OKC’s One Game Away From The NBA Finals; Lead GSW 3-1 After 118-94 Victory

Updated: May 25, 2016

Coming into Tuesday nights match up everybody and their momma had the Thunder possibly losing Game 4. The reason why so many people doubted if OKC would be able to beat the Warriors was because, they haven’t lost back to back.  The Warriors were the only team in NBA History not to lose a game back to back in a season. The problem with that is the they found out the hard way that the playoffs are a different season.

Oklahoma City came out trying to put the defending champions away early as Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant made their presence felt. The Thunder were able to get to the basket and attack the basket whenever they wanted too. The crowd was into the game and the players were feeding off the energy of the crowd. Billy Donovan has been coaching a masterful series and has been able to counter act everything the Warriors are doing. Russell Westbrook came out doing anything and everything his coach wanted him to do. It seemed like the Thunder were a lot more hungrier than the Warriors tonight in OKC. Russell Westbrook was out playing the MVP and making sure that everyone knows it too.

Westbrook was getting his teammates involved early and then later got it going for himself as the game went along. Russell Westbrook ended the game with his 5th career triple double in the playoffs and his first of the 2016 playoffs. Westbrook went for 36 points, 11 assists, and 11 rebounds on the night. Westbrook was asked about playing against Stephen Curry and replied “I play every game like its my last”. Thats exactly why Westbrook was able to go 100MPH and no one on the Warriors was able to stop him. Westbrook has been on a tear ever since the Game 3 against the Spurs when he put the loss on his shoulders and is showing why he’s an MVP candidate.

Kevin Durant was able to play off of the greatness of Russell Westbrook tonight. No one on the Warriors was able to stop the shooting display that Kevin Durant was able to put on. The length of KD’s arms give him the space to be able to do anything he wants on the court. KD was on a mission being aggressive from the start and made sure that he brought his game as well. Durant finished with 26 points,11 rebounds, and 4 assists. The dynamic duo of Westbrook & Durant have been hard for the Warriors to figure out and now with the growth of the team its going to get scarier.

The bench of Oklahoma City have been able to show up and show out in this series. The Thunder as a team have been able to find the chemistry that all OKC fans knew they could have. The evolution of OKC’s bench has been something special to watch. Dion Waiters and Andre Roberson have been able to find their role on this championship caliber team at the right time. Andre Roberson was able to come out and get a career high in points with 17 and added in 12 rebounds. Roberson was all over the place on hustle plays and also he was able to get to the basket whenever he wanted because the Warriors left him open. Roberson has been able to make the Warriors pay as of late and has been growing in the playoffs as the series go along. Dion Waiters has also come through for the Thunder in a huge way as he added 10 points but was allowing the Westbrook to play off the ball. This Thunder team has grown as the season has progressed and its at the right time especially for the Thunder fans.

So many Thunder fans have been nervous because Kevin Durant’s free agency has been looming over the season. With the Thunder one game away from the NBA Finals OKC fans can definitely take a breather being on the cusp of a championship. The Thunder will need to go back to Golden State and handle business if they want to advance to the NBA Finals.

Game 5 is on Thursday at 8pm

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