and stated them clearly.

Alarm bells rang all over white America.


Colin stated it was not about right or wrong, it was not about himself, he is standing for poor people, he is standing, sitting, now kneeling for the minority American who were not being represented, not being heard. He wanted to make America better and made points that may risk his quarterback job with the San Francisco 49ers.

Colin Kaepernick had a “Come to Jesus moment.”  Most African Americans have this moment after they have had a traumatic life experience. It is how they are defined for the rest of their lives. This event also opened the door for the discussion about the third verse of the National Anthem and is Mr. Kaepernick BLACK ENOUGH to even have this conversation?

Mr. Kaepernick had gone through the roughest year of his professional football career. He was benched, got injured early in the season and was also in contract negotiations with the San Francisco 49ers. A perfect storm.


While sitting on the bench he had time to think about all the events happening around him and to African Americans. He had time to think about the perceived injustice to him and the injustice to African Americans in this country and he had time to think what he was going to do to make it better.


Number seven risked his contract for this stance unlike Michael Jordan who has risked nothing after his basketball career. Jordan gave money to the legal arm of the (NAACP) National Association for the Advancement of Colored People- Legal Defense Fund and the International for Community – Police Relations. What risk was that? Jordan made this move after the NBA National Basketball Association moved the 2017 All Star Game out of Charlotte, North Carolina for the Anti Gay Law. The political horse was already out of the barn.

Remember Republicans wear shoes too.”

Many Americans cannot physically stand for the anthem: black, white, and disabled, but the American media did not hear the message. American media went batty because a Black man went against the system, AGAIN !!! HOW DARE YOU sit down for our national anthem. HOW DARE YOU go against white folk. The media horde went after this young BLACK man because he is standing up for minorities. Something our elected officials have failed to do the last eight years.

Colin talked about the lack of respect of minorities in this great country of ours. Lack of respect from the media, the police, and our elected officials and disabled Americans. What he was saying is that in 2016 BLACK VOICES still don’t count. Why do you think there was a strong backlash to the Black Lives Matter Movement?


It is pure HYPOCRISY when people defend their rights to fly the Confederate Flag but think sitting down during the National Anthem is an unforgivable demonstration of UN-PATRIOTISM and disunity. REALLY? Wait a minute: Is not the Confederate Flag a flag of the enemy of the United States of America? Who was defeated in that war? The CSA, you will not find the Nazi War flag anywhere in Germany nor will you find the Japanese flag with the sun rays.

washington football club bannedClevland_Indians_1.jpg

This same country has a football team with the name REDSKIN. Is that disrespecting our Native American forefathers. This country also has a baseball team with the most disgusting Native American logo on their shoulders and caps in the country, but that’s o.k.

Mr. Kaepernick did not break any laws; he did not disrespect anybody or any organization. He keeps emphasizing he wants to improve the country’s infrastructure and the countries organizations for everybody. The message gets lost with this countries vicious racism.

Colin Kaepernick also explained why he was wearing the socks which he has worn for the past eight weeks with police uniforms and pigs head on them. THAT’S OFFENSIVE!!!! Nobody noticed until the press conference. He was stating the same thing I’ve been saying on “The Gray Leopard Cove” Saturday radio show for the past five years. We are discussing socks instead of civil rights. We are talking socks instead of police misconduct. REALLY?

He wants bad police officers fired; he wants rogue police officers fired. Now imagine you entered the emergency room at any hospital in America and you are served by a bad doctor. It could mean your life or a serious injury this is the same for police officers. If you are stopped on the streets and you are a person of color, it could mean your life. THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN!!!!

The American media did not get what they wanted in the Kaepernick interview, they did not get the sound bites they wanted and tried very hard to change the story by putting words in Kaepernick’s mouth. Stating he was anti-veteran and anti police which was not true. Colin Kaepernick at each point stood by his guns and kept to all of his points.



Then Thursday September 1, 2016 The Santa Clara Police Officers Association stated that they were not going to work at 49er games at Levi’s Stadium unless Kaepernick was reprimanded and disciplined FOR FREE SPEECH.

This is the same stunt police officers tried to pull off this summer in Minnesota when the WNBA (LYNX) basketball team protested the troubles of our country with their Black Lives Matter tee shirts.

This is a direct threat to the American public safety. DID THE MEDIA INFORM THE PUBLIC ABOUT THIS DANGER? NO. These volunteer police officers, who are getting paid, did not care; they wanted to make a point to these young Black women and Colin Kaepernick.

NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT THIS THREAT TO SECURITY AND SAFETY at the Lynx basketball games or the future Niner games in Santa Clara. The question should have been asked WHY?

Saturday night September 3, 2016 some sanity returned in Santa Clara. The Santa Clara Police Chief Michael Sellers did not agree with the union and its officers and stated that he would have a discussion with them before the game at Levi’s Stadium Monday Night September 12th 2016.


Chief Michael Sellers expressed sympathy for his officers, saying Kaepernick’s “distasteful” actions have “saddened and angered” many in the law enforcement community. But he noted that what the quarterback has done is protected by the same Constitution that officers have sworn to uphold.

Now think about this these police officers who are not willing to protect Colin Kaepernick or the ladies of the Minnesota Lynx basketball team for their Freedom of Speech rights but they are willing to send extra security officers to convicted rapist Brock Turner-Stanford upon his release from Santa Clara Jail and alleged murder Dylann Roof-South Carolina-REALLY?  There is definitely something wrong with this picture.

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