Updated: September 25, 2016





By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor – in – Chief




PHILADELPHIA (BASN) When Colin Kaepernick put his knee in the dirt, little did he know how dirty things would get.



As this process continues, the most profound aspect of Kaepernick’s action was the complete disregard for why he did it in the first place. In commenting on his reasons as to why, he spoke on how countless citizens of color were being killed and mistreated by the police.



After efforts by the National Football League to discredit him failed, the ring of truth to Kaepernick’s gesture became a clarion call to action as more attention was focused on incidents of police violence nationwide.



Now the knee in the dirt has become a foot in the ass of a very hypocritical NFL, and the light they wanted shining negatively on Kaepernick has the Roaches of Shield scurrying back under the fridge…



In Charlotte, North Carolina protests have taken place in the downtown area since last Tuesday when 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott was shot and killed by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer. Video provided by Scott’s wife Rakeiya, where she says repeatedly, ‘don’t you fuckin’ shoot him!’ also reveals a gun at the site of his death by his feet. Rakeiya Scott emphatically insists her husband had no gun; so everything points to a ‘plant job’ on the part of the police. The photo of the handgun on social media forced the Charlotte PD’s hand in implying that they have a dash cam video which verifies their account, but say they will not reveal the video until their in-house investigation is complete.



North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory declared a state of emergency following the shooting – and protests since have led up to Sunday and a protest outside of Bank of America Stadium where concerned citizens took a knee in support amidst added security – as if Charlotte PD and the NFL were preparing to face the Mongol Hordes’ storming the gates – in an embarrassing display of assurance that The Cash Must Flow…







They say ‘dead men tell no tales’ – but the deaths of Scott and many other Black, Latino and poor folks must be sayin’ somethin’ significant if one of the most powerful organizations in the world has to shiver and shake at the sight of humans – demanding humanity as a priority over America’s Game…




Don’t forget with every asshole response by league connected sycophants such as Mike Ditka (by the way, Mike – all the First Nations people want you to get out of their country!) the Shield’s dents become more and more evident with every week…



Remember when those flags are furled now for the anthem, it’s Your Taxpayer Dollars at Work – it’s not a bouquet to honor America. Once you know this, you can’t take away the possibility of anything the NFL says having any level of sincerity; because if they really gave a fuck about the flag or veterans concerns, they wouldn’t charge the armed services one damn dime…



Threats have been consistent since the gambit to shame Kaepernick via the ‘flag’ backfired; now that more and more athletes, citizens who serve (and have served – a ‘veterans for Kaepernick’ hashtag has also been discovered in support) rumors to outright release him have also surfaced.



In spite of constant negative programming, talking heads chirping like parrots on crack, most everyone with eyes understands this movement is bigger than cops in Carolina; all the Shield cared about was making sure the fucking game went off without a hitch.



This is bigger than league Cam Newton’s clueless ass,Commissioner Roger Goodell and all the rest of the designer Bubbas whose tailored suits can’t hide their contempt for the majority Black workforce they control.



As the bye weeks and the International Series begins the spotlight will become worldwide – and the Shield will have no defense  for their inaction, especially when The Washington Red Niggers come over to London – and when knees hit the dirt across the water, the reason why will also resound back in the States – as the world watches.



(Editor’s Note: The Charlotte PD released the footage which did not clearly confirm that a plant was in effect; Mrs. Scott maintains her husband had no gun, and he suffered from a condition connected with sustaining a brain injury from a motorcycle accident, leaving him heavily dependent on medication. We at BASN will continue to follow this story – to see where it leads.)



always outnumbered…never outgunned.


Copyright (C)  2016 Michael – Louis Ingram all rights reserved. 





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