Robert Griffin, a quarterback who was supposedly once lost, is now found, allegedly once dead . . . now lives.

Updated: August 14, 2016

Robert Griffin, a quarterback who was supposedly once lost,  is now found, allegedly once dead . . . now lives.

How has this pig-skinned Lazarus risen from the dead? Well, it’s a simple as Griffin was traded from the Washington Savages (why not, might as well be) to the Cleveland Browns, a franchise manned-by Black alpha-males (not that it matters in Donald Trump’s America, right?)  from the top to the bottom. Starting with Hue Jackson as head coach, for he’s been Black man-listed for years,  this shot  is overdue for Jackson, while RGIII was branded “arrogant” because he dared to “look “ Mr. Shanahan square in the eyes.” He was not suppose to get another shot – i.e.,  Vince Young. Same goes with Terrelle Pryor, after tarnishing a gridiron genius at Ohio State and struggling in Oaktown when it was lead by . . . who? TP was suppose to be out of the NFL   Throw in Bob Marley disciple Josh Gordon and even Jim Brown – the Old school ebony alpha-male who along with Ali, Jabbar, Arthur Ashe  symbolized “Black Power.”  This combination of elements just just “rubs” a lot of sportsfans the wrong-way.

In the sportsworld of America – this collection of African Americans  matters, greatly. Behind closed doors this team is referred to as the “Cleveland Blacks” because their front office, head coach and both coordinators, “O” and “D” and the stars on the field are Black men.

Think if Hue can win while Lebron is king . . . ?

I submit this landscape was critical in both Robert and his father’s calculations, now you know what in the hell I’m talkin’ ‘bout. Hue Jackson, being a QB guru . . . and being a man who looked like Robert’s father “mattered” after what he experienced with Mike Shanahan and Jay Gruden. Yes being Black matters in the White man’s country. Vincent Young would still be in the league had he played for Dungy, Lovie Smith or Hue Jackson. If not for Ron Rivera, Cam might be on the bench, playing behind Derek Anderson. Look at Kaepernick in San Fran, it’s like he didn’t get to the big dance, he’s playing for a head coach who’s been pointed out as prefering his negroes to be more Joe Louis/Tim Duncan then Ali/Dion. He likes moderate, docile, obedient boys

Sorry, I know the NFL and ESPN don’t want to talk about it, but that’s the burning-bush truth.

It’s my calculated conclusion Robert Griffin was recklessly, yet strategically and deliberately “placed in harm’s way” by the aging genius Mike Shanahan. Shanny kept this kid in the game like you run an injured  thoroughbred race-horse until it collapses and dies , and later the same was done by Jay Gruden, the brother of another “boy wonder” genius, Jon Gruden.

Sideline conversation;  I beg to differ about the designation of “genius” when discussing White coaches in the NFL, I believe the term is carelessly tossed-around by sportswriters and fans who’re desperately in-search-of “great White hopes” to elevate to superstar status.

Who’s to believe Shanahan didn’t  want to “keep White” one of the most hotly contested positions in American culture, an alpha-male slot historically “reserved-for” White men only. Am I lying boss?  Perhaps Mike wasn’t was “open-to” nor “in favor-of” RGIII becoming the franchise Field General/face of the NFL, didn’t want to facilitate the “Blackening” of the illustrious golden-boy slot. After Mike drafted his own mini-me QB in Captain Kirk Cousins, I find it hard to believe he was going to provide Griffin a fair shot.

Why I believe Shanny is “suspect? Shanahan, whose daughter was a college roommate of one of former President George W. Bush’s daughters . . .   has recently come forward and lent his name and resources to Donald Trump’s efforts to “Make America White Again.”  What that support clearly screams is Shanny is not uncomfortable aligning himself with a man endorsed and backed by the modern KKK, yesteryears Grand Poohbah, David Duke and today’s American Nazi Party – yes, that’s who Shanny has aligned himself with.

That screams volumes,  those old World Book Encyclopedia volumes.

I can only hope he never coaches again in the NFL, as I too hope Rex Ryan is held accountable for backing Trump. Ryan may not be a innocent “Negro Whisperer,” he may be a pimp.

