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Updated: May 1, 2016

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)-According to USA Today, the average Major League Baseball salary  will be $4.4 million this season. Which means,  127  players will make, at least, $10 millions or more. With that said, let’s look at some of the top paid ballers in the American League.


1. Texas Rangers                  Josh Hamilton, LF             $24 million

2. Texas Rangers                 Prince Fielder, DH            $24 million

3. Texas Rangers                 Coles Hamels, SP              $22.5 million

4. Baltimore Orioles          Chris Davis, 1B                   $21.2 million

5. Boston Red Sox             David Price, SP                  $30 million

6. Boston Red Sox              Hanley Ramirez, 1B         $22 million

7. Los Angelses Angels      Albert Pujols, 1B                 $25 million

8. Los Angeles Angels       CJ Wilson, SP                      $20.5 million

9. New York Yankeees        CC Sabathia, SP                 $25 million

10. New York Yankees          Mark Teixeira, 1B             $23.1 million

11. New York Yankees          Masahiro Tanaka, SP      $22 million

12. New York Yankees          Jacoby Ellsbury, CF          $21.1 million

13. New York Yankees          Alex Rodriguez, DH         $21 million

14. Seattle Marines                Felix Hernandez, SP        $25.8 million

15. Seattle Marines                Robinson Cano, 2B          $24 million

16. Minnesota Twins             Joe Mauer, 1B                   $23 million

17. Detroit Tigers                     Justin Verlander,SP         $28 million

18. Detroit Tigers                     Miguel Cabrera, 1B          $28 million

19. Detroit Tigers                     Justin Upton, LF                $22 million

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