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By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor – in – Chief




Cam Newton in January 2016 (during Super Bowl 50 Week) : 


“I’m an African-American quarterback – that may scare a lot of people because they haven’t seen nothing they can compare me to.”













Cam Newton in August 2016: 


“It’s not racism. Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion. I don’t want this to be about race, because it’s not. It’s not. Like, we’re beyond that. As a nation.”


camchurian 4




PHILADELPHIA (BASN) Buoyed by a Most Valuable Player season which rankled the sensibilities of the National Football League to such a degree that his team was at one time dubbed, ‘the worst 11-0 team ever’, by the mealy – mouthed myrmidons of media, Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton went from stud – to dud – at the speed of thought.



During Super Bowl Week, one gained the sense of a young man who was self-aware as he approached his date with destiny at Super Bowl ‘Fitty.’ He handled the droning, often idiotic questions with the proper resolve; but something funny happened on the way to the Big Game…



It is important that we peel back on this to better understand how this came to be:



Newton came highly touted after winning a junior college championship game to the University of Florida, backing up one Tim Tebow, who had pimped off of Gators’ starting QB Chris Leak in winning one national title.



Newton then transfers to Auburn after Tebow takes control, prompting a series of inquiries as to whether he did receive money to go to Mississippi State – or Auburn. Sports prognosticator Danny Sheridan said in a statement he had proof Newton had taken money from Auburn – but soon after the statement was made, disappeared…and the statement re Auburn has yet to be addressed…



Newton leads Auburn and the very underwhelming head coach Gene Chizik’s Tigers to victory in the national title game, after winning the Heisman award;



The hired guns set out to attack Newton’s character once the Combine is completed; among them a scurrilous Nigger named Nolan Nawrocki, who assaulted Newton’s character, viciously lacing into him for things not having a fuck to do with playing the position or football…if anyone thinks the NFL is a EEO zone, think again – because this muthafucka now works for the NFL! These are some very conservative cats, and no matter how talented you are, you are not guaranteed employment…



As Draft Day approaches, Panthers’ owner Jerry Richardson meets with Cam Newton – to clear up whatever notions may impede with his judgment in selecting Newton as the first overall pick. After insisting he have ‘no tattoos’ or any other potential faux pas which may annoy or anger him, the green light is given to select him with the first pick.



Newton starts for Carolina and rewrites the record book for rookie QBs in passing yardage, running touchdowns scored – and is Offensive Rookie of the Year.



After back – to – back Super Bowl appearances by Gen. Russell Wilson for Seattle (where he beats one icon in Peyton Manning and is one ill-advised bullshit call from another in Tom Brady) the League is having major problems with the rise of Wilson, Newton, Robert Griffin, Teddy Bridgewater and now Jameis Winston who come in the door – ballin’. Brady and Drew Brees are getting old, Peyton Manning is out the door, and try as they might, Andrew Luck appears average – at best…the Negroes Fail League cannot afford to have a Black man dominate at the most important position in sports…








Ironically, as Newton’s star was rising, so was Colin Kaepernick’s, for a time. Kaepernick’s performance in the playoffs where he shredded the Green Bay Packers for 181 yards rushing, leading them to a Super Bowl prompted the League to attack the option system which spawned this success. The Competition Committee via then co – chair (and current Los Angeles Rams head coach) Jeff Fisher determined it was okay to hit the quarterback after the pitch to ‘treat him like a running back’ – and cause more collateral damage; among that a launching by Green Bay Packer linebacker Clay Matthews’ attempting to deliberately injure Kaepernick during a game the following season. Matthews was fined, but only after constant viewing of the replay – when he should’ve been ejected immediately…




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Meanwhile, back at the brainwashing, Newton, after losing his ace receiver (Benjamin) to a season-ending injury, does what the assholes rooting against him don’t want him to do – making the players around him better, and leading by example. Carolina goes undefeated for 15 weeks before defeat, leading to left-handed compliments and derisive statements against his success…



In spite of this vitriol, everything points to Cam as a league MVP – but The Mouse and other media vermin look to stir the conversation elsewhere…



Newton gets Carolina to the SuperBowl, where he is defeated by Denver’s defense – in what seems like a very tentative performance. A pissed-off Newton comes to the podium afterwards with a look on his face that says, ‘these muthafuckas told me to go out and lose the dayyum game!’ While we know that probably didn’t happen, the premise of beating the outgoing Peyton Manning in a farewell scenario seemed more unlikely given his season long accomplishments…and an MVP award as some sort of panacea…



The Carolina Panthers then enlist the talents of spin doctor par excellence Frank Luntz, a GOP wonk and public relations advisor. As far back as 2014, Luntz was shaping the mindset of Newton and other players, according to a Deadspin article; Luntz is also a supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, and helped Newt Gingrinch during his ‘Contract With America’ bullshit in the 1990s. He spun the toxic straw of ‘global warming’ into gold for Newt’s coffers by referring it to ‘climate change’ – and also attempted to combat the Affordable Care Act and healthcare reform by phrasing it as “a government takeover.”



That Luntz also opposed Kaepernick’s anthem protest (not a flag protest – get it right!) on Twitter was no surprise. So Cam gets so conditioned that when Kaepernick’s actions are equated with former Panther and murder conspirator Rae Carruth, he says nothing…



Now that fault also lies at the feet of DeMaurice Smith and the Players’ Association, who also said nothing in defending Kaepernick’s character – but given the confident manner in which Newton handled his detractors prior to the August statement are indications that at the very least Newton was instructed to keep his rhetoric cool – if not ice -fuckin’ cold…While we always knew Panther ownership philosophically would steer to the right of Attila the Hun, the atmosphere in the state where the League’s MVP is currently working in was going to come into play eventually.



Ironically, Kaepernick’s statement re the national anthem came a couple weeks later, flying into the face of the bullshit regurgitated by Newton. So now it’s ‘beyond racism?’ ‘not about race’ get the FUCK outta here! Houston (and every other fuckin’ NFL city where blood has been needlessly spilled – we have a problem!)



The Newton flip/flop further emphasizes why Kaepernick scares them – this message wasn’t supposed to come from him; and although it’s fair to say Newton’s father has been, at the very least, disrespected, by the League and the NCAA, to say he wasn’t a victim of racism – would be ludicrous.



So even if Newton wanted to express a different opinion, he would likely lose his opportunity to get more free yogurt; and would be immediately declared an Enemy of the State based on the Carruth comparison; unless that resentment has now gone so deeply that it can’t be forced out with even the best of intentions!




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You don’t have to ask Cam Newton if he wouldn’t mind ‘passing the time playing a game of solitaire’ – there are already too many hands involved in his process – culminating in a seven month period where his mind was ‘snatched.’ Whether it was of his own concession or clauses in his contract or at the behest of a puppet master who aspires to be a “Negro Whisperer” (as my esteemed colleague Desi Cortez says), the difference is as stark as Black…and White – washed.



always outnumbered – never outgunned.


Copyright (c) 2016 Michael – Louis Ingram all rights reserved.
























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