All In: This one’s for LeBron and so many others

Updated: June 21, 2016

By Tony McClean, Editor In Chief Emertus


NEW HAVEN, Ct. (BASN) — I have mixed feelings about seeing the Cleveland Cavaliers win their first NBA crown.
While the thought of LeBron James telling all his haters to kiss the fattest part of his ass would be cool, the fact that all the petulant “fans” that burned his jersey are now praising him makes my blood boil.

The fact that team owner Dan Gilbert will also reap the dividends of this championship is a heinous act as well. To me, there’s a private room in hell for him after all the indignant and racist comments he uttered after James dared to “leave the plantation”.
For you older Cavalier fans, Gilbert should share that same room with Ted Stepien as well. Now that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s focus on who this title was really for. LeBron not only brought this home to Cleveland, but brought it home to some others as well.
Somewhere in hoop heaven, guys like Bill Fitch, John “Hot Rod” Williams, and announcer Joe Tait (“It’s basketball time at the Coliseum”) are smiling. This was for folk heroes like Bobby “Bingo” Smith and Clarence “Foots” Walker.
all-in-216-splash-logoThis was for the first superstar — Austin Carr, Mr. Cavalier — who’s seen almost everything while serving as a player and current TV announcer. This was for foot soldiers like Jim Chones and Elmore Smith. Both were workmanlike centers who helped key the club’s first postseason run.
This was for guys like Brad Daugherty and Mark Price, a poor man’s version of Stockton and Malone. Dubbed as the NBA’s next dynasty by Magic Johnson, their biggest crime was playing during the same era as that Jordan dude in Chicago.
This was for guys like Mike Mitchell and Campy Russell, a pair of dynamic and underrated forwards from the late 70’s and early 80’s who helped give the team its identity. Much like Daugherty and Price, their deeds weren’t really acknowledged outside of Akron.
This was for Craig Ehlo. Yes, he and David Russell will live in highlight film hell because of that Jordan guy.
But for at least one day, he can say he’s part of a whole. This was also for so many other talented, but unrecognized players that did time with the Cavs. Guys like Larry Nance and Jim Brewer. Fellas like Lloyd “World B” Free and Terrell Brandon.
Players like Dick Snyder and Brevin Knight. Not to mention guys like Dwight Davis, Jimmy Cleamons, Andre Miller, and John Bagley. And I know I’ve forgotten some others, but this was for them as well.
They’re truly “All In” on this championship. Congrats to all the former, present, and future Cavs. Okay Browns and Indians, y’all are officially on the clock starting NOW!!!!!
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