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 Gary Norris Gray-BASN-Staff Reporter

OAKLAND, CA.-The United States of America has to face the music and electing Donald J. Trump in November is not the answer. TRUTH SHALL GIVE YOU FREEDOM.

The question should be asked, why America continues to demonize African Americans?  Maybe, White supremacy has a lot to do with this phenomenon and that’s why Donald Trump is so popular today. America is in full denial with the rewriting of history under the guise of White Supremacy, white washing the truth.

These are the lies that America keeps telling the world.


1st lie- America was founded by the so called pilgrims. A peace loving people.. Which was a lie … Those pilgrims were crooks, ladies of the night, gangsters, bums, and vagrants who were exported by England. Then these same peace loving people started killing my ancestors the American Indians who were already here..


2nd lie- ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. Our founding fathers stated that all men are created equal. Then how come our beloved founding fathers had slaves … These same founding fathers slept with these female slaves who gave birth to sons and daughters.  Anybody who can find a white person with the last name or surname of Washington or Jefferson, please email me.

RESIZEDlincolnblack northern solider

3rd lie- The civil war was about freeing the slaves. No, it was about state’s rights and the industrial North versus the agricultural South, the economic battle.  If President Lincoln did not enlist Black troops for the Northern armies the South would have won and my families would still be slaves today.

4th lie- Black soldiers went to Germany and Japan in World War II to fight for freedom yet when they came back home they still had to set in the back of the bus, they still had to come to the back door for service and they could not use the restrooms in public place. They were still 2nd class citizens. Thousands of Black men died for that lie.

Progressive Democrats tried to pass the Civil Rights Bill. It took foreign pressure to grant Civil Rights to Black people, Actually it took pressure from the world. England, Germany, and France wanted to know why the American government treated its own citizens in this manner. The Republican Party tried to block this legislation every step of the way. In the process Black adults were beaten and Black children were hosed down by fireman and bitten by police dogs. African Americans were put in jail for breaking the law; this included the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King.

prest. johnson

5th lie- The 1964 welfare bill, that we are still paying for… President Lyndon B. Johnson passed the 1964 Welfare Bill with great fanfare but The President did not tell you what was in the bill to appease Republicans and Dixie-crats(Southern Democrats) . In the bill males on welfare could not stay with their families if they were not married. This was the beginning of breaking down the family in the inner city.

STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES thus creating the mess we are in now… children without fathers-Black and white. That could have been avoided with a common sense bill but America wanted to play politics and demonize Black families, while looking like the great heroes saving America from poverty and homelessness… This moral crisis is still with us creating dysfunctional children and families.

RESIZED50th ann. of black panthers200px-KKK.svgamerican nazi party

6th lie- AND THIS IS A BIG ONE The American government cannot find the members of the KKK or the American Neo Nazi Party. But they found all of the Black Panther Party and either killed them, drugged them, or put them in jail. The Panther Party was called a terrorist group. What happened to the KKK and Nazi Parties? They are not church choir boys as they continue to terrorize people of color. Now they wear police uniforms, lawyer suits, and judge’s robes.

Black Lives Flags (290x151)

7th lie- ALL LIVES MATTER but nobody would have said that if it were not for the BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT once again the American public decertified and deflected a strong Black political movement. We don’t count….

8th lie- Immigrants are over-running the country with undocumented residences. This did not become an issue until 1980 under President Reagan. There are Russian and Eastern European undocumented residences in the northeast but don’t tell America public. The American Media points a finger at people of color of course, i.e. Latino-Hispanic and Chinese. We all thought The United States had an open door policy with their arms open to everyone but that has changed as the color of immigrants changed.

9th lie- That Black people were violent. Can you name the number of Black Mass Murders that have been committed? For the record it’s only three or four the past 40 years. The Atlanta Ga. Child Murders, the Long Island Commuter Murders, The Washington D. C. Rest Stop Murders and The North Carolina Army Base Murders…There is not enough room on this paper to list the white male mass murders in the United States the past 50 years. Yet Black people are violent.. America is too busy broadcasting Black on Black crime when in reality there are more white on white crime simply because of the numbers in the United States but who wants to find the truth? This is psychological warfare and it’s working because most Americans believe it.

10th lie- It is very interesting that after the institution of Slavery was abolished America started calling Black people lazy. Over 100 years of free labor America wants to call African Americans lazy, REALLY?

