Thank You Colin Kaepernick, Much, If Not Most Of Black America Thanks You.

Updated: August 29, 2016

Thank you Colin Kaepernick, much if not most of Black America thanks you,  it takes a “man’s man” not willing to pacify, placate and make-comfortable White folks. It takes courage to take the Tommie Smith/John Carlos stand you’ve just taken, stay strong son for these SOB’s are mounting-up to come after you . . . they want to lynch you, metaphorically and physically –  seriously.

What White America regards as Kaepernick’s audacious, bodacious arrogance, i.e., his “uppityness” derives from this question “enlightened” Black folks ponder on a regular basis;   ”How do I feel about my country . . ? And, deeper yet, how does my country feel about me . . .?  It seems White America demands Black people to respect and revere a country . . . which has never given a damn about us, and certainly doesn’t today. If George W. Bush didn’t “like” Black folks, I’d say Trumps . . . and his nation-wide “klan” hate us.

Kaepernick’s NFL career, not merely his position with the San Francisco Forty-Niners is in jeopardy because he dared to “not” stand for the playing of the so-called, alleged “United States” of America’s National Anthem. Translation; he’s not grateful or thankful for his life, his riches and wealth afforded him because he dwells in the USA. What Kap’s not lost site of, despite his accomplishments and riches  he’s, like Black Presidents and astronauts . . .  still a Nigger in the eyes of most White folks, and but a random  incident away from being just another “dead nigger.”

The “Constitutional ” utopian belief is; Colin has that right, as an American to not stand. Now what we don’t seem to grasp is, as a Black American . . . he’s not really an American, so he doesn’t posses the innate, inherent ”right” to not stand. Matter-of-factly, as a Black man he’d better stand. See according to “patriotic” Americans, “real” Americans . . . Neo-Confederates –  mostly and vastly White people they summize, as Black folks we’re just plain  lucky, blessed and privileged they “let” us  still dwell in this, their America.

The United States Of White People.

Never forget, as far as most White folks are concerned, we’re just “the help” who won’t leave, not legit US citizens.

Alas Blacks could’ve been shipped-back to deepest, darkest, blackest Africa, chasing our dinner, our dinner chasing us – if not for the decency and big heartedness of White folks, who dig this, let us stay after our African chiefs made slave traders drag us to America in chains . . . . In the small mind’s of 21st century Confederates Kaepernick is lucky White men let him play the game, and specifically the Quarterback position, because White men have struggled, mightily so, to keep their fake, artificial stranglehold on one of American culture’s alpha-male position.

Gee, I’d argue Black Americans more-than-earned and deserve complete citizenship, along with the Right to object to what Ol’ Glory symbolizes and embodies; just as American Indians, Latino-Americans and Asian Americans have the same right. Black folks paid with our lives for that distinction because we laid the foundation and cornerstones of this empire – not hillbillies nor Rednecks. Yeah, believe it –  Black people, our blood, sweat n’ tears for roughly 300 years built this empire, we did all the “heavy-lifting” and got our “hands dirty,” and  don’t get it twisted any other way Bubba. Outside of being the backbone of the US infrastructure we defended this nation in every conflict, hell we saved Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders asses at San Juan Hill, we were instrumental, pivotal and key in Patton’s success during WWII’s critical “Battle of the Bulge,” while Tuskegee Airman played a pivotal role Bombers to Hitler’s house in 1945, if anyone paid a price in Vietnam it wasn’t Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Clinton, Big George W. or little Dick  Cheney, it was Black men out of the ghetto – it’s well-documented.  Once again – don’t get it twisted Ricky Bobby – we  always show up, big time, like we do in all human endeavors.

Let’s get down to both the “nitty n’ the gritty” of what the US flag stands for . . . and has stood for and why it’s logical for any American of Color to be conflicted in why we should show “blind” patriotism towards a symbol for White oppression and repression; Betsy Ross’s nifty needlework flew over this nation as Colonialist and imperialist cast as explorers, pioneers and settlers pimped n’ exploited everything in their path – from Comanches to buffaloes to giant sequoias trees. This flag sanctioned the Trail of Tears and “No Dogs/No Mexicans signs,” Indian reservations, broken Indian treaties and WWII Japanese interment camps and “operation WetBack.”

Hell, this flag flew over Sin-City casinos where Lena Horn, Pearl Bailey and Sammie Davis  could perform, but not consume a meal nor sleep in,  and it flew over coliseums and arenas  enforcing “American-apartheid” within the nation’s major pastimes – sports, and still today the stars n’ stripes  embody and defend  a litany of ills n’ woes from racial profiling, real estate redlining and police brutality on down the list.

“Indivisible with liberty and justice for all” – gimme-a-blinking break! Who, tell me “who” buys into such frontier gibberish but the investor/privileged class of Trump’s White males?!

How can Trump’s America demand  we bow n’ salute a symbol which represented so-very  many conflicting pieces of history? A country where today the “American Dream” is attainable for most Americans-of-color only if they can navigate their way through a white-male-made/tactically -laid-out minefield of obstacles.

Let’s cease with the cold-ass facts; Most of we Black folks have figured-out our complex, seemingly permanent predicament – lifelong 3rd-class citizenship. Our sons and daughters can done the military uniforms of this country, be asked to defend this nation’s sacred flag,  to serve as sacrificial pawns in all-around the world as the elitist ceased work to expand the empire’s domaine. However our country doesn’t want those same kids to socialize in suburban shopping malls. Of course Black folks can die for Wall Street’s decadent desire to monopolize all the world’s assets and resources, but we can’t buy a beer in trendy regenerated down-towns.

Ain’t it funky now?

I’d speculate most, not all but the sweeping majority of the folks losing their minds over Colin not standing for the anthem . . . i.e., those enraged to the point they’re burning Kaepernick’s jersey are White folks who’re supporting Trump;  White folks who don’t want to live in a diverse America where they are no longer the numerical majority, yet they want to keep America as a White nation . . . All which separates these racist bastards from the folks who firebombed freedom buses and blew-up churches . . .  is the queen-size white sheets they cleverly refuse to done.

America . . .  this land is your land, this land is my land  . . . . Please!

For in truth we really aren’t wanted at country clubs like Augusta, corporate boardrooms in the Silicon Valley nor sitting-on school boards in White flight over-stuffed suburbs  . . . predictably Trump’s troops would like to re-segregate America. The half-ass token/symbolic diversity we see mask the shortcomings and failures of an half-hearted attempt to adhere to what the US Flag supposedly stands for – is because equality and inclusion are alien concepts which contradict the Republican Tea Party’s version of the American way of life.

Young Mr Kaepernick, don’y let these SOBs turn-you a’round son.

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  1. michael ingram

    August 29, 2016 at 12:25 pm

    on time as usual, brother!

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