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THE EVIL WIZARD (part one of two)

By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor-in-Chief



“When a crime goes unpunished, the world is unbalanced; when a wrong is un-avenged, the heavens look down on us with shame.”


– Hiroyuki Sanada,  from the film “47 Ronin.” 




WASHINGTON, D.C. (BASN): For sports fans, the epitome of their angst lies with the present-day delivery of information. The talking heads, columnists and hired guns utilized by the severely compromised mainstream media have no problem loading and re-loading with both barrels when it comes to assaulting Black athletes. For decades The Muthafuckin’ Mouse (ESPN) has made this part of their game plan during their morning and prime-time programming.



When transgressions are revealed regarding certain Black athletes, every effort is made to vilify and demean with the intent to spread this as a blanket indictment of every Black athlete. With the endorsement of upper management, no feelings are spared in admonishing them to be “better role models” while trivializing or flat – out dismissing similar acts by White ones!



Now this has been no secret; but what happens when the pot calls the kettle Black? Too many media misanthropes have done their dirt on The Down Low; protected by ethnic privilege, or worse, the same upper management which doesn’t want any more shit storms brewing on their horizons. They give free reign to release their resentment in how they hate the money they make; but will kiss their asses to get that scoop – no matter how repulsed they are!



The self-righteous bastards at The Mouse have had some of their dirt exposed; the problem, however isn’t the dirt being exposed; it’s controlling how much it gets out which makes the difference. The Michael Vick dog fighting incident was a classic example of an issue that will never die because mainstream media won’t let it. No matter how Latrell Spreewell spends the rest of his life, he’ll always be brought up as the guy who hit his coach (P.J. Carlesimo); but Matt Jones will never be known as the guy who was caught doing cocaine yet did not spend one day in jail due to his skin color.



Former Los Angeles Kings forward Jarrett Stoll will never be known as the asshole who was busted for felony cocaine and ecstasy possession crossing the U.S. /Canadian border because they were too busy working to reduce the charge almost immediately – and The Mouse was too busy avoiding bringing it up. Barry Melrose was too busy doing his hair to mention it during their very limited hockey segments. Brett Favre can walk around trolling for trim from a massage therapist with his cock out, but that was never mentioned on any NFL show!



My point is if Stoll were a Black player, you would’ve never heard the end of it because The Mouse (and other media turds) would be sure to remind you.



Ben Roethlisberger and his ‘alleged’ rape attempts? Say no more. The smug look on his face when he faced the cameras at the Park Avenue offices of the NFL said everything needed to be said. Were he Black and a married man, they would bring this up every chance they get. Forget that – if he were Black, they wouldn’t let him back in the League…



So with all the CYA in effect for certain athletes, what happens to someone who works for a sports franchise? Not as a player, but as an employee? Not for a crime like a traffic ticket or failing to pay taxes – but murder.



To first speak on a crime according to the law, one has to acknowledge that a crime was committed. The deceased, in this case has no one to speak for him…because he is only 18 months old.



Michaelangelo Anthony Heidenberg is no longer on this plane due to an unspeakable act. What crime, you say? Let’s just say no one has ever uttered the statement, “negligence…most foul.”


“I’m not with this”


(for Angelo)


born an angel

died without my wings

because murder is one of those

transient things


that leave me in Limbo

all smothered in silence

soul is mangled as it’s poisoned by violence


can’t hear any protest

unable to see

where is the justice

to speak up for me?


you weren’t man enough

to make your case

of how it started

so you beat her up in several states before she parted;


you don’t have to try to piss on me

then tell me it’s rainin’

didn’t have to go and diss on me

avoid what I’m sayin’


but you had to play a different card

and I am a witness

but you had to go and make this hard

and I am not with this…



Karma never leaves her work undone

she clears the slate for daughter and son

no dining on mince – or slices of quince

she has come for the soul of this dear little Prince


you can’t be beatin’ on my mama

and then calling it love

because a kiss ain’t a punch

and a hug ain’t a shove


so while you’re all in a bind

playin’ out of your mind

I’m gonna see it all unfold

once on Angel Grind;


I will reveal all the facts for what they’re worth

’cause when a child has to die

it is Hell on Earth

and as I wait for results


I sit alone in this room

and my fate will dictate

on shedding light

from my tomb


four adults with no results

as I drown in a pool

but a sense of ‘negligence’

do you think me a fool? 


yeah you had to play a different card

and I am a witness;

well you had to go and make this hard

and I am not with this…




A current employee for the Washington Wizards is responsible for this, but The Mouse and mainstream media will never squeal on him…unless they have no other alternative.



Michaelangelo Anthony Heidenberg will not rest in peace…until the whole story comes out.


In our final installment, we reveal the rest of the story.


to be continued…




always outnumbered…never outgunned.


Copyright (C) 2016 Michael – Louis Ingram all rights reserved.












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