Reports of Robert Griffin III’s demise are greatly hoped-for, prayed-for, exaggerated, overstated, inflated and amplified by many. Call it “wishful thinking.”

Updated: March 26, 2016

Reports of Robert Griffin III’s demise, like those of Tiger Woods fiery end, are greatly hoped-for, prayed-for, exaggerated, overstated, inflated and amplified by many. Call it “wishful thinking.”

“Who” I ask is it who wants to see this young man crash n’ burn? Let’s put a face, a skin-color on that sportsfan.

It’s the angry Caucasian-male sports fans who dreads and despises what RGIII, Cam, Wilson, C. Kaep  and the rest of the Black Airmen are symbolic of …  the end of their personal “Great White Hope”  fairy tale. The Black Quarterback’s ascension and recognition certifies the “official” end of the unofficial yet well-constructed, fabricated and contrived fantasy of the “Great White Alpha-Male.”

Whom does the whistle blow for…? It blows for the immobile, non-athletic, stationary Quarterback. Today, right here and now with Russell Wilson’s 3 trips to the Super Bowl, Kaepernick’s runs into the playoffs, the emergence of Cam . . . we’re witnessing the end of an era of alleged White alpha-male dominance. It seems with the advent of “fairness” the sham has been exposed. It appears it was only carried-out by excluding  the Black sportsmen from competing.

No?  Does anyone beg-to-differ?

By league ownership molding and shaping the game to benefit the non-athlete at the QB slot . . . by even  branding the athletic White QB as a quirk, as a “freak of nature;” from Tarkenton and Staubach to Flutie and Manziel – there was an effort to dismiss their skills and talent – because it’s clear these type White QBs are a rarity, an oddity. However for the Black QB – the White guy’s type mobility , one who can walk n’ chew gum at the same time –  is the norm.

Flutie’s success would have, if nothing else illustrated what an athlete could do, it would have forced the conversation regarding  the Black quarterback a quarter-century ago . . .  and the gridiron godfathers knew it.

Jameis Winston and Terry Bridgewater – branded as non-mobile QBs – and they bring more athletic ability to the table than 90% of the White QBs in the league.

 In light of these league-wide conditions – RG made the right decision by signing with the Hue Jackson led Cleveland Blacks . . .  sorry Browns. The kid can now “rule-out” his boss is a supporter of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, even though as a “Black Republican” Griffin might be delusionally backing one of these clowns, but I’d submit after what he’ s been through – young Robert is reevaluating White people. Hopefully not his wife. And I’m glad he correctly evaluated Sheriff John Elway, who has more in common with Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Shapiro than most know.

Young Mr Griffin will receive a much fairer shot from Hue than he did with either of the Mastermind “Golden Boy” geniuses who just endangered him. It’s no secret Jay Gruden’s’ got the Washington gig because of his brother, Jon,  who he himself inherited a well-stocked Super Bowl caliber Bucs team.

Who’d argue Shanny rode Terrell Davis to the holy land . . . and hasn’t found that type success since.  I’m just saying.

What ought not be lost or glossed-over in the story of RGIII is the chickenshit fact this kid was deliberately placed in harm’s way by both Shanny and Groudon  – both of whom I’d argue belong to that gridiron good ol’ boy fraternity whose stomachs turn n’ quiver when they see guys like Cam Newton redefining the ultimate pop culture position in US culture and society.

Finding out Superman is really Black … is a bitch.

Having your wife, sister, daughter discover Superman is really Black . . . is a bitch too

Here’s what mystifies, distresses and dumbfounds me; how the internet conversation orchestrated by ESPN, FOX sports, SI, Bleacher Report and the rest is forced, and I do mean forced to ignore if not dismiss the role of White racism by White  writers, producers and editors who simply refuse to acknowledge its presence in sports. They refuse to permit a locker room/sports bar or backyard barb-b-q  debate about  “White racism and the NFL quarterback.”

Where’re all the White running backs, receivers and defensive backs?

You know where they are, selling real estate in Florida, or Fords in Virginia. Why? Clearly not because there exist some hurdles or obstacles which effectively ban them from prosperity in the NFL,  but because they lack the required talent, intelligence, skills and heart.

Call me a Black racist if you like, but that’s the butt-naked truth.

Nevertheless, why are there so few Black QBs in the NFL?

Well, historically we were denied the opportunity, branded “dumb” and then banned, barred and excluded. Today we’re “disposable” like JaMarcus Russell, Vince Young, EJ Manuel, Geno Smith and now RGIII. As with Cam Newton- not much is invested in the Black QB’s  success from a surrounding talent perspective.

Look at Young and Griffin, both NFL Rookies Of The Year; one Black-balled, dubbed “cra-cra” by his coaches in Tennessee, disowned because he was too-cocky while in Philly.

Young couldn’t be a back-up in the NFL, but guys like Matt Schaub, TJ Yates, Kellen Moore, Matt Hasselbeck, Zach Mettenberger, Jimmy Clausen, Brian Hoyer  can back-up, start occasionally . . . please!

While RGIII was strategically, deliberately,  in  a cold, calculating manner placed in clear and present danger by two White men who’d I suggest might harbor offensive and insulting opinions regarding Black Quarterbacks, and for that matter, perhaps Blacks in general. Maybe both only can work-with or “stomach” a certain type Black person?

Chip Kelly likes his Negroe Gladiators  smart, while Shanahan might prefer his dumb . . . .

Might RG have been too cocky/intelligent for his White coaches … might he not have known his place?

Robert openly criticized White men, question their character . . . and you know what happens when you do that.  See Terrell Owens.

Might RGIII, like Russell Wilson, and unlike Cam Newton . . . be too well-spoken, too diverse  in their personal interest and activities,  Robert too politically Conservative,  e.g.,  “too White” for simple minded Black players and White coaches who share in their small-minded monolithic gutter-low expectations for Blacks.

I’d argue the NFL is full of Black players who sadly know their 1937 “mindless” mandingo warrior place.

Scores who just want to make mucho moolah – so they “shuck n’ jive for the White folks”  their entire career is a little jig, tap- dancing n’ rappin’  for White folks,  carrying on n’ on in “broken” fragmented 7th grade-level Ebonics which sadly passes as Black dialect/ English for those with  meager expectations and standards for Black folks

Inflaming the QB/coach relationship; Griffin married the little redheaded White girl.

Sorry, but that extravaganza event didn’t put a smile on most White father’s faces across the sports world, nor the faces of the Washington Redskins  White coaches. They too are White men and despite working in an industry where Black men dominate the ranks, they can be Republican TEA Party card-carriers armed with the social beliefs to confirm it. Please note Mike Shanahan is a friend of George W. Bush, and thus understanding their Conservative/Confederate  “politics” I can only conclude they‘ve viewpoints and perspectives on society, the world, and the color issues within the NFL which would not set well with me nor most Black sports fans..

Look, just as I harbor reservations and concerns about entrusting Black children to be educated by White teachers, I have grave concerns about Black Quarterbacks having their careers placed in the hands of angry, hostile White men who, from “start” maintain the same racist, bias, belittling beliefs their fathers and grandfathers did; Black guys don’t have the heart, brains nor backbone to be an NFL Field General.


Desi Cortez

Born Standin’ Up n’ Talkin’ Back


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