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Gary Norris Gray-BASN-Staff Reporter

OAKLAND, CA.- Controlling the images of Black players in the United States is a constant premeditated act. They are ridiculed and punished by the mainstream media for just being who they are, proud Black men.  An athlete who has perfected his craft over the years is demeaned for the way he speaks, that means other than the established “proper” English.  Yet the standard for what is “proper” is set by the mainstream media of the dominant (white) culture.

RESIZEDgreen kerr

IMAGE- The perception of the Black athlete’s intelligence ends when a person of color makes a statement that might sound a little different but makes sense in the complete context. When that player does not use the correct grammar structure he is cited as being unintelligent. Draymond Green-Golden State Warriors made a statement that his team had lost focus, and seemed dis-interested after their defeat against the Minnesota Timberwolves Tuesday Night.

The Sports News media started playing the recorded interview of that night over, over, and over again. The national sportscasters started saying that Green was not articulate. A day later Golden State Warrior Head Coach Steve Kerr stated exactly the same thing in a different style, in other words correct English grammar. What was the difference?

Does Steve Kerr transcend more weight than Draymond Green? They are saying the same thing yet they are portrayed in a different light because of who spoke the words and how they were received by the public.

IMAGE- The son of former head coach of the University of Tennessee Lady Vols Pat Summitt, resigned on Thursday afternoon. Tyler Summitt head coach of the University of Louisiana Tech Women’s Basketball Team stepped down. Tyler had alleged sexual relations with a player. The news dribbled or leaked out on a very slow news day. This reporter had to really dig deep to find this story because the news media once again protected their own.

Mr. Summitt is married, and returned home to the University of Tennessee, the sports news media is still silent…

Now if an African American head coach had done the same he would have been fired immediately and the American Sports media would have had a field day.


When a white athlete is less than articulate (say, Eli Manning-New York Giants), we may rarely hear him, but a Black athlete will be given ample time to display “unorthodox” diction.  The intention, and result, is to control the image of the Black athlete as being ignorant. This is done over and over again for the sole purpose of controlling the Black athlete.

Let’s go back and trace the origin of controlling talented African American males.

The United States of America along with its European Allies have controlled the images of People of Color especially African American males for over hundreds of years. These acts continue to kill, injure, demean, arrest, and subvert African American males.


The power of faith, the church and its images are the very beginning of the flawed attempt at controlling these images of white power, and control. This is displayed with the photos and icons of a pale faced Jesus Christ in churches around the world. BASIC LOGIC- would tell you that Jesus was of darker hue because of his birth place but don’t tell the masses this, because the Caucasian race would lose its power to control.

IMAGE- Who played Moses in the Ten Commandments (Charlton Heston)? Who played the role of the Queen of the Nile-Cleopatra (Elizabeth Taylor)? Who played the role of the Queen of Sheba (Gina Lollobrigida)? Queen Sheba was one of the most beautiful Ebony Black sisters on the planet but you can’t tell America or Europe that either.


IMAGE- The feminization of Black athletes is done on a consistent basis. These strong Black males are shown wearing dresses, high heels, and wigs. They are LeBron James, Charles Barkley, Rickey Williams,  Evander Holyfield, Shaquille O’Neal, Barry Bonds, and Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson. That’s just to name a few, the list is endless.

The most recent television commercial by State Farm Insurance includes “The Hooper Family” which in reality are the Los Angeles Clippers. Mom– DeAndre Jordan-center from the “NO HEART TEAM” runs down the staircase in a dress, declaring they have been robbed. “My rings are gone”. REALLY? Then Grandpa, Kevin Garnett-center, states “YOU AIN’T GOT NO RINGS” – A double negative in the English language, but everybody laughs and goes on their merry way. This is controlling the image of Black males in the United States with feminization and poor grammar, making them all buffoons. This is not an accident.

Have you noticed or have you asked when was the last time a white professional athlete put on a dress, high heels, and a wig? JUST SAYING!!!..

These actions are to neutralize and emasculate the Black athlete. This is done to make him as non-threatening as possible. IT IS NOT WORKING

IMAGE-When white players commit or state something unintelligent, more often than not they get a free pass. Think Johnny “Football” Manziel’s drunkenness: he’s cut by Cleveland after many months of debating, but gets to go to rehab instead of going to jail; this should have been a no brainer. Manziel will get another chance at playing football with another team in 2016. Manziel knows that he can get away with this because of his white male privilege.

