Pac Man Wins Maybe His Last Fight?

Updated: April 10, 2016

I predicted that Bradley would actually earn a victory over Pacquiao especially since Pacquiao was a 37 year old fighter and coming off shoulder surgery.  I was wrong and the reason was simple, Pacquiao is an elite Hall of Fame fighter and Bradley is just very good fighter, who is not elite fighter in Pacquiao’s class.  This is not slam against Bradley but a realistic view of where both fighters are and after their third fight; Pacquiao left no doubt that he was the better fighter even at the age of 37 years old.

This was a fight in which both fighters combined average only 60 punches per round and the early rounds featured slow motion actions where you could score each punch that landed. It was a chess match masquerading as a boxing match.  In the second round, Pacquiao landed two solid left hands at the conclusion of the round to win the round and those two punches were the most visible actions seen.


In the third round, Pacquiao shook his surgically repaired right shoulder in a round that was close even though nothing of meaningful punches actually connected but Pacquiao shaking his shoulder left many wondering what had happened.   It was in the fourth round that Pacquiao started to zero in on his opponents with his patented left hand and at the end of the fifth round, he rallied to take a round that Bradley started well, showing that his shoulder was healed.

Halfway the fight, many ringside pundits had Pacquiao winning by two rounds but with minimal punches connected, it was difficult to say for certain which fighter was truly ahead.   The seventh round saw a dramatic change as Pacquiao knock Tim Bradley down and while Bradley got up quickly but this was the first knock down in the trilogy but it changed the fight complexion.

Bradley responded with his best round of the fight  in the eighth as he nailed Pacquiao with combinations and forced the PacMan to the ropes and forced Pacquiao to cover up.  In the ninth, whatever momentum that Bradley build up in the eighth round dissipated as a Pacquiao quick left connected and sent Bradley down a second time.

From this point, Pacquiao had command of the fight as he won an uneventful tenth as Bradley did little to press the action.  This continued through the eleventh as both fighters fought at a measured pace which benefitted Pacquiao.

Bradley closed the twelfth hard but it was too little, too late as the two knockdowns and Pacquiao racking up rounds going into the final stanza had him up big on the judges scorecard.  Pacquiao was given the fight 116-110 by all three judges and this was certainly reasonable score.  What was impressive is that the older fighter dominated the second half of the fight and took control of the action.  Pacquiao threw more punches and connected on more punches and that ensured the win to go with the two knockdowns.

If Pacquiao follows through on his promise to retire after this fight, then this is not a bad way to leave the sport as he beat a good fighter and in the final bout of the trilogy, he dominated the second half of the fight.  There is nothing left to prove and Pacquiao has a political career to fall back on, so it is time to say good bye.

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