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LeBron James – NBA MVC (Most Valuable Cash Cow)

by Michael – Louis Ingram, Editor – in – Chief



PHILADELPHIA (BASN): Sometime Tuesday afternoon, a tweet came from former NBA player and League “ambassador” Dikembe Mutumbo, according to WIP 94.1 in Philadelphia during their on-air programming. One of the points of contention at the station which offers “Drama…guaranteed!” is the likelihood the Basketball Draft order – is rigged.


Not a new subject for sure, but when the tweet from Mutumbo (which supposedly said, ‘Congrats on getting the Number One pick’) raises more than an eyebrow; because if this is known now, why carry on a TV charade for the express purpose of perpetrating a fraud?


Rigged drafts notwithstanding, the National Basketball Association is raking in heavy cash – by default.


Add to this the popularity and drawing power of the record – setting Golden State Warriors and emergence of the Oklahoma City Thunder have become huge bonuses for a league where its three major markets (New York, Chicago and Los Angeles) are draggin’ serious ass behind them…


This has led to major lip service on the part of talking heads who are attempting to drive a wedge into the greatness that is LeBron James. How, you ask?


Every asshole with a microphone or notebook will steer the discussion away from anything he accomplishes this post – season. Say OKC knocks off Golden State (or vice versa) but loses to Cleveland in the final? It will get minimized because


they will chirp that one was ‘softened up’ by the other during their hard court tong war.


Then there’s that MVP thang.





No doubt Steph Curry has earned everything he’s got and deserves that MVP award; but Steph never had the burden of coming into a League where he had to worry about more than scoring.







Russell Westbrook is a bad mamma jamma, and takes the ball to The Baja with gusto – but he doesn’t have to take in the rise and fall in dollars and cents of his franchise as Mr. James did.






Kevin Durant is a class individual, very cool human being and has fought to make sure his image is not perceived in a manner which feels uncomfortable to him (i.e. that “Slim Reaper” bullshit – and more Black players should be as proactive!)





but knowing Nielsen is counting more on you than your teammates – now that’s real pressure!


Because all LeBron was asked to do as he came into the NBA as this high school man-child, was to put an entire league on his very sturdy back; and he has carried everyone through with flying colors.


When he left (and did his community a service with ‘The Decision’; done for charity reasons and not his idea) he was vilified because he dared leave The Gilbert Plantation to go to Florida (devaluing the worth of the Cavaliers franchise by over 100 million)


Between home games, playoffs, taxes and other ancillary income streams, LeBron James returning to Cleveland after snagging two championships – is worth over a half – billion dollars on the plus side; and you’d better believe Massa Gilbert  kissed dat ass on both cheeks when the possibility of that became real!



No one – not Russell, not KD, not Steph – even comes close. When you throw in the disgusting manner in which LeBron was portrayed during that period as the Mouse Turds from ESPN were all set to jump at the first chance to dump on him (mandated by their asshole bosses, for sure) all that pressure on top of making everybody happy at the box office is no doubt a huge burden to bear.



No other professional sports League – not even the NFL – has so much cabbage riding directly or indirectly on the fortunes on and off court of one man as does King James – fuck Skip Bayless and every hating asshole who looked to cut him down every chance they got.



Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett and LeBron were the very worthy exceptions to the rule re teenagers coming in and helping the League make beaucoup bucks and prop up their overall deportment; but young nor old Kobe nor Garnett could ring the register like LeBron; yet much of the apparatus among so-called ‘insiders’ seems to be making sure anything King James does will be minimized – unless, of course, he fucks up – scumbags!



These things are said not as much to praise LeBron as to reset everyone’s memory; a lot of folks owe their living to this young man – newspaper/media jobs, advertisers, anyone working at a bar, hotel or restaurant in any Central Division city. Just call this song exactly what the fuck it is; and remember in a capitalist society where Cash is King – ya betta recognize who really wears the crown; and give him his propers for keeping an entire league moving forward.



Got your Most Valuable – right here.















Always outnumbered – never outgunned.


Copyright (c) 2016 Michael – Louis Ingram all rights reserved 













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