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Gary Norris Gray-BASN-Staff Reporter


OAKLAND, CA.-The Worldwide Leader in Sports wants African American Sports fans to tune in its network for sports news. This network keeps snubbing it’s nose at the same group who it is trying to attract with each inflammatory racial comment, be it overt or covert. IS IT WORKING?

This will be the final report of the series for now on ESPN, The Rat, The Mouse, The Rodent, or Murinae.

In 2016 reporter and writer Stephen A Smith wanted to entertain viewers with competitive banter and controversy. He did this whether the facts are true or not. Mr. Smith went over the edge of political correctness.  Mr.  Smith attacked basketball star Kevin Durant who transferred his basketball services from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the back to back Western Conference Champion Golden State Warriors. This continued the ESPN double standard reporting about the events of Black to white athletes.


Stephen A. Smith bashed Kevin Durant for being “weak” in joining the back-to-back Western Conference Champion Golden State Warriors, rather than continue to seek an NBA Title with the Oklahoma City Thunder; Screaming A. Smith followed what has become a pattern of this sports network, attacking Black athletes. Kevin Durant made a business decision, a decision that ESPN and Mr. Smith did not like and they informed the world. Never mind ESPN and the NBA make similar business decisions every day. African Americans are drifting away from the network with each personal attack.

In 1978 the producers and directors of ESPN had a wonderful idea:  a twenty four hour-seven days a week sports channel for people who loved sports. They broadcast sporting events most Americans may have never seen before like cricket, badminton, futbol-soccer, rugby, and various other indoor sports. In 1994 the racial tone changed at ESPN as they targeted African Americans.

30 4 30

Their new “Undefeated” sports program did not get off on the right foot with their first show- on their 30 for 30 documentary series, “O.J.” An American Story”. The Sports Leader thought it would be cute to retrace the Simpson trial in a four part series. White America loved it but African Americans stayed away.

1402942857000-XXX-resized OJ-Simpson006

This was a not a wise decision. Most African Americans do not want to remember The New York Knicks and Houston Rockets playoff game being interrupted by a special news bulletin. The urge to forget the west coast police slow speed chase down the Pacific Coast Highway was strong in the African American community. The low ratings in the cities are the proof. They want to forget that white Ford Bronco driven by Al Cowlings with Orenthal James “OJ” Simpson in the back seat. The accused killer of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman took the California Highway Patrol on a 45 minute ride through Los Angeles.

This Sports Network wanted to revisit history. The Network wanted to re-write history. ESPN could not resist the urge to reinforce it’s new niche, demonizing rich Black talented athletes and O.J, was their star, their instant cash cow 20 years later.


It has not changed, LeBron James is their new cash cow and he was rewarded on their ESPY’s Award Show on Wednesday July 20, 2016. It was a Cleveland Cavalier love fest all night long. Don’t forget Mr. James was lambasted by everybody after “The Decision” Show in July 2010. Every reporter on the network became a James critic. In 2015 Mr. James put his foot down and stated that he would not participate in interviews with three of their basketball reporters. ESPN knew which three reporters James had singled out and that created a problem because they could not get the lead basketball story. The result was two of the three reporters are no longer in Bristol, Conn. NOW THAT’S BLACK POWER!

RESIZEDthe super mets

This Network continues to throw mud at African Americans with another 30 for 30 documentary series. ESPN focused on the 1986 World Champion, New York Mets, with Black superstars, outfielder Darryl Strawberry and pitcher Dwight Gooden. These two great players fell from grace with drug abuse. ESPN could have broadcast a fair and balanced documentary on other New York Mets who also had drug problems like Lenny Dykstra, Doug Sisk, or Jesse Orosco. The MOUSE executives thought that show about non Black athletes would not have gotten much attention. That show would not sell because it is not demonizing a people or a culture. The Network continues to drive Black viewers away with this crazy philosophy.


This network wants to soften the blow by hiring new African American and Latino broadcasters. It is not working because these same broadcasters are told not to give Black athletes any praise or congratulations. Example; Serena and Venus Williams and their magnificent tennis fete at Wimbledon. Serena is on the verge of becoming the first woman to win 24 majors or more. The sisters also recorded their record breaking seventh doubles championship in London, England. They have won 14 overall doubles championships second on the list. Tied with Gigi Fernadez-from Puerto Rico and Natasha Zvereva from Russia.

The RODENT is silent.


Another example is that THREE African American quarterbacks (Kaepernick, Wilson,and Newton) have led their teams to the National Football Conference Championship five years in a row, not only that they have been in four Super Bowls in a row. NOT A WORD


America is sending not one but two African American gymnastic women (Gabby Douglas-Simone Biles) to Rio and two Black female swimmers (Lia Neal and Simone Manuel) will join them in South America for the Summer Games. Biles has won the world championship three times and Douglas won Olympic gold four years ago. These four ladies are upsetting the apple cart of white dominated sports.


How will the RAT report this?

Copy cats are following ESPN with clones, (ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX SPORTS) hiring Black stooges, Black clowns, and Black sambos for their networks and the game continues.

If you are a true sports fan it is your duty to call out ESPN and their clones to report the sporting events without political spin.

Maybe it is time to boycott the Mouse, the Rat, or the Rodent. It might be time to tell their advertisers that we (African Americans) will not be buying their products until ESPN change their ways.



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