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OAKLAND, CA.- Apparently the 4 letter word network had a hearing loss last week when ESPN reporter Stephen A. Smith attacked Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder Center who opted out of his contract to go to the Golden State Warriors this fall.

It is very interesting when an owner trades for a super team, nobody complains, but when a player exercises his free agent rights and moves to super team, all hell breaks loose. Remember Shaq going to Lakers, remember Wilt Chamberlain leaving the Sixers to play for the Los Angeles Lakers, Rodman going to Bulls. Remember what the Boston Celtics accomplished with Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett and lest we forget LeBron James going to Miami from Cleveland winning two championships.  JUST PART OF THE GAME, get it while you can because once you get old it is over.

 Stephen A. Smith bashed Kevin Durant for being “weak” in joining the back-to-back Western Conference Champion Golden State Warriors, rather than continue to seek a NBA Title with the Oklahoma City Thunder; Screaming A. Smith followed what has become a pattern of this sports network, attacking Black athletes.

 Two years earlier Mr. Smith stated that “He would destroy Kevin Durant” because Durant defied the great Stephan A. Smith by not giving him the information for his show. Smith stated that he would dig up old dirt that would destroy Mr. Durant’s basketball career. Mr. Smith appears to be doing just that by attacking number 35.

This is not reporting. this is grandstanding, and this is truly black on black crime.

RESIZEDnew warriors


1. What gives you (Mr. Smith) the right to threaten a young man who just plays basketball?

2. Mr. Smith’s  job is to report the sporting news not make the news.

3.  You should know better because you are the older and wiser one.

4.  Mr. Smith , YOU are the adult in the room, please act like it.

 In his latest rant Mr. Smith stated that he does not have a problem with Durant leaving OKC. Smith just did not like that Durant selected the star-studded Golden State Warriors to be his next team.



Another ESPN Reporter Jamele Hill called Durant not gangster enough because of the bland style of dress, the correct and polite manner of speech, not getting into the usual (athlete) trouble and last being a mama’s boy with a back pack and glasses.


TNT reporter Charles Barkley stated later in the week that he was disappointed in Durant’s choice and that Kevin is trying to cheat his way to a championship…  Barkley stated that Durant should have stayed with the Thunder and win a championship.

Maybe Sir Charles forgot that he did exactly the same thing chasing a championship in his later years leaving the Phoenix Suns for the Houston Rockets in 1996.

 ESPN has tried to saddle Kevin Durant with the SLIM REAPER name which he did not like. The 4 letter word network tried again with TARANTULA, Durant did not like that either. Why can’t ESPN just call him by his name Kevin Durant? Why does the Sports media feel like it is their duty to give star athletes nicknames? Can we all sing RESPECT?


 In 1994 the Sports leader changed when The New York Knicks were played the Houston Rockets for the NBA Championship. On the west coast police were in a slow speed chase down the Pacific Coast Highway following a Ford white Bronco. In the vehicle was Orenthal James “OJ” Simpson accused of killing his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. A new niche was found and the public loved it, demonizing rich Black talented athletes.

 ESPN which means the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network did not care what happened to the Black Athlete after their stories were aired. This is the legacy of ESPN, THE SPORTS NETWORK.


 I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I’m a human being, first and foremost, and as such I’m for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole. —Malcolm X





—In 2013 apparently the 4 letter word network got the message; maybe they were listening to BASN because this past week there was significant change in their reporting. The Sports Network changed its tone, the character assassinations ceased. The political, racial, and social spin stopped. The Network started talking about basketball the way it is supposed to be played with X’s and O’s, no nonsense.

The sports network started explaining what LeBron James and Dwyane Wade needed to do on the floor to assist their team win. They made it clear to the viewer how the big three (Wade, Chris Bosh, and James) have finally come together as a team.

They told viewers about the Heat offense against the Thunder defense and what needed to be changed. How Russell Westbrook’s deep penetrating drives to the basket changed the Heat defense. How LeBron James posting up gives the Thunder front line trouble. Creating problems for the Oklahoma City defense with fourth quarter fouls. This is what basketball fans want.

Likewise, the network did an in-depth investigation on how the Oklahoma City Thunder could beat the Miami Heat with their two big stars Durant and Westbrook. No spin doctors here, just fact and opinions. The way it’s supposed to be.

Explaining to viewers which team had the better bench and which coach changed their philosophies in the middle of a contest to win the game. Fans don’t care about the 4 letter word network’s political affiliation, gender, or race.

As Brother Malcolm X stated many times, give me the facts.

The 4 letter word network started discussing which player on the bench who could change the series in the Heat or Thunder’s favor and which player hurt their respective teams.

Next question, why can’t ESPN maintain this kind of professionalism at all times? It sounds better, it looks better, and it cannot be attacked for slanting the information.

This network returned to its hole in the wall to eat the cheese becoming “The Mouse”, or “The Rat;” returning to their old status quo of reporting slander, slamming prominent African American athletes.The events of 2013 shows the sports community that the world wide leader can be a real sports network when it tries. However with the actions of Stephen A. Smith against Kevin Durant, ESPN is back to its old dirty tricks and this is why (BASN) calls them THE RAT or THE MOUSE.

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  1. Janien

    July 12, 2016 at 7:49 pm

    Hi Gary,

    Long time no talk to!! Thank you for adding me on FaceBook. (Nvy Blu)

    I COMPLETELY agree with you! In fact I posted numerous comments under videos on conveying the same sentiments. I believe Stephen A. (and others) needs to work our his own issues and realize that KD is a grown-ass-man that has the right to live HIS life the way he wants to. Going to a team that beat you to grow both professionally and personally in not weak, it shrewd and intelligent. I’ve lost some respect for Stephen A. and am looking forward to the 2017 season because this off-season has been lit with a lot of changes!



    • Gary Norris Gray

      July 12, 2016 at 9:01 pm

      Ms. Harrison,
      thank you for reading the article
      I have more in store for ESPN and Mr. Smith

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