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The Black Athlete Trails of Travails

By Eric G. Satterwhite



In the Gregorian Calendar year of 2016 the leap of the Black Athlete campaign to attain full-fledged American Citizenship via a jump shot, slap shot, overhand left,

inside the park homer, and ace serve continues to swerve the curves while rattling cliché ridden mass media nerves.



For many expunged bandits masked as redundant Sports pundits keyboarding the glitz published as the Black Athlete marketing blitz, Franchise contract targeting,

and neutered by digitized Social Media charging that NOW– is the Golden Era of halcyon sun kissed skin heroics —the subliminal parlayed…the gist of just or

Justice poetic?





20sixteen where Trump cards are being smashed out with devil-may-care spontaneity, email scrutiny facades political immunity, and the overwhelming

impression that organic Human principles has succumbed to robotized Artificial Intelligence. Yet, Sports still appeals as a facility for making icons (mouse-free) of the underserved unsung…elevating the abject subjects from the projects out of quicksand to



Glory Land.



Fast forward. The universal perception of Black Athlete excellence that the lion’s share capital tendered is strength/stamina, speed/agility, desire/instinct, and the

innate sense of rhythm/timing. True that the Sports foundation is laced with the DNA fibers previously slanted and the subconscious acquiesce that the Black

Athlete’s background of toil and sweat equity battling for mere survival opportune the Black Athlete aptly for the Sporting challenge (whatever it may be)

which quicken the Black footpath to Sports—the guise matching wits (irrevocably) on egalitarian terms…then… the collective exhale!




The preponderance of Sports readers be they novice, casual, or super-vets have skimmed the repetitive sports presentation of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

of the Black Athlete mastering his/ hers chosen field in bosom of family turmoil dysfunction, economic strife, and the maze traps of licentious law

enforcement—petty drug crimes—murder/mayhem—heinous education systems—toxic water supply—with the compensation for the sparse Athletic

Elites who auspiciously navigate this GPS death lottery…. a date as a Draft Day lottery pick. Oh the odds….




Sports evermore have and evermore will be variant things to various people and allurement to all people. Even the maximum puritanical of early invading

American settlers hit the pause button and ogled sports to wily weigh is sports frivolous or religious?




In the United States of America Sports is so interwoven in the fabric of Betsy Ross’s Red, White, and Blue that basketball styled shorts are worn by every

generation, age group, ethnicity, and gender regardless of the fact that they recognize Facebook moreover than the face of Dr. James Naismith.




Thrusting ahead Sports in America hold select appraisal either from the prestige point of being participants, spectators, beneficiaries, donors, rooters, or bettors.

Rewinding to the preamble in polymorphic habitudes the essences of the Black Athlete’s monochrome campaign for rank and rating and position, for

acceptance/recognition, for the opportunity to trampoline Sports as the jump off for Full Fledged American acceptance…




The indomitable nature of sports being thus, finds fitting, natural and normal that Sports revolving door approximates the visual that the four J’s (Jack Johnson, Jesse Owens, Joe Louis, and Jackie Robinson)

Can lead the masses to the 4 J’s of American benefits >Justice—Jobs—Jackpot—





Recently someone proposed the following query to your writer-ship. Can it be successfully argued that based on current communication mediums that Jamaican

speedster extraordinaire Usain Bolt is less important than Martin Luther King, Jr.?




Who reaches more people in their life cycle?




In the following February drops we shall prepare a tasty dish of forgotten Black Athlete cuisine that is consigned to oblivion and left in the lurch. Kindly accept

this read as the Red, Black, and Green tablecloth.








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