Rex Ryan Supports Trump – A Man the Ku Klux Klan Supports

Updated: April 21, 2016

You know . . . I thought I knew my White folks . . . . So it appears Buffalo Bills Head Coach, Rex Ryan supports Republican Tea Party (Klan – Lite)  Presidential candidate Lord Donald Trump –  A Man the Ku Klux Klan Supports. Rex escorted and introduced Emperor Trump to a Buffalo crowd a few days ago, and he clearly did it as “Head Coach” of the city’s NFL franchise.

Are Terry and Kim Pegula, franchise owners “Okay” with Ryan’s support? Do they have Trump’s back also? Should they be moving the franchise to Mississippi, or Mississippi to Buffalo?

Is the NFL backing Trump too?

Well I’m sorry, but I’ve got to ask what the chumps n’ punks over at ESPN/FOX Sports and Bleacher Report don’t have the balls, backbone or brains to ask; Does Rex want to “make America great/”White” again too? Is America no-longer White enough for Rex?  Is America becoming “too” Black for Rex?

Is the NFL “too-Black” for Rex?

Is Rex,  like Trump ”at War” . . . and who is Rex at-war with?

Does the Buffalo Bills front-office want to “make America White again?” Does the NFL want to “make America White again?” I do know the NFL deeply wishes they could make at least the NFL “White again,  strictly for marketing purposes – most of their fan base are angry White men who do want to “make America White again,” so yes logically they want the NFL to go back to 1958, same for MLB and of course the NBA. While simultaneously praying to baby Jesus (Nordic Viking version) that NASCAR remains a “Redneck thang.”

Boxing, Golf, ladies tennis …White makeover is long overdue.

Does Rex want US soldiers going door-to-door thru Latino neighborhoods in the middle of the AM, dragging 77 year-old grandma’s and 7 year-old grand daughters out into the cold, throwing them on Southbound Greyhound buses headed to Mexico City?

Does Rex want to ban Muslims from America? Turn their neighborhoods into Internment camps/reservations?

Does Rex want the police to act as Redneck Gestapo playing judge,  jury and executioner in Black and Latino neighborhoods all across this nation.

Does Rex too, like the Don attribute a woman’s “emotions” or “attitude”  to her menstrual period?

Rex Ryan is reported to be a genuine, authentic Negro Whisperer… just like his daddy. Supposedly Rex can, like his ol’ man “talk to” the manimals on his team, motivate them to go onto the field of battle and perform.  With this being his trademark, one must ask; Does the Ryan non-endorsement/endorsement of Trump matter to his mildly-educated Black players? Sadly many of them don’t know who Hillary Clinton, Tom Cruz or Bernie Sanders are. Is Rex unaware of how this endorsement will sit with enlightened Black and Latino players in the league?

Does he not care?

What’s that endorsement say about Rex Ryan? Is Rex a micro-minded caveman like Trump? Does Rex grasp the simplicity of Trumps horse manure – for all practical purposes Trump’s placing this nation on the cusp of race riots.

Does the NFL Players Association care that a man who backs a man the Klan backs … also leads Black men into gridiron  battle?


I’ve come to accept the NFL and Boxing are very akin to Django Unchained’s version of Plantation owners pitting their mandingos against one another, and folks from miles around come around, pay to watch and gamble on the spectacle. It’s not that complicated. Ebony gladiators killing each other, with a few “Great White Hopes” mixed-in to stir the soap-operatic pot.

I, as a Black man wouldn’t want to ”perform”  for Rex Ryan.

I’d have a hard time believing Rex was in my corner, and saw me as anything but a  . ..  thug? Why, because clearly Trump and the KKK aren’t in any Black person’s corner.  Yet Rex is in their corner, and somehow simultaneously the Black players corner?

Don’t piss down my back and then try to tell me it’s raining.

I as a fan would not want to buy Buffalo merchandise because I don’t wish to enrich the franchise which employs a man who goes out of his way to endorse a man backed by the Klan. Rex needs to worry about making the Bills 8-8 again.

Yeah, wow, I sure thought I knew my White folks.


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