SHAME OF THRONES (or Culture Crime – With A Bullet)

Updated: May 5, 2016



Shame of Thrones

By Michael – Louis Ingram , Editor – in – Chief



PHILADELPHIA (BASN) I was driving to a fund – raising gig in Long Island, New York when I heard the news on the radio. What made it worse was that they teased it by saying, “a musical icon…is gone.”


So now I’ve got all kindsa shit runnin’ through my head. Is it Stevie? Sly? Is it George? Tony Bennett? Aretha? Patti? After their two – minute commercial break, I hear the strains of “Raspberry Beret” and I pull over.


No fucking way – is it supposed to be him.


But les than 72 hours later, not only has Prince Rogers Nelson been cremated, all of his music (which he fought for years to keep off of social media) was made available…


Predicated by the poison spewing from TMZ regarding his alleged use of Percocet, this combined with aspects of his faith (Jehovah’s Witness) made for a noxious combination, even if he died from natural causes, the stink from other incidents involving performers in the music business still lingers in the air.


Given everything we saw happen to Michael Jackson, “The King of Pop,” heavy lies the head which holds the throne; Whitney Houston, Sly Stone (who survived drugs and extreme poverty in a trailer before receiving a small return on the money which was stolen from him by his former agent).


And now years after the young man from Minneapolis became the icon known as Prince, the cash ceiling smacks another brilliant Black man in the face.





When Michael Jackson bought the Beatles’ song catalog from Paul McCartney, none of the media or social network vampires were calling him “Wacko Jacko” then. Mike was an astute businessman who wanted to do good works for humanity and for himself…


As more news comes out, new information reveals Prince had several thousand ‘backs’ covered – simply because. His faith not allowing him to speak on what good works he may do, the scope of which he provided support to other musicians, organizations, individuals and whole cities is bordering on staggering. It also reveals the soul of someone many would want to call “eccentric” (aka ‘crazy’ but financially stable) and his sense of doing the right without a press conference or waiting for someone to pat him on the back is more than laudable.


So after a corporate tong war which lasted over 17 years between Prince and Warner Music Group, imagine no one’s surprise that after essentially becoming business partners and finally purchasing his own catalog back from Warner – that ‘an unfortunate set of circumstances’ takes his life a few days later…


It brings into question everything from the Dred Scott Decision to who decides how one leaves this mortal coil:


Sam Cooke…murdered because he owned his master tapes – and his lawyer had him set up for a jack move in a hotel, where he was shot…



Jimi Hendrix – dead from an apparent overdose of barbiturates – and the ownership of his work was challenged for years…


Whitney Houston – also found dead with an overdose of drugs in her system; while few understand how artists are wired for the kind of balance which allows their creativity to flow juxtaposed to saving them from self – destructing, the case for a set scenario involving all these great talents – including Prince – can’t be ignored.


Because the Dred Scott Decision verified the mindset that a Black person has no rights a White person should respect; and that they were ‘property.’


So the misdirection via the cause of death has begun – we’ve gone from “flu” to drugs in less than 48 hours! Now having time to marinate on this, the treasure trove of unreleased material – thousands of projects in a vault await the owner – and the reality of whichever relative is bought off looms even larger as Prince albums will be released long after myself and my grandchildren – are dead.


Tupac went through a similar situation with Interscope Records – and it won’t be long before we hear those tones as a warning to all recording artists…


If luring Prince back by ‘giving’ him his master tapes was the carrot which led to his death, it will be very difficult for me to listen to anything new by Prince because of the circumstances leading to it being produced.


For anything thinking this is a bunch of bullshit, ask yourself:


Once the coroner’s inquest was complete (and the worst fears were confirmed) did any one mainstream media concern say that Michael Jackson was murdered?


Interesting how the timing of the news that Sony now owns the Beatles Catalog which was Michael’s property came in almost underneath the Prince news as the murderers are still working on getting their stories straight…


Has anyone in mainstream media ever hypothesized Tupac being murdered for control of his work (and not some bullshit about an East Coast/West Coast “rap war?”)


Ultimately, the vibrations which set all this in motion come back to this: whether it was Michael, Tupac, Sam, Otis or Prince:


That’s too much power – for one man to have.


Always outnumbered…never outgunned.


Copyright (c) 2016 Michael – Louis Ingram all rights reserved.





















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