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By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor – in – Chief




PHILADELPHIA (BASN) Okay…I waited. On this one, I waited because I wanted to see if someone was going to tap into the disgust I felt because this wasn’t going to be about who was first.   However, after days of waiting, it’s time to call this song exactly what it is. While my esteemed colleagues at BASN have been getting in that azz regarding the maltreatment of Kevin Durant, like or not what fucking team he has a legal right to go to, the lack of vision on the part of mainstream media as it is nowadays – is fuckin’ pitiful.


When Shaquille O’Neal left the Orlando Magic in 2000, no one spent any time burning his jersey in anger or rambled at how he “betrayed” fans in the Mouse House.


My point is, even if someone had burned their Magic Shaq jersey, no one thought it newsworthy that someone had!


So as we fast-forward to Durant’s decision to become a Golden State Warrior (and the burning of his jersey therein) the bigger problem is that this bullshit is an extension of actions done by The Muthafuckin’ Mouse when LeBron James decided to help the local area Boys and Girls Clubs by doing a charitable effort connected with his making the decision to leave Cleveland and go to Miami. The burning of jerseys as part of ESPN’S idea of ‘reporting’ was indicative of their desire to pimp out LeBron by abusing him with as much negative copy and images as possible.


Think about it – how many times have you seen James ‘interviewed’ on the Mouse aside from sideline spots on various networks? When he said (paraphrasing), “there are some of you I will never speak to again” we can gather from process of elimination who he was referring to.


So now Kevin Durant is being subjected to the same shit – with a twist.


Never mind that when Oklahoma City was struck by a natural disaster, Durant came out of his wallet with a million dollars toward rebuilding his community. No media stunt; just a genuine act by a genuine human being.


His reward? Having some toxic ESPN twatwaffle named Jemele Hill screaming to the world that Durant “wasn’t gangsta enough.”





So his humanity is co-opted because this silly Nigger bitch (and read the full dictionary definition so shit doesn’t get twisted) decides he doesn’t fit the desired stereotype as she (and ESPN upper management) agree upon?


And none of you muthafuckas (save us) said a fuckin’ thing.


When Durant objected to being nicknamed “The Slim Reaper” due to reasons which seem to reflect his personal reflections on faith, they would eventually back off, albeit grudgingly.


But by far, the most egregious incident was when The Mouse’s ultimate waste of seminal fluid, one Stephen A. Smith, screams like a bitch at Durant on national television, implying that he would and could destroy his career on an October 5, 2015 appearance of their Daytime Drama.


Right or wrong, this asshole grumbles for 20 – plus minutes about how Durant and others in the league needs to “pump their brakes”; then goes on about how he will destroy his career because “you don’t wanna go there?”


Well Smith and all the rest of you assholes at The Mouse have long gone there!


Almost 70 years ago, a scumbag muthafucka named Joseph McCarthy destroyed countless lives on sheer innuendo; ‘are you now or have you ever been?’ was the mantra which led to the downfall of journalism and ascension of a fascist editorial smackdown. Garrulous guttersnipes like McCarthy and toadies in media who aided in pushing forward his agenda editorially didn’t flinch when the bodies hit the floor; and lives were ended or altered forever.


But this is not just about this cockroach rat bastard threatening athletes – in dealing with things that have not a fucking thing to do with sports.


This is about a worthless Nigger cocksucker who would insult a Black man in front of his face on national television regarding his name – gambling that he won’t come over the podium and beat the shit outta him (a tactic first done on The Mouse by another cum stain named Jim Rome)


It’s about a network who would hire a racist for the express purpose of greasing the wheels for potential membership into the National Football League Owners’ Club; and have him casually dismiss Black Athletes to such a degree that one co-host said, “fire his ass – or I’m gone!”


It is about the so-called Fourth Estate collectively believing – its shit does not stink.


Because if you can unleash invectives at  Black Athletes; but clam up like the BITCH you are when Joe Paterno’s son came on The Mouse to alibi for his father’s alleged transgressions re sexual abuse of children and the long-standing actions of pervert par excellence Gerry Sandusky, while asking questions that a tetherball player could knock out the park (sans bombast, of course – can’t scream at those White boys ’cause they will dock your insignificant azz), your status is in ‘self-check’ mode! Never mind that pertinent questions were above his pay grade since his spot as Head Eunuch is reserved only to expose his bullshit as his interactions with the so-called ‘brothers’ fades in the hype…


And when a White NFL player (Matt Jones) got busted for cocaine, it was ‘get over it’ out of the mouth of this penile pig after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell attempted to fine Joey Porter $20, 000 for even saying that it’s fucked up Jones was treated with kid gloves!


slave master



Ever since December, 1979, these muthafuckas at The Mouse have spread like a cott dayyum virus making the clueless believe sports journalism or history did not exist until they crawled out of the slime; and all of this crapus manifestus  (as a colleague of mine loves to say) is brought about with the endorsement of their upper management.


This is no different than when Paul Robeson was attacked for being who he was; or Jack Johnson or Muhammad Ali for being who they were; this isn’t objective criticism about their area of expertise; it’s a fucking hi – tech lynching (a real one unlike the bullshit Clarence Thomas got away with) and there is no penalty – rather the wink and nod that the stuffed shirts make amongst themselves. More site hits – more empty calories via concentrated bullshit regurgitated from the Belly of the Rat!




I don’t blame Kevin Durant or any athlete for responding as they may sometimes in this 24/7/365 fish bowl; I have been in this business thirty-plus years and if I had a dollar for every stupid fucking question I’ve heard from muthafuckas who had no business being there in the first place in a press conference or locker room, I’d have bought and paid for property in Canada!


For every fucking time I saw some scumbag columnist use his or her byline as a bully pulpit because someone didn’t smile on cue – or make themselves suitably humble for their approval; I saw the same scumbags jock sniff their way to getting swag from some of these same athletes (in spite of the practice being illegal) only to roast their Black asses on radio or in a blog!




It’s not even about the game being rigged; it’s about the game not being for you. If you’re a White athlete, you’re not going to be subjected to the same level of shit.


You will be able to nod and wink as you smugly face the cameras about being an alleged rapist, or cheater, or drug abuser or woman beater – and no one will say a fuckin’ thing.


So point blank – if you don’t have the balls to do it for all (and we already know you don’t) then don’t do it at all, muthafucka!


But if you’re not equally enraged by this, then disregard this message – because clearly we’re not talking to you. ESPN is the only entity outside of Congress which uses bullshit as a recyclable resource; and everyone that wants to swallow that, then bon appetit. we’re up to here with it – and this will cease…


Don’t ever think we don’t mean what we say.


always outnumbered – never outgunned.


Copyright (c) 2016 Michael – Louis Ingram all rights reserved.















































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