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Gary Norris Gray:- BASN Staff Reporter


 ESPN has earned this new name Easily Steals and Produces News

OAKLAND, CA.-  It is very sad to see the changes in television sports network programming and the way they currently report the sporting news; our specific reference to ESPN. The administration cannot decide whether they want to be entertainment or a sports news network.

 The Sports Leader is struggling with their identity,  firing many of their broadcasters. Screaming A. Smith, sorry I mean Stephen A Smith is one of the last ones left from the old régime of the 1990-2000’s. We here at BASN-Black Athletes Sports Network do not rely on slick works and racial spin to make our point. 


Four years ago Trent Dilfer and the other ESPN reporters have been listening to The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, Sports Talk-WCLM 1450 Richmond Virginia and The Batchelor Sports Padcast.

Trent Dilfer correctly identified Wilson for the first time on ESPN as “The Field General.” However, Wilson had already been appointed that title over the past three years by BASN and its related journalists.

Brother Michael Louis Ingram-”Soul Tree Radio In The Raw”, could see the talent of number three, four years ago . He coined the phrase THE FIELD GENERAL because of the way Wilson could lead his team down the field like a military field officer . Mr. Ingram could see how Wilson motivated his team with positive words in the huddle and created positive plays on the football field. Wilson made the impossible, possible. Brother Anthony McClean on “The Batchelor Pad Show” on picked up the term FIELD GENERAL on his internet show and has used it ever since. Brother Gary Norris Gray in his weekly BASN NFL Black Quarterback Report and his internet show “The Gray Leopard Cove”, used this term three years ago.

THEGLC_250x250SOULTREE-RADIO-RESIZEDthe_batchelor_pad_award RESIZED

We at BASN know that other sports networks have been listening and reading material from our web sites and our internet radio shows and we are delighted. We hear these words that have been spoken days, weeks, months, or years before on BASN and then repeated on other networks without acknowledgment to the source. But now it’s time to give credit where credit is due.

Many people say it’s a form of flattery when another network uses your informational material. Others state it is a form of stealing or a backhanded compliment. Either way inform the public where you got the information, with an acknowledgment statement at the beginning or end of your show.

The Murinae (ESPN) has used BASN for information from time to time in the past seven years without giving any references. Sports fans love to hear analysis of the game when the battle has ended, but to outright steal information is unconscionable. Some say it is just the new way of doing media business.

ESPN crossed the line with football when broadcaster Trent Dilfer, discussed the details of the Seahawk- Packer playoff game and then called Seattle Seahawk quarterback Russell Wilson, ‘The Field General’, not once, but twice. WHERE DID HE GET THAT?

As a starting quarterback, Russell Wilson has had 34 wins and 21 home victories in the first three seasons, the most in the Super Bowl Era 1966-2013. He passed Pro Football Hall of Famer Miami Dolphin quarterback DAN MARINO (33) and Atlanta Falcon quarterback MATT RYAN (33) in wins and Ryan (20) in home victories. He is not a “game manager;” he is the best quarterback in the game and was poised to get another Super Bowl ring!!


Of General Wilson’s 12 losses, only one (30-21) to San Diego was by more than one score, three years ago.  General Wilson is the embodiment of the other great Black quarterback’s Doug Williams, Chuck Ealey, Bobby Layne, Eldridge Dickey, Warren Moon, and Damon Allen. He is the shining star for young Black quarterbacks to follow, such as Teddy Bridgewater-Minnesota Vikings, Colin Kaepernick-San Francisco 49ers, Tyrod Taylor-Buffalo Bills, Cam Newton-Carolina Panthers, Geno Smith-New York Jets and Robert Griffin III-Washington Football Club- Now with the Cleveland Browns . When Field General Russell Wilson loses it is only because the Seahawks run out of time. The Green Bay Packers can attest to that with last week’s 28-22 Seattle overtime conference playoff victory.

All of the reporters at THE MOUSE have called Russell Wilson a field manager who was too short; that Wilson could not throw the ball over defenders; that Wilson could not run fast enough to carry an offense to victory. ESPN and the NFL will not reward African American quarterbacks nor will they say anything positive unless they are cornered. The General has put both the NFL and ESPN in that proverbial corner.

Mr. Russell Wilson defied the odds and guided the Seattle Seahawks to one Super Bowl and played in another one.


