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By Michael-Louis Ingram, Editor-in-Chief




PHILADELPHIA (BASN) Previously, on ‘Why the NFL is full of it…’



Controversy over someone’s deflated balls, slipshod refereeing, hypocrisy in dishing out penalties due to the color of the player – and selective punishments to alleged rapists, substance fiends, toxic talking heads and scandals sum up our first part – now on to Part Two – and the number five reason why the National Football League is full of it:





5. New Officiating Rules Re on-field Conduct: Now the NFL continues its hypocrisy with rules regarding penalties. Used as a trial balloon this year, a player can be ejected if they are assessed for two personal conduct flags in a game. Since this is subjective in nature, officials can punish guys in the League they already have issue with, and stifle the energy a play can generate in a big game. During the pre-season, Pittsburgh Steelers wideout Antonio Brown was almost tossed under the new guidelines; and in another game, as a Carolina Panther player scored an apparent touchdown on a return, it was called back due to ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’ – in the form of QB Cam Newton’s celebrating on the sideline as the player was scoring – get the FUCK outta here!


This is the slippery slope. Be good little Niggers and don’t ‘ack a fool’ on the guidelines; unless you’re a Green Bay Packer playing on your home field – then it’s ‘tradition’ – a referee wouldn’t dare call that shit at Lambeau Field!




Watch what you say as well. How ironic that someone might get penalized for calling someone a Nigger during the game while playing against the Washington RED NIGGERS! The team is a walking profanity; but in The Sheild’s World, the only real profanity – is not profiting off of the help. How, you might ask? Being penalized for having your socks or rib pads set right – or wearing a doo rag (oops check on that one…the league ‘legalized’ doo-rags when they realized they could make money from it; thank you Deion Sanders). To the players and fans, it may seem a mere pittance until you add that shit up. One offense like that per team per week for the minor offense – is five thousand each or $160K every week – add that up over 17 weeks and that’s a potentially nice chunk o’ change…



Meanwhile, The RED NIGGERS are supposed to sail over to the U.K. to play Jacksonville this season, in spite of already being told by government agencies there who confirm in their eyes the team’s nickname is offensive; but never let arrogance stand in the way of making money. Don’t be surprised if the Super Bowl is held there sometime within the next decade; but reach for your ‘twig n berries’ when you find out – that it might be a pay-per-view affair!


washington football club banned


4. The Continued Slander of Black QBs: Much to Roger Goodell’s chagrin, the League is getting darker – so dark, in fact, that the talent at the most important position is creeping up on these very conservative owners. Every year a Black QB prospect threatens the $tatu$ quo for first round cash, an ongoing effort to degrade and downplay his exploits begins. The situation in Philadelphia with rookie QB Carson Wentz is a perfect example. Out of Division I-AA (fuck that acronym bullshit) Wentz was drafted at #2 for Philly; and was going to be wet-nursed through his freshman year until the big trade to Minnesota in lieu of the season – ending injury to starter Teddy Bridgewater. Considered the best QB coming out of his draft class and a Top 10 pick in 2014, Bridgewater dropped to Minnesota at #30 because the League did not want another Black QB getting first money/big money a la Cam Newton. Newton, a first overall selection by the Carolina Panthers, was subjected to scrutiny beyond slanderous; led by a scumbag Nigger named Nolan Nawrocki, who chided Newton for his ‘fake smile’ and other ludicrous crap which had nothing to do with whether or not he could find a secondary receiver crossing in a Cover Three…




Other ‘reporters’ continued with similar vitriol – until Newton won Offensive Rookie of the Year and broke previous rookie QB records for yards passed and points scored. That Newton became a league Most Valuable Player last season was overshadowed with retorts of Newton being the leader of  “the worst 11-0 team ever” and so on until they finally lost and went into the playoffs – at 15-1.



This garbage continued with other Field Generals like Russell Wilson, who has won more games in his first four years than any QB in league history (including back-to-back Super Bowl appearances and one ring); Geno Smith, also rated highly, but knocked down to the second round where he likely lost double digit bonus money after being picked apart by the ‘objective’ media. Robert Griffin III, who won Offensive Rookie of the Year with Washington in 2012 before injuries and in-house politics screwed him there…oh, and let’s not forget Jameis “Crazy Crab Legs” Winston, who completed a solid rookie campaign after his intelligence was constantly questioned!



In this most recent draft along with Wentz is Dakota (Dak) Prescott, former QB at Mississippi State in the bad azz SEC; who will now become the starter after oft-injured Dallas Cowboys starter Tony Romo broke down again. To bring this back to where we started, if Prescott is playing at South Carolina State instead of Mississippi State, the first question out of these assholes’ mouths is ‘well, who did he play against?’ while no one – at least among so – called experts has come down on Wentz because he played versus lesser competition.



If Wentz played in the SEC, no one would say shit – ’cause their mouths are too busy massaging his Johnson! Prescott has, at least, the pedigree of playing the best in arguably the toughest, most pro-ready conference in indentured servitude ball, and the first thing out the naysayers’ mouths is ‘he’s an athlete.’ (translating to ‘another Nigger QB??? FUCK!’)



So guys like Wentz and the overrated Andrew Luck get the euphemism “system quarterback” (Finally, a White guy who can actually play – we hope). If you think this is a lotta crap, watch how the conversation will spin on Clemson’s QB DeShaun Watson, especially after The Muthafuckin’ Mouse put him on the cover as a target, er poster boy – for this year’s college I.S.F (hereafter referred to as ‘indentured servitude’ football). So called ‘insiders’ and noxious talking heads will continue this throughout the season and up to next year’s Draft, so the pro assholes with gleefully grab the baton.



