Russ and KD Take Advantage Of Spurs Their Without Starters (111-92)

Updated: March 27, 2016

The Thunder were coming in on a 6 game winning streak and were on a roll as of late. The Spurs were playing really good too as they were coming into OKC. The Spurs in perfect Pop fashion sat their starters down and played the second unit. The Thunder were struggling in the beginning stages of the game with the size of Boban Marjanovic who is a complete monster in the paint at 7″0+. The Thunder were finally able to get things clicking in the second half as KD and Russ were able to takeover the game. Kevin Durant had surpassed Allen Iverson for his 58th straight game with 20+ points in a game. Kevin Durant had 31 points, 10 rebounds and 3 assists and was able to do anything that he wanted tonight against the Spurs without Kawhi Leonard.


Russell Westbrook added on to what KD had did tonight and finished with 29 points, 8 assists and 6 rebounds. It was an overall great performance by the Thunder as a team as 4 players were in double figures and were able to get the job done. Enes Kanter has quietly been on a serious double double pace and has been racking up the points in his time given. Russell Westbrook already has Kanter winning the 6th Man of the Year award and believes its not even close.

The Thunder were able to dominate against the Spurs second unit and wanted to make sure they kept the winning streak alive. The Thunder will be facing the Raptors and the Pistons. They’re both fighting for playoff positioning and the Thunder will be trying to spoil their hopes.

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