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By Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor – in – Chief



Editor’s Note: After the intent by The Cocksucker News Network (CNN) to paint Micah Johnson action’s in Dallas as a blatant example of Black Power, we at BASN feel it’s time to put CNN and all those other media assholes in check by delivering a bit of light; so shit don’t get twisted…



PHILADELPHIA (BASN): The great American Novelist Richard Wright (‘Black Boy’ ‘Native Son’, Outsider’) first coined the term  “BLACK POWER” as the title of his book in 1954. After the attempted murder of James Meredith, who first integrated the University of Mississippi in 1966, activist Kwame Toure’ (nee Stokely Carmichael), in a press conference, stated “The only way we’re gonna stop White men from whuppin’ us is to take over – what we’re gonna start sayin’ now is…Black Power.”



The phrase didn’t have (and still doesn’t have) a fucking thing to do with violence; it was about self determination…and protection.



In 1968, after Tommie Smith and John Carlos finished first and third in the Summer Olympics in Mexico City, they came onto the winners’ platform; they wore Black gloves and were shoeless – only black socks on to represent the poverty of Black people and peacefully protested the overall condition of Black folks and poor people with a raised fist and bowed head. Later, Smith would state that ‘Black America will understand what we did tonight,’ – and he was right.



It WAS a Black thing – and we understood. And so did the racist muthafucka who ran the International Olympic Committtee, one Avery Brundage, who committed Smith and Carlos to cultural and career purgatory, depriving them of earning a decent living for almost 40 years before they were finally given a bullshit apology for their actions in Mexico City.



Brundage, who spoke of the apolitical nature of the Olympic games, failed to note his encouragement in helping Adolf Hitler present the 1936 Games as a means for him to forward his Aryan superiority bullshit. So while he is roasting in Hell at this moment in all likelihood, I would contend the ‘Black Power’ generated by the Smith/Carlos situation was in their being able to endure the scorn of a nation ready to tear them down in the one moment when they had risen up…for over two generations.



Now, as a result of the events in Dallas, shooter Micah Johnson is paraded out in front of the masses as a crazy man who believed in violence because his social media postings included the words Black Power and he was a member of groups like Melanoid Nation and others, implying these outfits were bent on overthrowing the government.



The one image which appeared to be most damning to these eyes was one of Johnson standing with his fist raised in a salute (almost in the same way Lee Harvey Oswald was ‘seen’ posing with a rifle and pistol in the subsequent propaganda after the John F Kennedy assassination).



Now, why am I bringing this up? Because we are days away from the next Summer Games in Brazil; and the next Black Power salute could come from the likes of a stout pentathlete, or a collection of balling brothers (or sisters), and, quite possibly, a dynamic duo of gymnasts.



This is something our government nor the IOC wants. Interesting in the images of power the athletes emit – and their potential message – causes fear due to that collective guilt in knowing what goes around may finally come around at a time most inconvenient to the status quo’s agenda…



And they don’t want these ‘radicals’ lashing out at them via the dreaded raised fist – so they submit the image to scare the athletes into compliance; knowing there will be briefings prior to departure on deportment and what is expected of them since they will be representing the nation.



If a member of the USA’s Olympic team wins a medal and happens to be from Ohio (Tamir Rice) New York City (Eric Garner) or Flint Michigan (the whole fucking town being poisoned) will they take a stand – or will they be guided to not do anything which may hurt their careers later?



To me, it’s the only ‘event’ that really matters; since too many people feel that Black lives…don’t.



always outnumbered…never outgunned.




Copyright (C) 2016 Michael – Louis Ingram all rights reserved.




















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