Russell Westbrook’s 15th Triple Double Of The Season Beat Rockets (111-107)

Updated: March 23, 2016

The Thunder came into this game on a 4 game winning streak after beating POR,BOS,PHI,IND and wanted to add Houston to that list. Coming into the game Kevin Durant has had 55 straight games of 20+ points in a game.  Russell Westbrook came into the game with 14 triple doubles on the season and is coming off 2 straight triple double performances. The Thunder were going to have to work hard in the paint if they were going to get past Harden and Howard. The Rockets had some distraction as people were saying Howard was cheating by using some stickum substance on his hands. The Rockets wanted to get that past and just focus on the Thunder and the Chesapeake crowd.

The Thunder were able to get to the basket at will as KD and Westbrook were helping set the tone and also setting up teammates very early. Russell Westbrook had 5 points, 8 assists and 7 rebounds in the first half and was pulling for another triple double performance. But just as KD and Westbrook were doing their thing for the Thunder so was Harden for the Rockets. James Harden was able to play through an injury and take it to the Thunder making step back jumpers and attacking the basket. The Thunder were able to carry the momentum of this whole game on their back. Every time the Rockets were getting ready to make a long run the Thunder were able to put an end to that. Billy Donovan has been able to make the best of the lineup when he puts KD and Westbrook to match up with the bench. Its been working and it worked on Tuesday as well because the Rockets were collapsing on the stars and it allowed Dion Waiters to come in and do damage. Waiters scored at will it seemed and was able to penetrate and attack the basket when he was given the chance to hit the paint. His jumper was on point and he was making the best of the added playing time that Billy Donovan gave him.

Russell Westbrook was able to take over the game in the second half as he got his 15th triple double on the season tying him with Michael Jordan fro 1989. Westbrook had 21 points, 15 assists, and 10 rebounds in the game and was able to be a problem for all of the Rockets. Kevin Durant was able to do as he wanted with his 23 points and also he was setting the tone on the defensive end.

The Thunder play the Utah Jazz on Thursday and they will try to go for 6 games in a row. The Thunder will have to deal with the twin towers of Favors and Gobert in the paint which should be a fun task.

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