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Supreme MATH-Athletic: The Sepia Aesthetics by

Eric G. Satterwhite




Welcome to the jubilee – an authenticated ratification from the Super Heru in me.




Last we dined we elected to unwind printed/verbalized redundancy from the talking head paradigm…legless drivel uttered with vitriolic lemony sublime…the

citrus of pancake sour face uttered at clocks of prime.




So beloveds it’s lastingness to do the analysis– of the canned expertise (that can’t quantify the actuality) without roping it in to mumbo jumbo statistical

paralysis…the byproduct of nonsense biased/self-loathing providence camera captured rudderless remnants.








Walk with me as we open up a new periphery….




Strata of Lifeless Data Occasion to de-mystify compromised computer computations today’s Sports statistical mutations. Firstly, Supercomputer’s transact one materiality and that’s compute at breakneck speed. If one uploads an error the Supercomputer imparts the data 70,000 times faster. Therefore, a Supercomputer cannot convert data of the visceral excellence of Black Athletes to organic information (pure energy),then organic information to knowledge, and then the impossible– converting




lifeless data– to organic wisdom.




Hence the live Sports broadcaster after surveying a splendorous Black Athletic realization instantaneously responding with the familiar homilies, “Unbelievable”!




Ay caramba!




The point? Straddling the statistical fence obstructs the transformation to meta-magnificence…under the guise of numerical innocence. Black Athletes get trapped

in a quick fix numerical matrix a remixed flip flop flipped script…like this…stone to sticks. Silly tricks? Know this…








In the Oral tradition of African storytelling here’s a BASN rendition:








A teacher (Mr. Tektronix) vanguards a class of middle school students to tour a facility that houses the Supercomputer nicknamed “SC”. Upon facing this

technological wonder Mr. Tektronix deducts to his wily neophytes, “SC can compute answers swifter than all the combined efforts of present humanity.’ Mr.

Tektronix then parceled out to SC a throng of surpassingly herculean mathematical questions. And within seconds, SC spat out flawless answers.





Mr.Tektronix then canvassed his resplendent students from the upper echelon of measured Intelligent Quotient, “You may ask SC anything”. After a unified student

chorus of “anything” in response to Mr. Tektronix’s proposition an inquisitive lass (without sass) named Organica articulated she had a question. Organica

proceeded to ask SC, “Hello SC how are you?”










There was no response. Actually there was NEVER a response even after Mr.Tektronix was assured no one unplugged SC, no hack attack, and zero computer





The aforementioned story illustrates that to switch on all the requisites necessary to Artificially “Intelligent-size” Black Athletic excellence escapes the

Supercomputer niche. No matter how hypersonic a Supercomputer waxes it will retrench the self-awareness cardinal to answer the question “How are you?”

without HUMAN intervention…





An automaton that cannot see itself cannot correct itself– nor gauge the components involved in say–Black Athletic excellence.




Statistical/Data reliance are coded by HUMANS whereas the Supercomputer lacks the wisdom possessed by a baby. It can’t answer profound questions like, “Does GOD exist”? Yet Human’s such as basketball legend Larry Bird elucidated with brevity the question of GOD in black athletic expression.





images (7)



In April 1986 Larry Legend after smashing round-ball atoms adjacent hoop savant Michael Jordan Bird reprised, “I think he’s GOD disguised as Michael Jordan.”


Halle Berry! Forgive me…HALLELUJAH!





Oh yeah Larry Bird was not looking at a stat sheet…in the world of Black Athletic efficiency, it’s the Supercomputer that seeks to measure Black Athletic wizardry (Sports Pseudoscience) — to not only define what synthesizes it super– but BEYOND SUPER!





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