Brook Corner Threw in the Towel;Triple G’s Wins

Updated: September 13, 2016

There are times in which a corner makes a decision by stopping a fight in which their fighter is getting ripped but this past Saturday, I was mystified on why the fight was stopped by Brook corner.

Throughout the fifth round, Triple G’s was dominating the round as he trapped Brook on the ropes but Brook did not look in danger of going down.  I can’t speak for what the corner seen or were thinking but in a fight that Brook scored significant points over the first four rounds.  Golovkin was winning the fight and each round was competitive.

In the first round, Golovkin hurt Brook with a left hook at the minute mark that shook Brook up but by the end of round; Brook turn the table as he countered Golovkin effectively.

Throughout the second round, Brook out box Golovkin as he kept the fight in the center of the ring.  Brook did not just box and move but instead, he was willing to trade with the heavy punching Golovkin.  Throughout the third round, Brook countered Golovkin but Golovkin pushed Brook to the rope and this continued into the fourth round.  Golovkin came out in the fifth round and Brook retreated to the rope.

Golovkin punches landed but as mention before, Brook did not look ready to go but he was being nailed with big shots.  Brook, in the post-fight interviews, admitted that the swelling around his right eye did bother his vision but wanted to continue; feeling he could turn the tide.


That was the warrior speaking and no doubt he wanted to continue.  This was not Triple G’s best effort and Brook showed that Golovkin could be hit.   While Harold Lederman had the fight 3 rounds to 1 going into the fifth round; you could easily had it scored two rounds apiece. As one pundit tweeted, “The definition of a swing round. Both guys landed hard shots, but GGG’s had just a bit more on them. Can’t complain if you scored that one for Brook, however.”

Another pundit noted, “GGG very sloppy. He’s coming forward behind nothing and trying to land big power shots. They’re not coming as frequently as he’s used to and that’s causing him difficulty.”   The question is now what for the Triple G’s and for Brook.  Brook sounded like he is going to Junior Middleweight and fight at 154 pounds whereas, Triple G’s future is still up in the air as there are not rush of Middleweights willing to fight Golovkin and the big potential fight, Canelo Alvarez is not jumping to sign a contract to fight Golovkin.

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