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Gary Norris Gray-BASN-Staff Reporter


OAKLAND, CA.-Sports and political celebrities sometimes mix business with pleasure during a presidential race, it is happening AGAIN! This year 2016 Donald Trump from New York City is trying to gain entrance to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. with the help of football, baseball, basketball players, along with boxers and wrestlers, Black and white. One has to ask what happened to hockey players or are they just being silent?

ESPN (Black) reporter Kevin Blackistone could not have said it better. These guys maybe giving America the collective middle finger.

Blackistone states   “Because they have all thumbed their noses at authority. At institutional organizations, and continued to do things as they wanted to do it, regardless of the rules and regulations before.”

Trump’s electoral appeal among the low-income white males of the American hinterland is built on a feeling of voicelessness, his popularity with a certain segment of the sporting and entertainment elite – both black and white – proves that no one appreciates a delusional celebrity like another delusional celebrity.

Latrell Sprewell- NBA basketball star with the Minnesota Timberwolves, New York Knicks and Golden State Warriors. While at Golden State he (Sprewell) had confrontations with the coaching staff. The League Black-balled him out of the league after his contract ran out with Minnesota.


Terrell Owens- played for the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, and San Francisco 49ers. Mr. Owens just wants to be in the limelight and that has not been the case for the last three years.

RESIZEDtrump and walker

Herschel Walker- played for the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys, The great NFL running back and Heisman trophy winner.

Walker states:- “There’s not a doubt in my mind right now that he is the frontrunner. I’m not going to say anything negative about him because it’s not true”

The self hate gene is strong here but maybe Mr. Walker receives a pass because he played for Trump’s USFL New Jersey Generals. Trump paid his salary.

Shawne Merriman– Buffalo Bills and San Diego Chargers with his Lights Out nonprofit organization


Mike Tyson-ex boxer was a Trump backer in the 1990’s when he was the Heavyweight Champion of the World. Tyson want to help the underdog. Mr. Tyson states:- ” Let’s try something new. Let’s run America like a business, where no colors matter. He’s an average guy like everybody else.”

No Mike, he is not an average guy because he is a billionaire and only one percent of America can claim this.


Dennis Rodman – ex-basketball player with the World Champions Chicago Bulls and numerous other teams. Rodman tweeted that ” He (Trump) has been a great friend for many years. We (America) don’t need another politician. We need a businessman”.

Bobby Knight- University of Indiana and Texas Tech head basketball coach. Knight states “That nobody has accomplished more than Donald Trump”

Guess Mr. Knight forgot about Barack Hussein Obama becoming the first Black President of the United States

Dana White- (UFC) Ultimate Fighting Championship- President

Clay Buchholtz pitcher for the Boston Red Sox

trump and ryan

Rex Ryan- ex New York Jets now Buffalo Bills head coach- Read Desi Cortez article on BASN

Is Rex Ryan speaking for the National Football League?

John Harbaugh– head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. Harbaugh states in the Baltimore Sun.  “I’m going Trump here, Build a wall. If you don’t have a border, you don’t have a country. You’re not a country, Right?

Question, how did your ancestors get here Mr. Harbaugh?

Johnny Damon and Paul O’Neill– ex baseball players retired New York Yankees

Damon is from Kansas and O’Neill from Ohio that might explain some of their love for Mr. Trump. Damon states “Everything he (Trump) does, he does first class-his hotels, his businesses, his golf courses”

Guess Damon forgot about Mr. Trump’s four bankruptcies, Atlantic City’s destruction, and the failed USFL bid.

The University of Iowa football and wrestling teams with their slogan Hawks for Trump both of these teams are over 90% Caucasian.

NASCAR-CEO- Brian France and many drivers Bill Elliot, Ryan Newman, Chase Elliot, and David Ragan. NASCAR might have given up on the confederate flag down but they still carry their Southern hearts with Donald Trump. NASCAR has been in the political conservative camp since its very existence so this is no surprise that this racing club would be for Donald Trump.

Michael Waltrip- senior NASCAR driver stated “When someone says if a certain candidate is elected president they re going to move to another country… then move already”

Thank you for your hospitality Mr. Waltrip. The Philippine Islands are sure looking better with each passing day.

