Thunder Take Care Of Rockets In A Nail Biter (116-108)

Updated: January 30, 2016

Oklahoma City Thunder came into this game with a chip on their shoulder defensively and wanted to make a statement. The Thunder allowed James Harden to go off for 33 points but they made it a point to shut everyone else down. Defending Howard in the post was going to be a huge problem and they were able to get rid of Howard right away. Howard had 8 points and 8 rebounds in only 21 minutes because he got ejected for two technical fouls. With that being said the Thunder were able to attack the paint with aggression and KD and Russ went off. The dynamic duo of KD and Russ combined for 59 points and finally got some help in the second half with the help of Enes Kanter.  The Thunder were in control of the game after Dwight Howard got ejected and didn’t look back.

KD and Russ were in control of the game the whole time and dictated the outcome by outplaying the Rockets. That second half was a half to remember if you’re a Thunder fan as they took it to them offensively and defensively. If Waiters or Kanter can step up and be that 3rd scorer that this team needs to win I think the Thunder would be in business. Its the fact that they are still trying to find themselves on offense as a second unit and its affecting the team.

The Thunder will be facing off against the Wizards on Monday as they look to shutdown John Wall and Bradley Beal. The Thunder will need a huge defensive effort on the perimeter that game.

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