Goal Book Helps Bring Celebrity Basketball Game to Canada

Updated: February 8, 2016
Peter Talias, founder of I can, We Can! and Snoop Dogg

Founder of I can, We Can! Peter Tolias and Snoop Dogg

Toronto, Canada (BASN) —Thanks to his own personal goal book, Peter Tolias, founder of the I can, We Can! movement, is getting ready to host his first celebrity basketball game this Saturday along side Hip-Hop artists Snoop Dogg and 2 Chainz in Mississauga, Ontario.


The I Can, We Can! Tru Snoop Hoop event will bring celebrities, politicians, police and youth under the same roof for a celebrity youth and basketball game as well as a motivational session focusing on goal setting and positive thinking for kids.


Tolias, who teaches youth the importance of changing the way they think and feel in order to achieve their dreams, recalls how his idea to meet a Canadian rapper would lead him to host a charity event.


‘ I basically put Drake in my goal book two and a half years ago.  And everyday I would wake up and say, ‘I’m going to do an event with Drake and we are going to create the biggest positive movement in North America,’ said Tolias.


Tolias knew getting to one of the biggest rappers in the music industry would be anything but easy, however, he was determined to achieve his goal.


‘ I didn’t know Drake. I’m just a skinny white guy from Mississauga…but I would look in my book everyday saying, ‘I’m going to find Drake.’ Everyone thought I was crazy but I called everyone I thought could help me,’ said Tolias. ‘ Once I was able to get to him, I got to know his friends, and then I was able to get a picture with him,‘ said Tolias.


With his goal book in hand, a picture with Drake and a lot of prayer, Tolias started networking with other celebrities.


‘I sold the story that Drake was in [on board with the event] even though I didn’t ask him if he was in. And I just kept going.’


Tolias would go on to book the Hershey Centre arena and purchase NBA All-Star tickets to give away to kids and sponsors.


‘I refinanced my house and maxed out all my credit cards, Tolias said.  ‘Sometimes if you want to do something big, and you want to do something a certain way you just have to do it yourself. Now, I’m lucky [to] have partners like the United Way and the Rotary Club-and the police and politicians.’


As word got around the celebrity game would be taking place, Tolias started to receive criticism due to Snoop Dogg’s involvement.


‘People are saying well Snoop has a history. Snoop does this and Snoop does that…well everyone has a past but I’m trying to pull the good out of everybody,’ said Tolias. ‘I say to [those criticizing], why don’t you look at the fact that I went to Snoop Dogg to do this event and he said okay. Why don’t you look at the fact that he [gives over] three thousand kids in L.A. the opportunity to play football and donates his own money.  And if you really look at it, Snoop Dogg isn’t Snoop Dogg anymore- he’s Snoop Lion.  He’s not perfect, nobody is perfect but Jesus said ‘He without sin cast the first stone.’


As for Tolias, he had a troubled past. He was abused as a child and grew up with guns and however, through positive thinking and goal setting he was able to turn his life around.


Tolias knows in order to reach the kids he would like to reach, he would need to bring in celebrities they would be able to relate to.


‘I can’t bring Taylor Swift…not to the people I’m trying to get at,’ said Tolias. ‘That’s the difference between what we’re doing and We Day. We Day goes and grabs the kids that are 85 per cent and makes them 88 per cent. What we’re doing is we’re going after the kids that are forgotten. The kids in the hood that don’t have a shot. The kids in the hood that would never get the opportunity to do this- they look up to these people.’


Tolias plans to give away most of the I Can, We Can! Tru Snoop Hoop tickets to those who want to meet their favourite celebrities but can’t afford NBA All-Star tickets.


As for whether or not Drake will be in attendance this Saturday, that has yet to be confirmed, however, Tolias remains hopeful.


‘I have a feeling Drake’s going to come. When you have all these celebrities coming to Mississauga raising all this money for 2 Chainz and Snoop Dogg’s charities and the United Way and Rotary in his own backyard- how can he not come to help kids.’


For more information on how you can attend the I Can, We Can! Tru Snoop Hoop game and win tickets to the NBA All-Star game visit, icanwecan.ca.


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