Mike Ditka- head coach of the Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints ex ESPN broadcaster. Ditka has been suspended for his political views on ESPN-NFL Countdown.

Mr. Ditka called President Obama the worst president in American history and Trump would be a step in the right direction, guess he (Ditka) forgot about Mr. George W. Bush.

Jessie Ventura– ex-professional wrestler and ex-former Governor of Minnesota. Stated he would love to be his running mate and he wished Trump would call him.

Hulk Hogan – ex-professional wrestler fired from the WWE network after his racial rant on his daughter’s boyfriend who is Black. He repeats the use of the N-word in his 10 minute rant.

Tom Brady- current quarterback for the New England Patriots, states that he is backing his friend. Brady is now trying to wiggle out of his support. When questioned at news conferences being noncommittal . Too much pressure for Captain America. Guess Tom Brady wants to be liked by his African American teammates.

John Rocker- pitched for the Atlanta Braves in the middle 1980’s. Rocker was famous for his Anti-New York rants when the Braves played the Mets at Shea in a hot pennant race. Rocker still has disdain for the Big Apple because he thinks its being over-run by undocumented residents, gays, and mothers of multiple children. Rocker would help Trump build that wall.

John Daly- ex-professional golfer, states that Mr. Trump is not about politics he is about business… Wait a moment I thought being President of the United States was a political office… How is this going to work? Only John Daly knows.

Trump has not come out against African Americans per se but his racial rants against Latino-Americans and Muslim-Americans might cause many African American athletes to think twice about their support. His rants are color coded.

Trump has garnered the support from David Duke the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and a former state representative from Louisiana.

The KKK are still a terrorist group against African Americans. Trump has yet to disavow this support. Mr. Duke has stated on his radio show that voting against Donald Trump is like voting against your heritage. In December, David Duke told POLITICO that Trump’s candidacy allows Americans to be more open about their racial animus.

Confederate Flags fly at Trump rallies and Black Lives Matters protesters get tossed out of his rallies. That’s just a hint of racism.

The American Neo Nazi Party also has thrown their support to the New York billionaire with photos and pro Trump articles in their newspaper “The Daily Stormer”

The common thread that all of these Black athletes kept bringing forth is Mr. Donald J. Trump telling the truth weather you like it or not. This does not excuse Mr. Trump from his racist, disablist, sexist, Islam phobic, and homophobic dangerous viewpoints.

The voters who now back Trump, majority white feel left out of the system, but the example offered by the success of Trump and his famous endorsers Black and White offers a way back in. They represent the triumph of the jilted and the misunderstood. “Here be I,” Donald seems to say, beckoning the jaded throngs, “surrounded by celebrities. We were once written off. We were once laughed at. And look at us all now!”

Be careful America because this is exactly what pre World War II Nazi Germany looked like. Isolate a group and demonize that group until every citizen gets on board, weather they agree or not.

Trump uses his business sense to gain the upper-class support but he leaves out that he has failed four times with bankruptcy and has left the town of Atlantic City, New Jersey in complete economic disarray. He has left many Middle East building projects in limbo.

WHAT UNITED STATES PRESIDENT has ever filed for bankruptcy?

Answer, NONE!!!!

He does not tell you that he singlehanded undermined the (USFL) – the United States Football League when he legally butted heads with the (NFL) National Football League. Yes he won the law suit but it cost the league that went broke in 6 months.

His arrogance won’t allow him to tell the American public these facts.

Mr. Trump wants to make America great, that is his campaign slogan. Really, I think America is already great and in very good hands. So what is Mr. Donald Trump talking about?

He wants America Great Again and he is wearing a red cap and tie made in CHINA, Really!!!.

Mr. Trump wants to take America BACK-Back from whom? — O.K., I’ll take it along with my Native American Families because it was stolen in the first place. Have you noticed the GOP (Republican Party) has dropped this slogan… wonder why?

These African American athletes better think twice before supporting the man from New York because once in office he can change his mind and raise hell with Black residents in the United States.

The self hatred gene is kicking in with these African American Athletes AND it’s not helping the African American communities. These middle aged men want more attention and this may be one way of attaining that attention.


Special thanks to :- BASN – Desi Cortez

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