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Gary Norris Gray-BASN Staff Reporter

OAKLAND, CA.- ESPN, The Mouse really cannot decide what it wants to be, a sports news network or an entertainment network. Even its name can confuse the average sports fan. (ESPN)The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, what does that mean to the average fan? They have become the vanguard of sports, the Holy Grail of sports but they also have double standards.

In 2016 reporter and writer Stephen A Smith wants to entertain viewers with competitive banter and controversy. He does this whether the facts are true or not. This past week Mr. Smith went over the edge of political correctness. Mr.  Smith attacked basketball star Kevin Durant who transferred his basketball services from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the back to back Western Conference Champion Golden State Warriors. This continues the ESPN double standard reporting about the events of Black to white athletes. 

This young network in 1978 started the correct way but things changed. A political, social, and racial bombshell went off in Brentwood, California. It changed ESPN forever.

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 In 1994 everything changed The New York Knicks were playing the Houston Rockets for the NBA Championship. On the west coast police were in a slow speed chase down the Pacific Coast Highway following a Ford white Bronco. In the vehicle was Orenthal James “OJ” Simpson accused of killing his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. A new niche was found and the white public loved it; demonizing  rich Black talented athletes.

 ESPN did not care what happened to the Black Athlete after their stories were aired. This is the legacy of ESPN, THE SPORTS NETWORK.


 The Worldwide Leader In Sports turned its guns on Kevin Durant, who left OKC for the west coast and the Golden State Warriors. Thunder fans burned number 35 jersey. ESPN sports casters started railing that Durant leaving the southwest to a better team. This is not new. The most recent is LeBron James who went from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat and back again for the city’s first championship. 

 Years ago African American Lou Alcindor-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar left the Milwaukee Bucks to the Los Angeles Lakers and won another championship. Oscar Robinson left the Cincinnati Royals to the Milwaukee Bucks for a championship. Earl Monroe left the Baltimore Bullets to the New York Knicks to win another championship. Moses Malone from the Houston Rockets to the Philadelphia 76ers. Clyde Drexler from the Portland Trail Blazers to the Houston Rockets. NOBODY SAID A WORD. Charles Barkley is still chasing a championship playing for the Philadelphia 76ers moving to the Phoenix Suns ending his career with the Houston Rockets

Then the playing field started to change and the players started controlling their futures and the owners, the league, and the fans were not amused.

 Kevin Garnett left Minnesota to play for the Boston Celtics.The owner of the Timberwolves called him a lazy, slow and selfish basketball player. Garnett went on to win the NBA Title at T.D. Gardens with the Boston Celtics.

 Carmelo Anthony left the Denver Nuggets to the New York Knicks created havoc in the Mile High City. The Sports Leader called MELO a coach killer.

 Dwight Howard could not find a home as he went from the Orlando Magic to the Los Angeles Lakers then to the Houston Rockets and this year the Atlanta Hawks. ESPN stated that Howard has been a disappointment throughout his career. They did not look at Howard’s statics in Orlando and never mention them the American public. 

 Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers still could be searching for a championship after leaving New Orleans. The League vetoed the deal to the Los Angeles Lakers and teaming up with Kobe Bryant

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Caucasian basketball stars leave their teams too but they do not get the nasty visceral from the sports media that their Black counterparts receive. Steve Nash went from the Phoenix Suns to the Dallas Mavericks then back to the Suns before retiring with the Los Angeles Lakers.  Kevin Love left the Minnesota Timberwolves to play for the World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers, David Lee left the New York Knicks for the Golden State Warriors and then the Boston Celtics before short stay in Dallas.

 All of these Black players took less money to win championships but that gets lost in the conversation because it does not play well on the ESPN racial political agenda.

burning lebron james jerseyresizedkevin-durant-jersey-burned-1

Fans in Cleveland Ohio and the surrounding counties burned LeBron James jerseys, and these uniforms cost over 100 dollars. Fast forward to 2016 in Oklahoma City fans started burning number 35 jerseys after Mr. Durant stated he would be heading to the Northern Bay Area and the Golden State Warriors.