So it’s time to keep it real. We at (BASN) coined the term “THE FIELD GENERAL” and ESPN should recognize and give the men of BASN credit or find another term to describe this wonderful, intelligent, talented Russell Wilson, quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks. The Rat, The Rodent went back to calling him a game manager. Oh…Russell Wilson went to BACK to BACK Super Bowls. That designation might not fit anymore. He is The FIELD GENERAL. ESPN knows it; BASN said it; Wilson has proven it.

As my late God-Mother Sue Gibson Johnson Robinson would stated many times ” KILL THE GHOST” Number three Russell Wilson is doing just that.

BASN_logo_13.jpgThe so called Sports Leader, ESPN, The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network employs over 1,000 people. They employ editors, researchers, and copy editors. This Sports Leader is on 24/7. Yet they find time to steal information from other networks and broadcasters and then claim it to be their own. In the past 15 years the internet has become the Wild, Wild, West for information where everybody discards the rules of writing and broadcasting. It is a dog eat dog world and the big dog  bullies the little one for sports information. ESPN or shall we say the BIG MURINAE-(rat) is the giant of sports news . It is 2016 and that BIG RAT is eating everything in sight and it is producing little babies that look like mama rat.

(BASN) Black Athletes Sports Network employs 10-15 individuals who do all of the research, edit, and copy. BASN access to athletes could be described as very limited and that is by design from the BIG MURINAE, yet we get the story right 95% of the time. BASN does not slant, defame, distort the sporting event, nor do we hound the athletes. We are not here to get television or receive radio ratings; we are here to get the story correct without filters, without political or racial agendas.

This time the Sports Leader (ESPN) went too far and crossed the ethical line, crossed the line with deceitful broadcasting which is nothing new for  Bristol, Connecticut. Ethics have been thrown out the window. Four years ago this network squashed the Ben Roethlisberger story when it should have been the lead story on Sports Center. This network has comforted and abetted Tom Brady and The New England Patriots.

Goodell Kraft Iger  Disney CEO ESPN resized

This is how business is done: ESPN owner Disney CEO Robert Iger (right) meets with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (left) and Patriots owner Robert Kraft -CENTER.” 

The Murinae continues to trash African American athletes every chance they get. Football players seem to be their favorite target, Black quarterbacks to be specific, Black basketball stars second with baseball and hockey stars last, mainly because there are not enough of them. This is the Modus Operandi and ESPN needs to be called out.

Brother Michael Louis Ingram and Brother Gary Norris Gray substituted for the regular host on Sports Talk on WCLM 1450 am radio Richmond, Virginia. We have done this for the past four years thanks to General Manager and owner Preston Brown and Sports Talk host Reggie “Cowboy” Walston. In 2016 the dynamic duel will once again grace the airways of WCLM 1450 Richmond, Virginia the last two weeks of August. 

Last year the brothers discussed the Major League Baseball pennant races, the Washington Football Club’s nickname and the need to boycott the team, the Oscar Pistorius murder trail case with his house confinement and last the Subway commercial representative Jared Fogle arrested for an alleged sex ring. The hour went by so fast that we could not get into the National Football League 2015 predictions.

wclm RESIZED 400

The next week ESPN had an ear on WCLM-1450 am because of the discussions we had that Saturday afternoon The Washington Football Club and the nickname controversy but this time we stated that Robert Griffin III would not be long in the District of Columbia. It found its way on Sports Center and First Take Monday. . We gave the reasons why Griffin would not be wearing the Burgundy and Gold. The words were repeated on the show “First Take” by Mr. Shannon Sharp and Mr. Skip Bayless without giving BASN credit, AGAIN.

Then the short discussion on the BELEAGUERED Philadelphia Eagles and the possibilities that Tim Tebow would be their starting quarterback. We commented that it could be Mr. Tebow’s last stop in the National Football League. On Monday there was an echo in the room.

We stated the Buffalo Bills would be moving in another direction and tabbed Tyrod Taylor as starting quarterback. On Monday morning Sports Center thought they had breaking news but Brother Ingram called it Saturday noon eastern time. DON’T  TELL THE MURINAE THAT.

Hey ladies and gentlemen in Bristol, Connecticut your mother told you it is not nice to steal and the Sports Leader has been doing just that the past ten years. 

 POST SCRIPT- Murinae means rat

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network on Disabled Community Activist. Email                                                                                                                                                                               ©Copyrighted Gary Norris Gray @ Gray Leopard Prod


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