Black players who may have committed the same crime may never play again.

Brett Favre sends genital selfies to a female employee: it’s dismissed as a joke. IS THIS NOT SEXUAL HARASSMENT???? Favre gets traded from the New York Jets to the Minnesota Vikings ending his football career without punishment and without criticism.

Then you have Tom Brady, Mr. Perfect, Mr. All American with an  out-of-wedlock child by Bridget Moynahan, which is ignored by the sports media. That same media glorifies his relationship and his new family supermodel Gisele Bundchen and baby. The American sports media also ignored the gun battle at one of his friend’s wedding reception with Mr. Brady in attendance. NOTHING!!!

Ben Roethlisberger is accused of two sexual assaults with other women, is suspended for four games by the National Football League, but life otherwise goes on for Big Ben, one of the good ol’ boys.

IMAGE– Yet if and when ANY Black player commits lesser acts, even if they merely mis-speak, they are ridiculed and punished by the mainstream media.  Golden State forward Draymond Green and former head coach Tyler Summitt are the latest examples of this double standard.


STEP THREERUSSELL WILSONLebron-James-is-upset-as-his-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3-crashes-and-burns


Framing the image by asking questions of Black athletes they would never ask their white counterparts is protecting their white athletes from ridicule and abuse. The image of an intelligent Russell Wilson-quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks or the businessman LeBron James-Cleveland Cavaliers gets discounted or dismissed because it does not fit the image wanted. The sports establishment calls LeBron James selfish for leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to play for the Miami Heat and calls Wilson aloof for not talking to his teammates after the last Super Bowl loss, this is psychological warfare on Black males.

IMAGE-White sports fans deify their sports heroes like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig-baseball, Wayne Gretzky-hockey, Tom Brady-football, and John Stockton-basketball.

Black sports fans honor their athletes, so they are viewed as human beings and not SUPER FREAKS.

IMAGE-White fans love non-threatening Black athletes like Willie Mays, Willie McCovey-San Francisco Giants, Barry Sanders-Detroit Lions, Joel Ward-San Jose Sharks and Tim Duncan-San Antonio Spurs.

Subban-1-200x200???????RAJON RONDO

IMAGE-White fans do not like outspoken, assertive, and demanding Black Athletes like P.K. Subban-Montreal Canadiens, Terrell Owens-Philadelphia Eagles, Barry Bonds-San Francisco Giants, or Rajon Rondo-Sacramento Kings. They do not like these gifted athletes because they (white fans) feel physically threatened by their massive presence. They want to be around a Black player like Rickey Henderson, a happy go lucky player, a player that won’t make waves, non-political and not involved in Black rights projects.

IMAGE-The media portrayed Cam Newton-Carolina Panthers as a sore loser after the brutal Super Bowl loss this year to the Denver Broncos led by Mr. Peyton Manning. Years earlier Mr. Wonderful, Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts walked off the Super Bowl field without shaking the hand of Drew Brees-New Orleans Saints, after a Colts loss. The media ran a full page of Newton’s attitude this year and this reporter recalls not a word was spoken about Peyton Manning’s un-sportsmanlike conduct years ago.. The media kept Peyton Manning’s image intact while at the same time trashing Cam Newton’s image.

IMAGE– White ownership does not want to be told by Black players what to do and how to run their business. Terrell Owens did just that the year the Philadelphia Eagles went to the Super Bowl, requesting the addition of all star wide receivers to help Donovan McNabb win. Owens was released soon after and the Philadelphia Eagles have not been to the Super Bowl since.

Three years ago Tom Brady of the New England Patriots requested strong running backs and a tight end to help his offense. The ownership listened and got the players Brady needed. The next year the New England Patriots went to the Super Bowl and won.

CONTROLLING THE IMAGE-The American Sports Media continues to try to inform us that Black athletes are not smart enough but we all know better.  AMERICA WANTS these Black athletes to speak the white way, play the white way, and act the white way, if not their IMAGE will get trashed. THAT IS CONTROL

Gary Norris Gray – Writer, Author, Historian. Gibbs Magazine-Oakland, California and New England Informer- Boston Mass. THE GRAYLINE:- The Analects of A Black Disabled Man, The Gray Leopard Cove, Soul Tree Radio In The Raw, and The Batchelor Pad Network, Disabled Community Activist. Email at

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