Cavs Beat OKC Despite Losing Kyrie To Flu-Like Symptoms (115-92)

Updated: February 21, 2016

The Thunder were coming off a loss against the Pacers that they let slip away on Friday.  Coming into town today was the Cleveland Cavaliers who wanted to make a statement coming out and they did just that. Kyrie Irving was trying to play through the flu and just couldn’t get it done as he was only able to play 9 minutes in the game. LeBron and the Cavs were able to take it to the Thunder and punch them in the mouth early. The Thunder responded from that punch with a counter punch of their own when they got down by 5 after a monster Westbrook dunk. The Cavs showed why they are a strong contender today as Lebron and Love combined for 54 of the 115 that Cleveland scored on the Thunder. The Thunder had no answer on the perimeter as Cavs shot 51.3% from the field in the game and were able to hit big shots any time they felt the Thunder creeping back in.

The Thunder were depending on Durant and Westbrook to make things happen for them as the rest of the team really struggled from the field. Dion Waiters was 1-8 from the field and also the whole bench scored only 21 points. The Thunder have to be able to clean this up because the depth is very important moving forward in the season heading into the playoffs. Randy Foye went 1-5 from the field in his first game as a Thunder and will quickly want to forget about that.

The Thunder were beat in this game because of the lack of defense and also they lacked energy on the boards. Cleveland out rebounded OKC by 10 and also was going to the basket a lot more aggressively. This isn’t what Thunder fans want to see from their team especially with Golden State Warriors coming into town on Saturday. The Thunder need to find their identity in the locker room and make sure that they can get a win in this second half of the season.

The Thunder need to take it personal on defense which they didn’t tonight. JR Smith was able to hit wide open 3 pointers and LeBron was looking like a magician out there on the court. The Hero ball with Durant and Westbrook can only go so far before teams realize they need help. They combined for 46 points and will be heading to Dallas for a showdown there and then back home to face the defending champs on the 27th.

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