3. Sweat Shop Blues: The NFL wants 18 games, which means two bye weeks and further issues with scheduling juggles, affected recovery times and adverse situations pertaining to Thursday night games, holidays and time zone changes. In their challenge to protect their stars by playing flag football with their most precious cargo (Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, Drew Brees, Oswiler, Bortles, Rivers) positions like running back and receiver will become further devalued; as will the standards to determine same – because the League is about selling and maintaining fantasy football worldwide. You will only be as good as your fantasy numbers say you are – and you’ll be reminded of that at every stadium as the real scores are going up!



Defense won’t matter and will likely not be talked about to a great extent until the playoffs, and any other QB not with the above bracketed names stands a stronger possibility of getting beat down to the White meat! With the rookie minimum now at $400K, the front office’s desire to save money will supersede the quality of the overall product. You can blame Eagles’ owner Jeffrey Lurie for most of this bullshit. Since he became a member of the Big Boyz Club, Lurie, using Donovan McNabb as his asset – grew the worth of his franchise from over $100 million to $2.4 billion (and ranking as the 17th most valuable sports franchise in the world) with one notion in mind: to win the Salary Cap Super Bowl at all costs. Philly always has money left over – and not because they’re looking to go to a real Super Bowl. As great a player as McNabb was (and he does deserve to go to the Hall given the way he succeeded with inferior receivers and backs save Owens and Westbrook) his number #5 was retired more in the manner of someone who had put in meritorious service and gets the gold watch on the way out the door than honoring a potential Hall of Famer…



The only reason Chip Kelly was fired was because Lurie saw hard – workin’, earn-your-damn-salary Iggle fans walk out in droves; it was those empty seats…which made him back the fuck up.



Couple this with a lousy contract agreement between the Players’ Union and management coming to completion, and the combination of poor leadership by union heads and agents who don’t seem to work very hard for their clients will bring a lot more $400K salaries. Oh some will luck up and get their big contract if they’re healthy and the timing is right, but the rigors of all the aforementioned factors may lead to too many players desiring to leave the grind once they’re vested after the four years or so. No matter what, a lot of veterans will get screwed salary-wise as their attempts to take care of their families will be dramatically affected. Learn how to ‘write your own checks’ guys…




2. Expansion, Gambling and an ‘International Football League’:  From the moment he walked in the door, Roger Goodell’s goal was to make sure the League’s vision would expand; if not immediately via franchises, by exposure. In that regard, he has succeeded. The Shield has turned into a living, breathing thing that has spread into a 365 day affair; with a calendar of events designed to ensure pigskin appetites are properly whetted – especially when there are no games to see.



This drive for expansion has led to some collateral damage. Saint Louis gets screwed because they didn’t show enough of a profit (note that every NFL team is among the 50 most valuable sports franchises in the world) and now Los Angeles is back in the mix with the Rams! While we touched on this earlier with Washington, the ultimate goal is to have a Foreign Division – and possibly the champs of both realigned conferences to play in a true world championship game…with serious money behind it.



While the Shield talks out of one side of their mouth about how they abhor gambling, the fantasy profits will put up real numbers in the NFL’s bank account; and they will stay that way until the words, ‘this week’s morning line is as follows…’ Remember they were stank rich without the second or third largest market for over a generation! Imagine any country’s second or third largest city not generating any revenue but yet the land is still prosperous – think about how much money that represents!



‘As The Pigskin Turns’ will be playing on screens in Las Vegas as their NHL expansion franchise may dictate how fast The Shield jumps in; but of course, we frown on gambling! (bwahahahahahahaaaa!)



And now, the number one reason why the National Football League…is full of it:



1. FALSE ‘FLAGS’: When you get ready to watch the NFL this week, and the huge flags fly, remember that





The Armed Services has spent beaucoup bucks on these ceremonies, and have been doing so since at least 2012 when millions were paid to the NFL! In light of the recent Kaepernick furor regarding questioning his respect for our flag and his patriotism, how the FUCK can The Shield step to that knowing the $$$ they’re raking in. It’s not like they can’t afford to show some reciprocal respect and do this one on their own dime! Trucking out that flag like it matters to you is the real disrespect! All you care about is the fucking money – no real beef, there – just stop perpetrating! This also comes in addition to information which finally boiled to the surface re the NFL 501 (c) (6) status – making them a not-for-profit entity until last year…



It’s not just football…MLB, the NBA, NHL, MLS – fuck NASCAR has spent over 100 million on the ceremonies over the time this format has existed; and Arizona senators John McCain and Jeff Flake revealed in 2015 that the Pentagon paid up to $6.8 million for the “Salute to Service” – with another $53 million in the Department of Defense budget spent on marketing and advertising campaigns between 2012 – 15! (count how many commercials for the armed services come on during a broadcast sometime).



Agents of Shield



The New York Jets were one of the first teams to get busted. According to the Huffington Post, The New Jersey National Guard paid the Jets $115K to recognize soldiers at home games; and that the biggest hypocrite$ in the NFL bunch were the Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, and yes you guessed it – the New England Patriots.



Although the season starts on Thursday, Sunday, September 11 will have significance to all Americans; but now that you know, maybe this will help you understand why we feel as strongly as we do about this madness. Roger Goodell is layin’ low for more reasons than Kaepernick jersey sales…y’know?



So remember as you may or may not be compelled to put your hand on your heart before kickoff as the flags fly, the NFL is putting theirs on their wallet…



O’er the dollars green glare.



Always outnumbered…never outgunned.


Copyright 2016 (c) Michael-Louis Ingram all rights reserved.







































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