 Where did they get the idea of burning jerseys? You guess it The World Wide Leader in Sports.


OAKLAND, CA-The Mouse gave a pass to Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps who got caught smoking a bong filled with marijuana. They also gave a pass to Phoenix Mercury star guard Diana Taurasi who got pulled over for alleged drinking and driving.

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The Mouse went to work blasting WNBA star center Brittney Griner for abusing her wife and gave soccer goalie Hope Solo a pass for allegedly beating her husband.



 In addition, THE RAT gave star quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots a pass twice. Brady had a baby out of wedlock a few years ago, and we cannot forget the shooting incident at a wedding party in the Islands.

Mr. Tom Brady got a third pass in 2015 as ESPN fell all over themselves trying to explain how the judge vacated his four game suspensions. IT STILL UNDECIDED and Mr. Brady has won a Super Bowl… NOT MISSING A GAME

Now think about this – if any one of the three incidents mentioned above had been committed by an African American athlete what would The Mouse broadcast? The drum beat continues to be loud and clear.

The Mouse continues with their racial bias year after year.

The NFL draft is a classical example of this; ESPN analysts grade players from college. When a black player was the subject, the player was depicted as incompetent. It continued in 2011 with Ohio State quarterback Terrell Pryor and Auburn’s quarterback Cam Newton. The Network wanted both of them to be wide receivers, tight ends, flankers, or running backs, everything but quarterback.


 Why because NFL quarterbacks are the FIELD GENERALS. We cannot have Black Leaders on the field.

These reports would state that the Black player cannot perform his duties on the field or he’s too selfish, too short, does not understand pro style offenses or defenses, or that he simply can’t catch the football.

In other words Black males do not have the intelligence or are just plain stupid to guide a football team to the Super Bowl. Well this network would have to look very hard to dispel the fact with the Super Bowl Champion Washington Football Club because at the helm was Doug Williams from Grambling State University. Williams broke eight Super Bowl offensive records at that time defeating the Golden Boy, John Elway and the Denver Broncos.

They would again have to explain the back-to-back appearances of THE FIELD GENERAL Russell Wilson, a quarterback that has won more games in his first three years than any other quarterback in the National Football League. LOOK IT UP!!!

 The Mouse might be lost trying to explain why in the last five Super Bowls an African American has played behind center.

  Given the harsh scrutiny, a lawsuit shouldn’t be that far behind.

The NFL teams listened to these talking heads, which have never played a down of football. This kind of chatter drops the African-American player down in the draft to the second or third rounds. This cost the Black athletes hundreds and thousands of dollars each year. NOBODY SAYS A WORD!!!!

The constant drum beat goes on and on.

Black athletes are not good enough yet they keep playing and keep winning games. Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers and Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks are the new prototype quarterback. ESPN refuses to admit this publicly.

While this phenomenon has being ongoing since ESPN’s existence, clear evidence of this came to a head eight years ago, when the Mouse hired Rush Limbaugh to fill the set on “NFL Countdown” Sunday mornings.

It would not be long before Limbaugh spoke his mind.


Limbaugh stated that Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles was an overrated Black quarterback. He also stated that the liberal media was babying these new Black quarterbacks and they are not good enough to start.

Rush overlooked the clear fact that McNabb took the Eagles to four straight NFC title games and a Super Bowl appearance. So what was your point again, Rush?

The Mouse knew that he would pontificate on the issue of Black quarterbacks. The Mouse did not expect the swift national reaction to his comments. Limbaugh resigned.


 Continuing with the NFL, Eli Manning and John Elway pulled their white privilege cards to be drafted by the teams of their choice. Elway told the Baltimore Colts not to draft him and that he would play baseball for the New York Yankees.

 Archie Manning the father of Eli Manning told the San Diego Chargers that Eli would sit out the season if the BOLTS drafted him. Both Eli Manning and John Elway got their wishes and won Super Bowls with the Denver Broncos and the New York Football Giants.

Not a word from The Mouse, now think if any Black quarterback had pulled that stunt. The Mouse would have been in full attack mode.


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