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Updated: July 7, 2016
By Tony McClean, Editor-In-Chief Emeritus
NEW HAVEN, Ct. (BASN) — I’m beyond anger and tears. I’m beyond fear and outrage. I’m beyond seeing myself in the faces of Eric Garner, Alton Sterling, and countless other black men.
I’m tired of crying family members. I’m tired of mainstream media executing the victims again and again with their “dead men tell no tales” mentality.
I’m tired of black and white folks throwing “black on black crime” in our face to justify murder.
It’s a deadly dance that goes back through slavery, reconstruction, two World Wars, the Civil Rights movement, and beyond.
Trayvon and Tamir made headlines, but so many others before, during, and after are treated as insignificant afterthoughts.
The script has already been written like some macabre WWE or NBA event.
Police kill an unarmed black man. There’s initial outrage. The officer gets a mini vacation. The victim’s life is then put on trial. The “you know he had some warrants” angle is played.
“I feared for my life as I emptied and reloaded my gun several times.”
black on whiteThere may or may not be indictments. If so, enough time will pass so “cooler heads” will prevail.
There may or may not be a trial. If so, it will be moved to a “safer” venue.
Can you say Simi Valley??
This isn’t the mother fucking Super Bowl!!!
This isn’t some sporting event where serial house niggas Stephen A, Smith and Charles Barkley can tell you about the strengths and weaknesses of the lawyers.
After a few weeks, we’ll get a verdict. What say you, members of the jury??
Not guilty with mitigating circumstances, your honor!!
Well we know what they did was wrong, but that guy or gal wouldn’t stop moving. They shouldn’t have put themselves in that position.
Case dismissed. We’ve seen driving while black, voting while black, being President while black, and others.
Now you can die or be killed just simply by being black while black.
I’m tired. I’m so muthafucking tired. And I know I’m not alone. Jesse Williams is tired. My next door neighbor and his kids are tired. Every black man and woman just trying to live their lives are tired.
Why are we tired. Perhaps this poem I recently saw on Facebook can explain. I didn’t write this, but I think it speaks for many of us who are so goddamned tired……..
You cannot wear a hoodie. You cannot sell cigarettes.
You cannot play music in your car with your friends while reveling in the culture you created.
You cannot play with fake guns. You cannot sell CDs.
You cannot ask “why am I being pulled over?”
You cannot ask for help after a car accident.
You cannot walk down the street with your best friend just weeks shy of going to college.
You cannot go to your bachelor party. You cannot pray in church.
kidsYou cannot sleep on your grandma’s couch.
You cannot raise your hands up. You cannot breathe.
You cannot be you — beautiful black boy, beautiful black girl.
You just cannot be you. You just cannot be you.
And what scares me the most is, I cannot protect you.
Whether you have sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, or just wanna see our kids have it better than what we had, the events of the last 24-48 hours hurts your heart.
It’s gotta stop or either we’ll add another cannot — We cannot run out of bullets.
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