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Gary Norris Gray-BASN -Staff Reporter

OAKLAND, CA.-Last weekend the American media criticized Gabby Douglas for not putting her hand over her heart when our National Anthem was being played at the Summer Games in Rio. It is very interesting that this same media gave candidate for President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, a free ride when the National Anthem was played during the Republican debates a few months ago. This has become the dialogue throughout the United States. African American have acted a certain way for white America to be accepted. Just ask Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers, ask Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors, or even Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks.

Gabby Douglas comes from a military family and was standing at attention like most soldiers are instructed to do. It was not enough, Gabby did not conform to the national norm and was criticized again. Four years ago it was her beautiful NAPPY hair. She won the Gold Medal with that hair. This year, in the the flag ceremony after the team won another Gold medal. NOT ENOUGH

Here is the dilemma for the United States, the country wants African Americans to obey all of the laws, written, and unwritten.These same rules do not apply to some other Americans and Donald J. Trump may be one of them. He can do or say almost anything without consequences.

The United States of America is headed for a collision, running into a racial, moral, and ethical dilemma if it continues to allow this kind of behavior.


THINK- President Barack Obama got elected as our leader not once but twice. This happened with undivided racial support.

THINK- The United States came out of one the worst depressions since 1929-1930.This did not happen without political and economic support.

THINK- The President has increased employment by double digits and has brought back industries from overseas.

THINK- He has lowered gas prices from $5.00 dollars to as low as $1.89.

THINK- He has doubled the GNP, fixed the housing market and stabilized America.

THINK– This President has acted with dignity,humility, and grace in the face of turmoil and grief.

THINK-  He has included the LGTB community into American society.

THINK- He have given Americans health care.

THINK- We are the greatest country in the world but we are not acting like it.


NOW THINK- We have a man running for the highest office in the land acting like the class jester. A man who can be called the class bully and demands to be heard every single day. He does not believe in political correctness, civility, or politeness. He makes outlandish statements whether they are true or false just to see how America will respond.

Mr. Trump’s attempt at a public office started two years ago at the White House dinner for President Obama.The President chided Trump about requesting the President’s birth records with the cartoon rendition of the Lion King. This seems to be the catalyst for Mr. Trump’s run for the office Barack Hussein Obama currently holds.

Mr. Trump is a businessman not a politician and it is beginning to show with his mounting mistakes.

1) He demanded the President show his birth certificate.

This was shameful and disrespectful because President Obama was the first president to have to do this. I guess color had nothing to do with this request.

2) He still insists Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim.

Mr. Trump has yet to come up with the evidence. 

3) He is a man who attacked John McCain as an American hero because McCain got captured by the North Vietnam military.

Mr. Trump does not like losers and getting captured by the enemy is a loser in this New Yorker’s eyes.

4) He wants to build a wall on the southern borders to keep immigrants out.

What Mr. Trump did not tell you was that there are an equal or greater number of Eastern European undocumented residents in the  Northeastern United States. Don’t let the facts get in the way. Will you build a wall in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Delaware? 

5) He wants Mexico to pay for that wall.

6) He wants to block all Syrian refugees from entering this country.

This is contradictory to the history of the United States that has always open its arms to people fleeing a war.

7) He wants to ban all Muslims from the United States.

This flies in the face of FREEDOM OF RELIGION. 

8) He has stated that thousands of Muslim Americans stood on the shores of my home state of New Jersey and cheered as the Twin Towers fell in New York City on September 11, 2001.

It never happened but Mr. Trump is taking a page out of the Republican playbook, If you repeat something time and time again it slowly becomes a fact.

9) A candidate who has attacked Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly who was on his side; Trump continues to belittle women.

Sexism is running amok in the Trump campaign. 

10) Calling candidates names and repeating that name until it sticks.

This is to dehumanize his opponent, another bully tactic.

11) He denies that he sent bigoted and racist tweets on social media.

Mr. Trump has fanned the flames of racial discourse with no real answers to the problems. 

12) He has pointed out many times at his rallies, “There is my African American friend”.

Is he trying to convince Americans that he has Black friends?

13) He claims lack of knowledge of the political and social leanings of the Klu Klux Klan and David Duke. refusing to deny their political support.

Mr. Trump’s family is of German decent so he should know racism by a government power.

14) He has allowed the Confederate Flag to fly at his rallies.

This flag represents pain and suffering to many people in the United States and out of respect should not be flown at any public place.

15) He has permitted physical conflict inside and outside of his rallies.

Mr. Trump’s own words have caused some of the turmoil at his rallies. An African American was sucker-punched at a rally in North Carolina. Mr. Trump’s response was “I’ll pay for all of the legal fees,” “don’t worry.” So in fact he was inciting violence. He is telling his followers to punch opponents in the face.  (WWE)- World Wrestling Entertainment hitting the political campaign.  

16) He mocked a well known disabled reporter from the New York Times.

This is clearly a bully tactic to demean people who are having a tough time just living their lives.

17) He attacked a Latino-Hispanic judge who was hearing Trump’s lawsuit against his university.

This was a racist act and Mr. Trump should be called on it. He called Judge Gonzalo Curiel “a hater.” He labeled the Indiana-born jurist a “Mexican,” once again proving an ability to offend and prevaricate simultaneously.

18) He asked a foreign power to commit espionage on his political opponent.

This could be called treason but Mr. Trump finds a way to wiggle out of trouble time and time again. 

19) He attacked a Muslim-American family that had lost their only son in the Iraq War.

This is one of the most disgusting events this man has done this year. This crossed the line and Mr. Trump needs to apologize to this honored family.

20) He has yet to release his tax forms.

Guess it takes a year to get audited or are you hiding something Mr. Trump?

21) He stated a veiled assassination threat against Hillary Clinton using the Second Amendment as cover.

Be very careful Mr. Trump because this could be a federal offense threatening a government official.

22) He claimed that The President and Ms. Clinton are the co-founders of ISIS-The Iraqi-Syrian-Islamic State.

Guess Mr. Trump forgot about the two Bush Administrations and the fact that the United States would not be there if it were not for these two presidents.

23) He mocks the American people’s intelligence by stating they don’t understand him.

Mr. Trump underestimates the intelligence of the American people.

 Now, think really hard how many minorities would be permitted to act like this?

P.S. Mr. Trump continued the bullying on the weekend of August 12-14 with the issue of cheating and voting in the state of Pennsylvania.

“The only way we can lose in my opinion, I really mean this seriously, Pennsylvania. As if cheating going on, I really believe it, because I looked at Erie and it was the same thing as this, and I’ve been all over the state and I know the state well, but let me tell you, I looked all over Pennsylvania and I’m studying it and we have some great people here some great leaders of the Republican Party and they are very concerned about that, and that’s the way we can lose the state. We have to call up law enforcement we have to have the sheriffs and police chiefs and everybody watching because if we get cheated out of this election, if we get cheated out of a victory in Pennsylvania which is such a vital state especially when I know whats going on here folks, she can’t beat what’s happening here folks. The only way they can beat it in my opinion and I mean this 100 percent as if certain sections of the state, they cheat, O.K.”       

Donald J. Trump must have forgotten about the problem in the state of Florida in the election of 2000. Guess he is trying to stay ahead of the curve.

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network, Disabled Community Activist. Email at

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