Lie number 11- America wanted information about venereal disease.  Ever hear of the Tuskegee Medical Experiment where 399 Black males had Syphilis and the doctors just watched them for years to see what would happen. All of the men died a very painful death but that’s o.k. because they got the medical information they wanted not caring for the patients.  Where was the respect for human life ?

Lie number 12- African Americans are bad business people.

What is the one thing America still refuses to allow African Americas to have? That’s business. Ever hear about red lining, the red light district, or high mortgage rates, credit references, or double credit rates, and higher down payments. IT IS STILL HERE

When Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in MLB 1947 African Americans had Black hotels, Black movie theaters, Black restaurants, Black banks, Black credit unions…. question can you find any of these now… THE ANSWER IS NO and that was done on purpose. After the fall of the Negro Leagues in 1959-1960 inner city businesses began to struggle to survive. African Americans started moving to the suburbs like Levittown-Willingboro, New Jersey.

African Americans had Black Wall Street in Tulsa Oklahoma. These proud Americans put their hard earned money in those banks from all over the country IT WAS BURNT TO THE GROUND in 1921. This was the first major blow to the surging Black economy.


Lie number 13- African Americans cannot be great leaders and that President Obama has done nothing for African Americans – If it were not for President Obama economic actions the first two years of his term The United States would have experience it’s second Great Depression.

The Republican Party from day one has blocked EVERYTHING that President Obama has tried during his presidency… The  minority party leader on the second day the Presidency stated that we are going to make him a one term president. Two of their esteem colleges-Senator Richard Santorum, Pennsylvania and Senator Ted Cruz, Texas have called the President the N.. word. These two men have yet to be reprimanded by the Senate or the House.

President Obama’s first Health Care Speech in September 2009 was interrupted.  A member of that house yelled out “YOU LIE” . It was South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson who shouted out those words.

IS THAT RESPECT FOR THE OFFICE OR THE MAN? THE ANSWER IS NO … Many African Americans did not agree with President George W. Bush but they respected the office of the president. This is not happening today and that is dangerous.

America refuses to respect African American men and that is part of the problem.

This attitude has slowly seeped into the sports world, a world which many fans enjoyed watching without the racial games. That no-longer exists and is led by the THE MOUSE, THE RAT, THE RODENT, ESPN.


Lie number 14- Black men are not good middle linebackers, this is a thinking man’s position on defense- Michael Singletary broke that mold with his All-Star play with the Chicago Bears,


Lie number 15- Black men are not good or intelligent enough to be National Football League quarterbacks. African Americans broke that mold too with five straight Super Bowl appearances the past five years. Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon of the Edmonton Eskimos won five straight Grey Cup Championships in the Canadian Football League. NOBODY HAS DONE THAT

Seattle Seahawk quarterback Russell Wilson has won more games the first three years than any other NFL quarterback. NOBODY HAS DONE THAT EITHER.

RESIZEDCam-Newton-RCRESIZEDRUSSELL WILSON?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Last year the America Sports Media tried to vilify quarterback Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers as he took a team with no receivers to Super Bowl 50-Newton did not lose properly, i.e. THE WHITE WAY.  The first African American to drive his team to the Super Bowl was Doug Williams of the Washington Football Club. Quarterback Donovan McNabb took the Philadelphia Eagles to four straight NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl.


Tiger Woods won more championships faster than any other golfer in a 10 year span.


Lewis Hamilton won back to back Formula One team and individual racing Championships


Cito Gaston of the Toronto Blue Jays won back to back World Series in the early 1990’s.

bill russell

Bill Russell not only won the National Basketball Association Championship but he did it as a player-coach. Russell won 11 NBA Championships.

African Americans have flown in space, have won gold medals, they are politicians, lawyers, doctors, and national representatives. They have defended this country time and time again.


America is acting like a spoiled brat, or a person that has had his/her bottle taken away. That child or person is in a full bloom temper tantrum. Lies are being uncovered with each passing year and it will not stop.

My beloved country is in trouble because it does not have the humanitarian leadership that will step into the White House. Where is that leadership? Where is the desire to do the right thing? Respecting human life!!! That leadership has fallen to the political bullies and the beast.

America continues to lie its way through history and its being exposed.

P.S. Lie number 15- Donald Trump picks White Nationalist as a Delegate- California Delegate William Johnson will attend the Convention at Cleveland, Ohio, as a Trump delegate. Trump had disavowed Mr. Johnson in January. Another lie.

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network, Disabled Community Activist. Email at

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