An unbiased assessment of the overtly negative RGIII narrative – the supposed context of Robert’s 3 years in the NFL is relevant – because upon examination it drags into question the negative, condescending, patronizing verbiage used to “set the tone” and describe the “setting” Robert found himself in by the end of the 2014/15 season – deemed unsuitable to suit-up for the Washington Redskins games by Gruden. Supposedly Griffin was , of course too dumb to understand the playbook, too-full of himself, yet  too-cocky and arrogant, too-busy with outside projects to focus on the mental aspect of football.

I’d suggest RGIII was also too-busy marrying a well-bred society girl from Boulder Colorado, inviting, i.e., rubbing in the face of his White coaches and teammates that he was their peer, equal to them. Robert was too “uppity” for many.

Back in the 1970’s and 80’s. when White guys had more absolute power and control . . . say I’m lying –  he might have been released from the squad for such “uppity behavior.” And since Donald Trump has come on the political scene we know most White men in America want to return to the good ol days of the 1940’s when Black men would be strung-up for looking at a White women. Hell Robert couldn’t be a Quarterback and he surely couldn’t have married the little red hair girl. Such audacities inflamed and enraged White men across America. I bet it disgusted Donald Trump and Mike Shanahan.

Griffin, like all, and I do mean all – I didn’t stutter nor did my e-pen splutter – each and every Black NFL Signal Caller has been slighted and vilified by the WASP reactions and treatment.  Robert is a genuine, authentic Boy Scout, a good kid, a well-traveled, well-educated military brat – both parents Sergeants.  done with college in 4 years and seeking a Master’s Degree, intelligent, well traveled and yes”well-spoken”, intelligent, and I’d suggest too-well spoken, too-bright for many of his  White coaches, as well some of  his Black teammates who’ve accepted the “dumb-gangster jock” label the game and White society brands them as.

White man please!

Russell Wilson deals with the same “you ain’t Black enough,” from elements of  both racial groups for those small, simple-minded folks who’ve embraced the gutter-low expectations set for Black folks by White America.

Look, the actual  reason Wilson isn’t being given the accolades and respect he’s more than earned by defying and demolishing the gutter-low expectations all the experts prescribed for him coming out of college and minor league baseball is “race.” In a nation as racially divided as the US undeniably remains today,  for sports fans and writers to pretend “race” isn’t an significant element in this sports bar, backyard bar-b-que debate is beyond  ridiculous and insulting.

“The Black Quarterback” is as volatile a topic as the “Black President,” the “Black boss,” the “Black brother-in-law . . .” but White men seemingly don’t have the internal yearning for the truth to be told, or ability to state the obvious. It’s no secret Black men weren’t allowed/permitted, in a parental type manner to play the field general position – because the White boy’s fear was we’d dominant and redefine the last  position he still dominantes  –  just as we’ve redefined the RB/.DB//WR positions . . . NBA/Boxing . . . beyond the capabilities of most White athletes, no? Ain’t nobody Black stopping White ballers from playing these ball-handling positions in the NFL – they simply cant. While the “quarterback” position  has been “fenced-off” for Black players. Am I lying? One doesn’t have to be a nuclear psychologist or a racist  to grasp the simplicity of this complicated issue. If Black men were “allowed to play” White guys couldn’t have pretended to be Alpha-Males who get the glitter, gleam and girls,  White girls.

Wilson’s gridiron accomplishments in his first 4 years are . . . mind-blowing – and to allege he’s in the identical peer-group as Falco, Stratton, “Matty Ice” . . . please, please . . . please! I’d submit the NFL fanbase is dominated by White cavemen who’re backing Donald Trump – who’s yes, one more time, just for effect –  backed by the KKK, the Nazis and David Duke – and your local police . . . . If you can minimize, rationalize,  justify and accept Trump’s connection to White supremacy . . . then to most Americans of color – you’re a certified, official racist – incapable of judging a human by their content as opposed-to their skin color.  The White NFL fan base is not littered or peppered-with, but rather predominated with Trump supporters, their objective opinions are painted n’ tainted with racism

Don’t piss down my back and then try to tell me it’s raining boys.

Wilson is Roger Staubach “dipped in chocolate” – it’s clear he’s a new, improved, more anal, athletically blessed version of Roger. He loves baby Jesus just as much, while RGIII is a highly intelligent alpha-male who has the skills and tools to one-day land in Canton, however our sports world can’t anoint them because of the distaste, envy and anger White men hold for Blacks. Black folks are guilty and inept until they prove to most white folks otherwise, ain’t that a bitch?

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    August 14, 2016 at 3:45 pm

    on time as usual – desi – nice work!

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